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Reasons Not to Feed Your Dogs Nuts

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Dogs are quick to trust their owners and would readily feed on whatever they are given, however, it is essential that dog owners know what they feed to their furry pets.


Giving your dogs the wrong food might have severe health consequences. If ever you want to reward your dogs with quick bites of something nice to nibble on, make sure your food of choice isn’t nuts.

Nuts contain some of the primary toxic substances on the list of dogs “Do not eat” food, and it is your job as a pet owner to filter through what they ingest carefully.

Some nuts are known to be unsafe for dogs and can cause stomach upset and obstruct a dog’s gastrointestinal tracts within minutes. This can ultimately be life-threatening if not avoided.

Walnut poisoning, according to the Nationwide pet insurance, is currently one of the most common listed toxic ingestions dogs suffer from.

Dogs Nuts

To ensure that your pets aren’t exposed to any health hazards, make sure these nuts listed below are far from them:

  1. Almonds: These nuts are quite tasty and healthy for human consumption and can come in different flavours (smoked, vanilla, barbequed, cinnamon, etc.), though dogs enjoy the taste of almonds as well, it is difficult for them to digest it and it can result to stomach upset and cause gastric intestinal problems.
  2. English Walnuts: These nuts are not recommended for pet consumption because this bad boy packs a load of tremorgenic mycotoxins. This toxin can cause gastric intestinal upset to your pets and can also cause neurological symptoms or seizures.
  3. Japanese Walnuts: These Asian nuts contain no toxin but can easily cause intestinal discomfort and could as well cost you a visit to the vet.
  4. Macadamia Nuts: These nuts have been said to contain an unknown toxin that can cause neurological symptoms. They are well rich in fat and can result in a significant stomach upset to your dogs that could also lead to pancreatitis.
  5. Pistachio Nuts: Continuously feeding these nuts to your dogs could result in pancreatitis. Pistachio Nuts contain enough fat that can cause your pets to develop significant discomfort in the stomach.

No dog owner with the desire to preserve the lives of his/her pets would consciously put the lives of his/her furry buddies in danger. Knowing fully well how dangerous nuts are, it is highly imperative you keep them far away from your pets.


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