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QLED Vs. OLED – What’s the Difference and Which is Better?

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Have you ever wondered if a QLED TV better, is a better choice than OLED TV? It’s understandable if you find the terms confusing considering the recent creation of new acronyms and tech terms in modern TVs.

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It may not only appear nearly impossible to figure out what is going on, but one may also feel frustrated. The good news for both those who know what these terms mean and those who don’t is that these technologies differ in many ways but are relatively easy to understand.

We have decided to make this easy through this article, so we will go over the rudiments of QLED and OLED technology and also discuss which one is best for you and your kind of entertainment setup.

First, let’s run through what the acronyms stand for. OLED is the initials for Organic Light Emitting Diode, while QLED is the initials for Quantum-dot Light Emitting Diode. Don’t get confused, as these may come off as quite a mouthful, so we will go right on to simplify things.

First, almost all modern TVs available in today’s market use LEDs – it is the way the screen is lite up while minimizing the amount of power consumed. Most desktop and laptops monitor also make use of LED Technology thanks to their excellent efficiency.

That goes to show that both OLED and QLED make use of the same core technology to light up screens. But then, there is the technology put in charge of producing the images itself, what’s that technology?

The next major ingredient of modern Television is its display. A large percentage of modern TVs in today’s market use a technology known as LCD or liquid crystal display. When you see a TV that sells itself as an “LED TV” there is an excellent possibility that it’s an LCD with LED lighting.

We say this in comparison to other technologies such as plasma, which also offers some advantages over LCDs but does not consume low power like LCD and is more expensive. On the other hand, OLED does not use LCD technology.

Instead, OLED technology has the capability to do both the lighting of the display and the picture at the same time. This unique ability gives it some advantages over other competing technologies that need a mixture of both display technology and LEDs.

QLED Goes Quantum for Display Tech

To get a clearer understanding of the unique benefits of QLED, a person must first dig in to find out what makes it such a compelling technology. A QLED display makes use of both LCD and LED, but it also posses an extra layer on top, which is formed up of quantum dots.


These quantum dots are the elements in control of what colors are displayed by the screen, and also lit up by the LEDs.

The outcome is that QLED displays are strong enough to display a broad range of colors. This means that images on a QLED screen can be more explicit, and can present a more accurate range of 2 colors.

This also indicated that screens supporting QLED would perform even better in bright places. If you are sitting in a sunny room, for instance, a QLED screen will work a lot better than an OLED. However, we must point out that there are still several aspects that OLED handles better.

OLED displays have the kind of tech that allows the screen to turn on and turn off each pixel secretly. This means that all screens that use OLED technology will have great clarity, and will not suffer from what we call afterglow and light leakage.

The outcome is pictures that appear sharper and comes with more defined lines or edges for detailed imagery. This also lets OLED screens to have thicker blacks and a new, even sharper contrast between the light and dark parts of the screen.

Another way in which OLED offers better picture quality is when we considering viewing angles. It is a fact that not everyone in your home theater or living room will be looking directly at the display.

This means that You must consider screen clarity from other angles when deciding which tech is best for you. Many people have to give the winning position to OLED when it comes to providing the best and widest viewing angles.

Notably, at a viewing angle of 30 degrees, most QLED sets will have to deal with some form of color distortion. On the other hand, OLEDs do not have color distortion problems at this angle.

Which Costs Less (and Which Do You Have to Buy)?

Price is always a key factor for everyone when it comes to buying a new display. So here, we will be considering which one is cheaper. When you run a search for a 55-inch TV, you can expect to get a massive array of search results that will be difficult to compare.

However, the results will not include any additional features, and if we only take a look at QLED and OLED sets, the conclusion will be that QLED televisions are available for a more affordable price than comparably sized OLED TVs.


That doesn’t mean that you’ll get QLED cheaper at all times, but the tech generally offers the lowest-priced options. You can find a 55-inch QLED TV going for the price of $500, but an OLED TV of comparable size may go for as much as $1,000+ range.

With that sorted out, it’s time for you to decide which of both techs is perfect for you. Unfortunately, just like a few other things tech-related, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this inquiry.

If your biggest concern is a color range, price, and visibility in bright rooms, then you can bet on QLED to satisfy your needs. But if your focus is overall picture quality, vivid light to dark color contrasts, and flexibility of viewing angles, then OLED will be your go-to choice.

In the end, if you not so choosy, then any of both technologies will work great with your needs. But if you are on the selective side and have some precise demands, we advise that you consider the pros and cons of both technologies and make your choice based on that.

Leave a comment below if you have suggestions or questions.

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