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Prince Harry and Megan Might Not Be Having Kids Yet

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The royal wedding between prince harry and Megan Markle is still one of the biggest weddings of the decade and as such the rest of the world still has their attention fixed on the newly wedded couple. As expected, people are interested in knowing what the plans of the couple are as regards adding new members to the royal family. Questions have been asked on different social media platforms, new papers have had their equal share when it comes to speculations and questioning too. But, in spite of all the pressure and prying eyes of the public, the royal couple has decided to keep their lives as private as possible.
However, there might be a few clues as to what the arrangement for reproduction might be, and the Express has given an insight into it.


According to the Express, Prince Charles might want his wife to wait until after the fall before they start trying to make little princes and princesses. It is only a wise decision for the couple to make because October is around the corner and Prince Harry and his lovely wife are scheduled to travel to New Zealand and Australia for their royal tour. The Express added that Megan might likely want to avoid all the side effects that come with travelling while pregnant.

There is also a risk of miscarriage during the first trimester when the mother is exposed to too much stress. Also, nausea and discomfort that’s are associated with travelling during the early 90 days of pregnancy might make the trip less fun and more burdensome for the royal couple.

However, it is true that some pregnant mothers do not face any significant health risks when they do the things they love (like travelling) in their state. It doesn’t neglect the fact that travelling for longer than four hours carries a small risk of blood clots or deep vein thrombosis. That is not a risk Megan is willing to take.

Getting married to one of the most eligible bachelors in the world was s significant life change for Megan Markel, and it wouldn’t be surprising if she decided to take things easy so she can enjoy some alone time with the love of her life before adding new members to the family.

Prince Harry already made it clear that he had no plans of starting a family just yet.
During an interview at the engagement of the royal couple in November 2017, Prince Harry was asked if he was planning to start raising kids soon and his reply was negative. The groom said ” Not currently, no. One step at a time. Hopefully, we’ll start a family in the near future.”


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