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Real-time Screen Monitoring with Spy Software for PC

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OgyMogy is a brand, famous for the spying apps for cell phones and PCs. The brand has come up with the number of monitoring products over the years.

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Since last few years, OgyMogy has recognized best PC spy software for desktop and laptop devices. It has empowered parents to spy on kids and teen’s personal computer device running with different OS to get digital parenting aims.

Furthermore, it has empowered business organizations to keep a hidden eye on the company’s owned devices screens. It helps out employers to evaluate the productivity of an employee within the working hours.

Therefore, it has come up with two different monitoring apps that allow the user to spy on employees and children MAC and windows desktops and laptop devices within no time.

Let’s discuss how a user can perform real-time screen monitoring with spy software for PC.

Install MAC & window monitoring software

If you are an employer or parents and you are looking forward for a spy app to track PCs laptop or desktop running with windows and MAC.

So, you need to go to the web via cellphone or computer connected to the internet and visit OgyMogy official website. Moreover, subscribe for the computer monitoring software and you will receive passcode and ID.

Further, you need to get physical access on the target device and get started with installation process with accordance of the OS. Once you have done with the installation process of the spy app for PC such as windows and MAC.

Then you need to activate it on the target device. Once you are dealing with the activation process you will have a pop –up message on the screen. It helps you out to make the monitoring app for PC sneaky.

However, you can ignore the message and use just as you want it. Now use the credentials and get access to the online control panel of the computer tracking software. You can visit the features of the windows & MAC spy apps.


Let’s discuss the features of the both the spyware powered by TOS below.

Windows spy software features

Block Websites

You can get access to the browsing activities to happen on the screen and get to know the inappropriate visited websites on the target desktop windows devices screen. You can block the websites and you can put the URLs into the filters.

User –Friendly reports

The user can get the reports of all the activities to happen on the screen and get the logs of the reports such as sent/received emails, activity logs, alarm logs and others alike

On-Demand Screenshots

You can remotely capture the screenshots of the target laptop windows device screen and get to know the activities with a complete time stamp. However, the user can capture multiple screenshots at once with windows monitoring app.

Real-Time Monitoring

The user can get access to the activities to happen on the target windows desktop device screen in real –time by using the Windows tracking software.

Invisible Mode tracking

The user can secretly get access to the target windows computer whether laptop or desktop screen and get to what the target user is up to with complete time stamp.

MAC Monitoring app features

Website Blocking

You can remotely and secretly get your hands on the websites URLs that is been used on the target desktop MAC device screen. Moreover, you can block all the inappropriate websites visited by the target user on the target laptop MAC device screen.

All you need to do is to put the URLs into the filters.

Screen recording

The user can perform screen recording on the MAC laptop and desktop computing devices. You can make short videos of the screen back to back and the recorded screen recording videos can be accessible having access to the dashboard.


The user can remotely get access to the target screen and can capture screenshots and get to know the activities. The user can capture back to back multiple screenshots by setting the number of screenshots intervals at once.



OgyMogy is one of the most powerful PC monitoring apps of all time that allow the user to perform screen monitoring with spy software for PCs.

Author Bio:

Albert is a writer, Journalist Social media activist,Technology Writer and blogger. Currently he is affiliated with OgyMogy. He mostly writes about digital parenting tips, computer monitoring software and business management.

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