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Pomillon Basics – Dog Breed Facts and Information

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Let’s face it, dogs have become part of human existence; they are fun to have around and provide companionship to the family. There are various dog breeds but Pomillon is great to have as it makes even the hardest of hearts to melt.


He is very friendly to everyone and as you are busy preparing supper or washing dishes, he will be keeping your kids busy with his playful tactics. He will be the one to welcome your visitors’ home and will also love to play with other animals.

Pomillon brings the social and happy nature of Papillon and the enthusiasm of the Pomeranian, and here is everything you need to know about him.


The first Pomillon was discovered in the 1980s, a time when breeders began their amazing work in crossing different pure-bred dogs with an objective of creating gentler and smaller breeds. Since then, Pomillon has found a place in many people’s hearts and families.


Pomillon is not a purebred dog as yet and therefore, he does not qualify to join AKC (American Kennel Club). However, you’ll be surprised to know that his parents’ breeds are members, with the Pomeranian joining in 1888 and Papillon joining in 1915, and that tells you that sooner or later Pomillon will join them as well.


Pomillon requires food that’s rich in nutrient, and always ensure that the food you buy is the right one for his size, age and activity level.

Pomillon has a tendency of developing joint issues later in life and for that case, feed him with foods low in carbs (fillers) which should be served 2-3 times a day. Also, provide him with healthy treats and plenty of fresh water.


If you are planning to adopt a dog for the very first time, Pomillon will be the right one for you. He is friendly and willing to obey commands from his master.

But for you to do things right, you must be patient and follow a firm and consistent approach and you will eventually see results. Also, ensure that you reward him with verbal praises and treats anytime he obeys your command.


Pomillon is a small dog weighing between 3 and 10 pounds.



Pomillon is a gentle dog that’s eager to please his master. He is best suited for families with other pets and kids, as well as those living in apartments.

He is curious, sweet-natured and self-sufficient especially when it comes to playing on his own. He is not stubborn in barking and loves to play around with strangers.

Common health problems

According to experts, designer dogs or mixed-breed dogs are less likely to suffer from health issues that affect their purebred parents, but it’s your responsibility to understand what your pet can inherit to ensure that he is healthy all his life.

Pomillon is likely to suffer from vision issues, liver disease, and joint issues, especially with their back legs.

Life expectancy

Pomillon is expected to live up to 13 to 15 years and will, therefore, give you company for a long time.

Exercise requirements

Naturally, Pomillon is an energetic dog but due to the fact that he has a small sized body, he requires active playtime and short daily walks to remain mentally stimulated and physically fit. Unlike many other dogs, Pomillon has a strong instinct to play and therefore, ensure you provide him with interactive puzzle toys.

Recognized clubs

The Pomillon is also referred to as the Pappom and the Paperanian. He is recognized by the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR), the Dog Registry of America, Inc (DRA), Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), Designer Breed Registry (DBR) and American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC).


Pomillon is easy to groom thanks to his long and thick double coat. Shedding is minimal all year long, but it can be heavy especially in Fall and Spring seasons. If you want to keep your Pomillon always at his best, ensure that you brush him 3 to 4 times a week as this will keep his coat tangle-free.

In addition, it is recommended to take your Pomillon to a vet periodically for professional grooming. Also, brush his teeth daily to prevent him from developing dental issues.


Pomillon puppy is naturally playful and thus makes a good friend for your kids. However, they have a tendency of developing joint issues later in life and because children can be careless at times, always ensure that you monitor them when plating together.


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