Raw Diet Leads to Aggression in Dogs: Myth or Fact?

Aggression in Dogs

Can a raw diet make my buddy more aggressive? As a dog owner, sometimes, this question can appear in your mind.

However, you first need to know the truth behind this. Some people find it is a fact that a raw diet can make their dog aggressive, while some others do not think so.

This is a common myth that raw feeding makes your dog fierce and bloodthirsty.

Most people often think that a taste of fresh meat creates lust aggression in dogs. Although, the truth of the matter is that it is indeed a myth.

Feeding a dog with a completely raw diet is the best way to provide them a balanced diet, so you don’t need to worry about their aggression.

Now, let us discuss how a raw diet cannot cause aggression in your buddy;

  • A fresh and raw diet does not contain any such ingredients that can lead to common behavioral issues. This is so because a raw diet comes with no added chemicals.
  • The raw dog food is free of carbohydrates and when added to the diet the disruptive behavior gets controlled. And carbohydrate is known to increase the body’s blood sugar level and control that blood sugar level insulin is needed. Even after insulin controls the blood sugar level, there is still some sugar in the body, leading to disruptive behavior.
  • As compared to dry food, fresh food is filled with water-soluble vitamins, especially mind-soothing vitamin B.
  • Finally, chewing raw food and meat allows dogs to release dopamine in dogs, also known as a happy chemical.

Feeding your dog a raw diet is the best way to ensure that you provide your buddy with an easily digestible and balanced diet that promotes good health.

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However, other than the myth that a raw diet makes your dog aggressive, there are some more common myths about a dog’s natural diet. 

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A raw diet is not a balanced diet

Aggression in Dogs

This is the most common myth spread by almost all the food suppliers that a raw diet will not provide sufficient nutrients to your dog.

Feeding your dog with a natural diet regularly is not considered a balanced diet and will not provide your dog with everything they need.

However, when you study more about it, you can find that a balanced and raw diet should include meat and bones with essential vitamins and minerals.

A raw diet can make your dog at risk of salmonella

Another biggest myth about a dog’s raw diet is that raw food can make your buddy at risk of salmonella.

But the fact is that your dog’s gut health is capable of handling the bacteria as their body is grown in such a way that they can prevent harmful bacteria such as salmonella from entering the body.

The dog’s stomach contains high amounts of acid and natural enzymes that help them break the bacteria without causing illness in dogs. However, the main reason is that people fear bacteria in dog owners and not for the dog.

A raw diet makes your dog more aggressive

Many dog owners think that a raw diet will make them aggressive and thirsty for blood. However, it is not true that a raw diet will not make them bold, nor will it increase their urge for hunting.

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Being an owner, you train your dog to have good manners and behavior, so your dog will not display aggression even if you feed a raw diet.

A raw diet is dangerous to a dog’s health

Not all bones are safe for dogs; specially cooked and dry bones can be dangerous as their moisture gets removed. But the bones that are fed raw are entirely safe for them because bare bones are soft, easy to chew and digest.

Barebones provide necessary fatty acids, minerals, and also help to develop saliva to protect plaque build-up.  

A raw diet is not safe for the small dog breed

The common myth developed among many people is that a raw diet is not suitable for large dog breeds and not for small or medium dog breeds such as daisy dogs.

But as mentioned above, a natural diet, particularly bare-bones, is soft and easy to chew and digest so that any dog breed can enjoy it.


A raw diet is not at all harmful if given in the proper quantity. After discussing the above factors, you can now conclude that a raw diet will not make your dog more aggressive. Even if your dog is exhibiting aggressive behavior, then the reason might be something else. It would help if you took the dog to a dog trainer or a vet in such a case. A balanced diet is needed to maintain a dog’s health and well-being and a raw diet is an excellent source.

Author bio:

Monica Heft is a pet and animal lover passionate about finding fun facts about various animal species. She always tries to promote awareness among people regarding animal conservation.

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More details at: https://animalcreativefacts.com/

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1 year ago

I’m with you!!
With 5 labs here at the farm, raw diets are too costly. With that being said, I have made venison burgers for my big boy And his mom with supposed allergies….my thoughts leaned to a yeast issue instead. I was right. This diet cleared up their problems immediately!!! I am a huge believer in giving as much of a raw diet to our canine pals as we possibly can, given the costs. I will tell you that a raw diet is critical for a cancer diagnosis…switching to it immediately does help fight those nasty cells. They love acidic environments, and a raw diet without sugary veggies is very helpful. As low an acidic food as possible.
My dogs eat a potato free kibble (avoiding as much starch as possible) and get a heaping spoonful of ground organ meat every day. It’s like a vitamin shot in their bowls… they LOVE it!

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