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How to Use Quickteller for Transactions

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QuickTeller is a platform that gives you easy access to a wide range of services, including bill payments, recharge, donations, funds transfer, and state government payments.

This means that from paying cable bills like GOtv and DSTV bills, to paying utility bills like PHCN bills and even recharge to tops up your line, QuickTeller has got you.

QuickTeller services are not only available via their website www.quickteller.com.ng, but they can also be used at bank ATMs, via the mobile app, select merchant locations, and through your preferred bank’s internet banking portals.

How does QuickTeller Works?

First step: You should have a verve card, or Interswitch powered debit card.

Second step: You have to register with your mobile phone number and email address

Third step: You will receive an activation code that will be sent to you via email. You will have to log in and activate your account with the code sent to you.

Fourth step: Choose any of the services listed on the QuickTeller site or app, provide your customer details and wait for QuickTeller to confirm these details and then direct you to its payment gateway.

Fifth step: On arriving at the payment gateway, choose your card type and type all the requested card details, pin, and additional information required.

Sixth step: You will get a receipt confirmation displayed for you through QuickTeller and sent to your email as well.

Seventh step: Any payment that is made via the QuickTeller platform is recognized by the specified organizations instantly.

Frequently asked questions about Quickteller

1. How do I purchase Airtime on Quickteller

Click on the Menu item that says “Buy Airtime.”

Click on TOP-UP YOUR PHONE to recharge yourself or TOP-UP OTHER PHONES to recharge a Third Party and complete the available fields by choosing the desired network and airtime amount.

Type in your Card Details, which may include card number, CVV, Expiry Date, PIN, Safetoken/OTP, or your Verve eCash PIN if you are making use of eCash

2. How do I Transfer Money through Quickteller?

Click on the menu item that says “Transfer Money” and complete the required fields by typing in the account number, preferred bank name and amount

Input your Card Details, i.e., PAN, CVV Expiry Date, Safetoken/OTP, PIN or Verve eCash PIN if you are doing a transfer from your eCash account

3. How do I Pay Bills using Quickteller

Click on the menu item that says Pay Bills and run a search for the biller or go simply visit the billers category and click on the biller

Input the customer ID

Input Card Details, such as Card number, CVV, Expiry Date, PIN, Safetoken/OTP, or your Verve eCash PIN if you are transacting with eCash

4. What are the types of cards that I can use to make a payment on the QuickTeller platform?

You can use Verve cards and Naira MasterCard for all transaction types. However, VISA cards are also allowed for airtime and bill payments via the Quickteller website

5. Are there any charges or fees for this service, like annual fees or monthly charges?

Buy any amount of airtime All at face value regardless of network. No additional charges.

Pay bill – for bill payments, a N100 convenience fee will be charged for each successful transaction you carry out.

Send Money – You will be charged up-to N52.50 convenience fee for each successful transaction

Receive Money via QuickTeller – this is available at no cost to the recipient.

Prepaid Card Funding via QuickTeller – All of this is available at face value with no additional charges

6. Is there a maximum or minimum amounts that can be paid via QuickTeller?

The standard Interswitch payment gateway minimum amount is set at N50, and there is no maximum amount defined by the payment gate. However, there is a maximum amount for recharge, and it is set at N20,000 while transfers and bill payment is defined by your chosen bank and can be adjusted when you visit your bank

7. I made a payment via QuickTeller that was not successful, yet I have been debited

Usually, your bank would reverse the transaction within a minimum of 24 hours. If you wait longer than that and the funds are yet to be reversed into your bank account or card you have the option to contact support@interswitchgroup.com or simply call +2347009065000

8. I have made a successful payment via QuickTeller, but I am yet to get service as expected

You can contact support@interswitchgroup.com using your payment reference

9. How do I use the QuickTeller Dashboard?

The QuickTeller platform has made the dashboard easy for users to carry out transactions quickly. You can choose to check your ecash balance in one view, or view saved payments as well as the number of transactions for each payment type. You can also view the transaction history for that month

10. Must I always input Safetoken/OTP?

Yes, you must, however, for transactions like self-recharge, SafeToken/OTP is not needed.

NOTE: For Zenith Bank and GTB cardholders, always use the OTP device provided by your bank

11. How do I register to get a safe token/OTP?

Simply follow the steps below to have your card registered for an OTP service.

First, visit an ATM

Slot in your card

Choose Quickteller

Choose “Pay bills.”

Choose your account type

Choose Others

Type in 322222 as the code for payment

Input your phone number as the Customer Reference.

Accept the displayed N1.00 amount

Follow the prompts to complete your activation

You can also carry out a range of transactions that are not listed here on the QuickTeller app, and that includes securing a loan.

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