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Review of Leading TV boxes

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These days there are different ways of watching content on the television. Television box offers the best and the most modern ways of watching television programs, shows, games and several others.

These media streamers make it possible for you to watch on the internet and from apps from different parts of the world.

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Many people may be interested in using any of these television boxes, but they may be hindered because they are not well informed about the various products on the market. The review of some television boxes on the market would assist you in making the right choice.

Among the leading providers on the market today, include Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Cast, Apple TV, as well as Roku. These are great platforms to watch television shows and other programs.

Except for Google Cast, all these platforms feature on screen menus, as well as dedicated remotes making it possible for you to view aired programs even from your couch. You can even watch these programs without using a mobile device to control the workings of the system.

Google Cast works on a different platform as it depends on tablets, smartphone, as well as PC to stream content. It uses cast compatible apps to stream its content to its users.

These platforms are very good because you can use any of them where you reside, and each of the platforms that you choose is going to offer you wonderful music and other types of programs and so on.

These platforms offer different kinds of resolutions. Except for Apple products, all the platforms use Ultra Definition otherwise known as 4K as well as HDR content. Here are some of the top leading television boxes television boxes and they are reviewed below.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire is meant for Amazon content. This platform was developed around Fire operating system.

This operating system is regarded by many as a modification of android platform. As said before this platform concentrates mainly on Amazon Prime content and the most important program that you can see in the menu system includes Amazon Instant Videos, as well as Amazon Prime Music.

Apart from that, there are several individual apps available in the Fire TV, and some of them include Netflix, Hulu Plus, as well as YouTube and so on. Perhaps, the greatest thing that you are going to enjoy in this platform is the fact that it is at your fingertips.

Moreover, the platform enjoys a voice assistant called Alexa. This is the same voice assistant you can get in Amazon Echo speaker.

The newest fire television support program that is added to the system includes its support for 4K video. This newest version is not only cost effective; it has voice remote by default.

Google Cast

Google Cast

This is another popular television box on the market. There is little difference between this device and others mentioned so far. This brand remains the least visually obtrusive as well as physically complicated streaming platform. 

All you need to start using the system is just to plug chrome cast or its audio into any power source and then plug it to your television sound system.

Control is very easy because you can just do that through your mobile device system. This platform does not use remotes and on screen interface. Moreover, it does not feature any app store, which you can navigate.

It is simple to use as you only need to connect the chrome cast to the home network, and it would begin to stream contents for you and contents streamed are from Google Cast or from any of its compatible apps. The platform is economical and easier to use. This is because it is less expensive.



This is another important television box worth reviewing. Its apps are available in channels and presently, there are thousands of choices to be made on this channel store.

You can get access to other media big names such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, as well as niche apps, Sling Television and so on. Roku is one of the richest when it comes to programs. Roku is one of the leading providers and the Roku TV platform is one of the most popular.

Android TV

Android TV

This is another strong platform and many people like it because of the quality of programs it presents to its users.

This platform provides more powerful and rich interface. Some people assume their interface is better than others are. This platform was the first to introduce Netflix 4K.

Apple TV

Apple TV

This is one of the most innovative on the market. To attain the present status, the platform went through upgrades.

Moreover, Apple has its own store and from here, you are going to get most of the things that you want from them. This platform has many features that can help you.

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