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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Reality show Star Lyric McHenry found dead due to suspected drug overdos

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Another former reality star and celebrity Lyric McHenry has been found dead by the road side. The late 26-year old star who had apparently featured in and produced the E! Reality show EJNYC alongside the son of Magic Johnson who is simply known as Ej. She was found dead above Bronx expressway and she is suspected to have died from drug overdose.


The young star was said to be 20 weeks pregnant when she was found dead and she was as well with no pants when she was found above Bronx expressway. Her body was found precisely at about 5am above Major Deegan Expressway yesterday Aug 14, 2018.

She was not wearing pants and all she had on was simply a pyjamas top and her underwear on her. She was also found with a bag of cocaine. Reports shows that when she was found, she was apparently sprawled out on the sidewalk and her knees was severely bruised but asides that there were no other visible injuries on any other part of her body.

Currently, the authorities are suspecting that she died from drug overdose due to the small black bag found on her which contained cocaine.

Lovers of Ej 2016 reality tv show would recall that both lyric and her sister Maya had featured in and also produced the show for E!. This show had featured some social issues as well as EJ’s wide fashion trend.

Although lyric’s last instagram post which was posted 2 days ago didn’t show any signs of her being pregnant at all. Her last instagram post which she had posted was a picture of her in a white crop top and tank shorts standing with a bike on Martha’s vineyard. She had captioned it as “Those who know that my making it on this bike ride should know that injury is major. Thank you to all my sponsors. I’m now welcoming all congratulatory messages.”

Although the paternity of the child is yet to be known but she apparently had been carrying without showing it because according to her instagram posts, she appeared very fit and not pregnant. From all her instagram posts, it was seen that she had been partying all night with her friends till about 1am that morning.

For most of us that didn’t exactly know this young celebrity star who had unfortunately just died, here are a few details about her that you may need to know:

Lyric was the major star and also a producer in 2016 E! Reality show titled EJNYC. Both she and EJ were close friends ever since they were kids. The pair had known each other and practically grew up with each other as close buddies.

Two years ago on his birthday which was on June 4, 2016, she posted a nice picture of the both of them on instagram and had captioned it as ” We have passed through every stage in life together, starting from preschool right down to prom and now I consider myself so lucky enough to work with you. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend and a more special person to go through life with”.


Apart from the fact she and EJ were close friends, she was also a highly educated young lady. She attended the Los Angeles Prestigious girls high school also known as Marlborough school before proceeding to attend college at Standford university where she graduated in flying colours with honours in history and English respectively.

Also, while lyric was still in high school, she had worked tirelessly and effortlessly for the Barack Obama presidential campaign. This she did all through from summer right down to the elections on Nov 4th 2008. As at this time, she was only 15years of age and she did her internship with the Obama campaign where she planned most fundraisers in Los Angeles and she also worked hard to ensure that those fundraisers ended up being a success.

While she was quite young, she had big dreams and one of such dreams was to become an actress and as such in preparation for that dream, she had gotten involved in dramatic arts right from her tender young age and also continued in her youth. She had taken part in quite a number of theater and stage productions all around Los Angeles.

Due to her competence and hard work, she was selected to join the Standford Prestigious Drama Ensemble which at that time was the schools elite drama group. She had also worked as an Agent trainee for the motion Picture Literary at an agency called the United talent agency before she finally decided to move back to New York city and eventually joining hands to work with EJ.

All we can say at this time for the family is that God will continue to help her family cope with this loss. She had died on the day that EJ’s dad added another year to his age and exactly when he turned 59 years of age and considering the apparent closeness of both Ej and the late lyric, we can only assume how distressed he would be over the news.


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