Purchase Guide for a Body Fat Scale

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Majority of people are looking to transform their bodies and a lot of body transformation programs now place more emphasis on weight loss for this reason. Weight loss in and of itself does not guarantee loss of body fat.

This is the reason why the readings on your bathroom scale cannot be considered an accurate indicator of your progress when it comes to fat loss.

This may come as a shock to you, but the truth is for you to know the actual amount of fats you are losing, you would have to keep track of your body fat percentage. To make this task a lot easier than you imagine, you would need to make use of a quality body fat scale.

In this article, we will be telling you what exactly a body fat scale is, and the easy way to pick quality ones.

What exactly are body fat scales?

A body fat scale is a device that is designed to measure your percentage of body fat. A body fat scale is able to measure your body’s composition with decent precision using bioelectrical impedance analysis.

What a body fat scale does is to send minor electric charges through your body and then interpret the data collected through special equations.

Because every body tissue has its own water count, what the electrical current does is to travel through a person’s body fat at their own distinct speed.

This gives the body fat scale the ability to access the amount of fat that is part of your total body weight. Body fat scales run their calculation with as much as 95% accuracy.

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How to choose the best quality body fat scale?

Not all brands or models of body fat scale would give you an accurate calculation. However, it is possible for you to increase your chances of purchasing a quality model if you pay attention to the criteria listed below:

The manufacturer

At the least make sure that the manufacturer is well known and has a reputation to lose and also make an effort to get an FDA approval.

Check out for the positive customer reviews that the body fat scale has received and also check if it has undergone testing in independent laboratories.


The majority of the models of body fat scales that we have now a couple of estimating more than only your body fat percentage.

A lot of them can also measure your BMI that is your body mass index, bone mass, muscle mass, and even your water weight. This kind of metrics is usually helpful. For instance, you can tell if you are losing any muscle tissues through the muscle mass matrix.

You can also find out if you are properly hydrated or if you have a balanced sodium intake through the water metrics.

The usability

Some brands of body fat scale come with a lot of features that may make them become difficult and quite complicated to use.

It is best that you cut to the chase and go for models that are straightforward and gives you a simple interface so that you don’t have to bother yourself about figuring out how to use it.

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Also, the online app synchronization features that come with quite some body fat scales can also improve your experience further. Models with these features allow you to keep track of your fitness and your body transformation with less effort.


It is always a bad idea to go for fancy options because they are usually less accurate. It is essential that you pay very close attention to every specification of the model and make a conscious effort to choose functionality over colour and fashion.

All of the above criteria are essential if you must get the best body fat scale. Let us hear from you if you have used a body fat scale before or if you have opinions or suggestions to share with us.

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