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What Is Qi Wireless Charging Technology? And How Does It Work?

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Qi wireless charging is the most standard wireless charging technology. The system is currently being adopted on a wider scale. The charging system relies on a pad styled charging. It involves an electromagnetic and inductive charging system. The most recent technology is using the resonant charging method.

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Qi wireless charging is different from the other wireless charging systems like the Alliance for wireless power, wireless power consortium, as well as power matters alliance. This wireless charging technology is the method adopted by Apple. The popularity of this charging method is because Apple currently adopts it over and above the other competing wireless charging technologies.

Wireless charging system has been there for a very long time. The decision by Apple to engage in the system is seen as the game changer in the industry. Because of this, the dominant standard in the technology is the Qi. It is estimated that more than ninety percent of the mobile wireless charging systems are adopting this technology.

Apple adopts this wireless charging system for its iPhone X and iPhone 8. Apart from the Qi technology, the other leading wireless system in vogue is the PMA. The two are currently competing but Qi has an edge.

How the system works?

Before Apple finally settles for Qi wireless system technology, the Qi was already had a prominent profile in the industry, as it was used to charge different kinds of smartphones, different products and various accessories from leading manufacturers across the world. PMA is now part of AirFuel or the system is now changed to the name AirFuel. This technology is widely adopted in different smartphone charging system and other related products.

This wireless charging technology is based on the inductive charging system. This system charges very fast, when compared to other wireless charging options. Related wireless charging options like the A4WP works on the resonance technology.

In the induction charging system, coils of power are being used to send power to the air and that is how it powers many mobile devices. It involves inductive charging, and this works on coiled frequency to transfer power. The system is very efficient. The technology equally relies on magnets and it involves receiving pads. It’s charging distance however varies. The charging distance is in the average of 45mm. Induction charging system operates at a short distance.

There are slight differences between the PMA and the Qi wireless charging technology. The differences are in the area of connection protocols and transmission frequencies as well as the control power management.

Qi is now introducing great innovations in its latest 1.2 specifications. The difference here is that it makes for longer and better power transfer of 2.8cm. This means that it can now operate at a longer distance. The charging efficiency is another thing. The use of inductive and resonance technology are some of the features that stand the wireless charging out.


Qi Wireless Charging


The wireless charging is now adopted for different uses as it is now used for other important purposes apart from powering of smartphones. It now uses communication protocols, and this is integrated to facilitate power transmission between two different devices. This means that consumers can actually use the charging technology on two different or related devices.

They can use the system to communicate with other systems, because such communication is now possible. Many people can now use this technology on smart home solutions. It can be used to control temperature and light and so on.

The most important use is on phone charging. Qi technology is implemented on phones for the past five years. It is becoming very popular and many people are now using the system. The technology is also available in certain toothbrush products, as well as razors and other non-consumer tools on the market today.

The technology is even available in some airports in the US such as LAX and JFK. Even in phones that are not apple products such as Samsung Galaxy S8, this technology is readily available here.

Some people may argue that the technology is not wireless, because it involves induction power transfers. It is wireless, but wires are still involved in some aspects of this technology. The system will always require a charging base station, and this has to be powered. What you do is that you should not plug your mobile phone or other devices to the system, rather you drop it to the base station where it will be charged.

It is not all devices that will be charged using the system, because it can only work with compatible devices. The base station will send test signals to the device to know whether it is Qi compatible. If it is compatible, it will respond to it and the system will begin to charge your device for you wirelessly.

The system will charge because both the mobile device you want to charge, and the base station have coils. The coils are regarded as the receiver coil and the other is called the transfer coil. The transmitter coil will generate an electromagnetic field, and this will induce the current available in the receiver coil and your mobile system will begin to charge.

Sending and receiving of signals between the two devices happen at the speed of about 2 kbit. When the charging is completely done, it will send a signal to the transmitter that it is done, and the transmitter will now revert to the standby mode waiting for any other device it can charge.

As said, the induction charging is the centre of this technology and recently, a new charging technology is being implemented and it is known as the resonant wireless charging. The charging system is not remarkably different from the other, as it is based on the same principle; however, there are differences in the use of the technology.

The difference is felt in terms of the distance it can cover, this can cover more distant, but the problem with it is that it that transfer efficiency cannot be compared to that of induction because it is faster.



This technology has been around for years and industries are beginning to implement it on a wider scale because they have seen the benefits they can derive from it.

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