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Practical Tips for Relationships From “Love Is…” Wrappers

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Fruit-flavored “Love is” goodies were once so popular with consumers that even adults collected the wrappers.

Every other person bought themselves a piece of gum, pulled out the wrapper in rapture, and read the tip of the day.

It was like roulette at 20bet.com/prematch – what will you draw this time? Will you add this to your collection? 

Now, these chewing gums are not as popular. Where do they compete with endless chocolate or marmalade?

An abundance of sweets and their availability allow parents to spoil their children with anything they want.

But the taste of childhood, excitement while collecting wrappers, a favorite pair of gum, and the sweet smell of deliciousness probably cannot compare to anything else.

We decided to collect for you the best “Love is…” wrappers that can inspire you to love and appreciate the people dear to your heart.

Why and Who Would Benefit From Gum Tips?

The legendary wrappers featured humorous, serious, and ironic advice printed by the Turkish candy company Dandy Sakiz ve Şekerleme.

The drawings depicted a guy and a girl constantly getting into different situations. Illustrator B. Esprit skillfully emphasized the nuances of romantic relationships, and his little comic strips were the epitome of the ’90s.

The offices of Dandy Sakiz ve Şekerleme regularly held contests and quizzes among fans.

For example, if you managed to collect 50 different wrappers, they would send you stationery with the logo.

If you collected 150 different wrappers, you got a huge calendar and a pack of chewing gum for every taste.

Each insert had a short text that began with the phrase “Love is…”. Then there was a funny picture and a short explanation of what love is and how it is manifested.

We must admit that even though the gum was designed for children and teenagers, many adults should pay attention to the advice on the wrappers.

Tips from “Love is…” 

We have combined advice from “Love is…” gum wrappers with psychological advice for relationships.

The attentive reader will notice how wise the Turks were when they taught the basics of relationships in joking form.

1. Caring

If we love a man, we should take care of him. Help him around the house, take care of him when he is sick; cover him with a warm blanket when he falls asleep, ask him how he is doing at work.

Men are like flowers, without a woman’s care wither. It is important not to go overboard so that a man does not perceive you as a mommy.

Show your chosen one how important he is to you. His affairs, health, leisure, hobbies are of interest to you.

Unobtrusively interested in how and what he lives. If he needs your help, offer it.

Here are some practical recommendations from “love is” gummies:

  1. Love is to flip the hair out of her eyes. 
  2. Love is holding out the towel when shampoo gets in her eyes. 
  3. Love is being able to cook for yourself when she feeds the baby. 
  4. Love is rinsing out the tub after taking a bath. 
  5. Love is waking him up on Sunday morning with the delicious smell of breakfast. 
  6. Love makes him a sweet treat, even if you’re on a diet. 
  7. Love is to show your love by bringing coffee to bed. 
  8. Love is to go get a pizza when she’s too tired to cook. 
  9. Love cleaning the apartment together after guests visit 
  10. Love is driving with the top closed so you don’t mess up her hair.

2. Admiration 

Believe in your man and think he is the best. When a woman genuinely loves her man, takes pride in his successes, and motivates him to achieve, he gets wings.

Don’t criticize him; stop “nagging” him. Instead of saying something offensive, reproaching him for any wrongdoing, it is better to praise him.

No need to be silent or afraid to express their claims, but it is important to do it in a calm, comfortable environment. 

A woman who loves her man, tells him that he is the right choice, a worthy partner, a wonderful man, becomes a real treasure. With such a life companion, any man will feel much stronger.

Only a woman can decide – to encourage her beloved or to bring him down to earth. However, the relationship – a road with counter-movement.

Do not think that only women should be admired yes to be the embodiment of the revived muse. Men should also be inspired by their chosen one.

All your words and actions should be aimed at the benefit of your relationship.

And nice words, admiration, faith, the ability to support and inspire to do the impossible – a powerful tool of support. Your loved one will change and become perfect for you.

Here are some quotes in the “Love is…” wrappers for such occasions;

  1. Love is taping a note to the mirror that says “you are my king. 
  2. Love is saying that he/she is the best gift for Christmas. 
  3. Love is to remind him/her that he/she was the most interesting man at the party. 
  4. Love is to say her/his name sounds like music to your ears. 
  5. Love is when someone is won over by you. 
  6. Love is thanking fate every day for getting to know you. 
  7. Love is something to treasure.

3. Common Interests, Hobbies

It is extremely important for a great and lasting relationship to be able to find some common interests and activities.

Joint work and hobbies unite people and make them attached to each other. No wonder experienced women advise you to make repairs before moving in with your husband.

After all, only a common cause can make a team out of you. Relationships built only on the bed and dinners in a restaurant are doomed to failure.

Yes, and men should always have something to do. When they do useful things for their woman, their masculinity is revealed. 

You can not easily with a man to watch soccer on TV or go fishing. Become a friend to your beloved and you will be indispensable.

Here are appropriate in this case, the phrase from the gum;

  1. Love is to read your horoscope together every morning. 
  2. Love is to accompany her to seasonal sales. 
  3. Love is putting stamps on greeting cards together. 
  4. Love is to incorporate dancing into your wellness routine. 
  5. Love is about agreeing to bury the past. 
  6. Love is to feel like a couple of kids. 
  7. Love is about supporting each other all the time. 
  8. Love is doing the dishes. 
  9. Love is having a special weekend. 
  10. Love is knowing right away what he means.

4. Trust and Freedom

When you trust a man, you show him his importance to you as a person. Men don’t like pressure and control.

And the right to your personal life does not disappear after you have started building a relationship. Everyone knows about the long leash and the short leash.

The allegory with the dog will be quite appropriate here because dogs on a short leash sooner or later snap.

Those on a long leash, on the other hand, have a wider horizon, a radius of “walk” and acquaintances at their disposal. It’s the same with men.

Let him do his own thing, go out with friends, run a business, or vacation (within reason, of course).

We do not think you would like to hear reproaches to your address after returning from girlfriends or to account for every handshake at work.

The concept, “love is…” is described in quotes like these from gum;

  1. Love is letting her gossip on the phone. 
  2. Love is not being possessive. 
  3. Love is not reading each other’s letters. 
  4. Love is letting her talk long-distance to her grandfather. 
  5. Love is closing your eyes when he drives. 
  6. Love is sailing on uncharted seas.

5. Seduction and sex

Remember to be a gorgeous woman for your man. Tease him. Seduce, flirt. Turn your life and relationship into a fairy tale.

Do not be afraid to express their feelings, play, flirt, even if you are together for decades. It is coquetry that makes a woman playful kitty, who knows how to interest and please.

Your man has fallen in love with you, not the mistress, girlfriend, or sister. He wanted to spend time with you, make love, kiss your hands and smell your perfume.

Do not take these moments away from him, on the contrary, give new and new;

  1. Love is leaving love notes in his desk drawers. 
  2. Love is to freshen up with perfume a minute before he arrives. 
  3. Love is being the reason her crown dish is burnt. 
  4. Love is dragging her into the bushes. 
  5. Love is leaving messages on the bathroom mirror. 
  6. Love is being able to seduce him discreetly. 
  7. Love is calling just to hear a voice. 
  8. Love is about having all 33 pleasures
  9. Love is a waking dream. 
  10. Love is sometimes doing the things she loves.

What Do We Want to Say at the End?

Love, believe, learn to express your feelings, and appreciate the gifts of fate. If you love and are loved, this is your greatest gift and the best thing that could happen to you.

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