10 Richest Nigerian Comedians

Nigerian Comedians

It would come as a shock to some Nigerian, But did you know that comedy is one of the high paying jobs in the country’s entertainment industry? Did you know that Nigerian comedians are part o some of the wealthiest entertainers in the country?

Nigerian Comedians are one of the hilarious people you find in the entertainment industry, sometimes these guys look stupid on stage, trying their hardest to make people laugh, to make people forget about their pain, and bring them happiness.

Comedy is a rare talent which very few possess, and the few that commercialized it, are making a ton of money from it.

In this article, I bring you ten of the richest Nigerian Comedian, who has made a name for themselves with various investments and substantial cash.

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1. Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome (AliBaba)

Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome

Many Nigerian don’t know the names of their favorite comedians, they just go with their stage names, and it becomes a thing for them. Atunyota, popularly known as AliBaba is one of the founders of standup comedy in Nigeria.

Ali has been in the game for over 30 years, and he is still active. He makes his earnings from various shows, events of several dignitaries, which includes Nigerian past Presidents.

Ali is a wealthy Nigerian Comedian and one of the wealthiest in the continent. He never had the dream of being a comedian, he had always dreamt of advocating for people, but he soon realized that he could make more money, making people laugh than he would as a lawyer.

AliBaba’s source of income is not just from the entertainment industry, he’s also into real estate, with properties of his own in Nigeria and various countries. One of his huge assets is one of his properties in Lekki, which worth 300 Million Naira.

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AliBaba is highly respected in the country and outside the country, and he is respected by other comedians, especially the younger generation comedians.

A summary of AliBaba

  • Real Name: Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome
  • Stage Name: AliBaba
  • Age: 54 (24 June 1965)
  • Net worth: N5 billion

2. Ayodeji Richard Makun (AY)


Aodeji or AY is an Ondo born, who use to be a radio and T.V. presenter. He is popularly known for his famous show “The Ay Show” which is organized every year.

His show is one of the highly anticipated shows in the country and has the highest turnout every year for a comedy event in Nigeria.

He makes income from the various shows he hosts and his popular Ay show. He also makes money from the movie industry and endorsements. With an estimated worth of N2.5 Billion, Ay is said to be the second wealthiest Comedian.

A summary of AY

  • Real Name: Ayodeji Richard Makun
  • Stage Name: AY
  • Age: 47 years (19 August 1971)
  • Net worth: N5 billion

3. Bright Okpocha (BasketMouth)

Basketmouth net worth

BasketMouth is one of the very popular Nigerian comedians in the country and the world. He is a very talented man, with his outstanding shows like “Basketmouth Uncensored” and in a popular tv series on Africa Magic called “My Flatmates.”

BasketMouth is by far one of the richest and funniest Comedians in the country, and his wealth steams from his various shows, movies he featured in, multiple endorsements from Globacom, Amstel Malta and SUureBet247 and his investment “Barons World Entertainment.”

A summary of BasketMouth

  • Real Name: Bright Okpocha
  • Stage Name: BasketMouth
  • Age: 40 (14 September 1978)
  • Net worth: N3 billion

4. Francis Agoda (I Go Dye)

I Go Dye

Francis is popularly known as “I go Dye” is one of the names that pop up in your head when talking about Nigerian comedy. He is a writer, a social crusader, and a motivational speaker.

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He is currently one of the wealthiest Nigerian comedians; he has a whooping sum of 350 million Naira take home every year. Like other billionaires, I Go Dye is also into other businesses that make sure the cash keeps flowing in.

He owns a real estate called Revamp Construction; the company specializes in road construction and real estate development.

A summary of I Go Dye

  • Real Name: Francis Agoda
  • Stage Name: I Go Dye
  • Age: 40 (4 April 1979)
  • Net worth: N2 billion

5. Julius Agwu

Julius Agwu

Julius is one of Nigeria’s finest and funniest comedians. He is known for his various shows like Crack Your Ribs. He is an outstanding actor, a musician, and a wonderful M.C.

Julius makes a lot of money from shows, endorsements, and so many investments within the country. He owns a company called “Real Laff Entertainment.” All these investments keep Julius’s account very busy as the cash keeps coming in.

A summary of Julius Agwu

  • Real Name: Julius Agwu
  • Stage Name: Julius
  • Age: 45 (7 April 1973)
  • Net worth: N1 billion

6. Abovi Ugboma (Bovi)


Abovi, who is popularly known as Bovi, is a Nigerian Comedian, writer, and actor who is from Delta state. Bovi is one of the Nigerian Comedian that one could say is well known locally and internationally.

He organizes a show called “Bovi Man On Fire” in various countries.

His source of income includes shows, TV-series like “Back To School,” which airs on cable and YouTube. He hosts lots of events and a brand Ambassador of Telecommunication Company and other big companies in the country.

A summary of Bovi

  • Real Name: Abovi Ugboma
  • Stage Name: Bovi
  • Age: 39 (25 September 1979)
  • Net worth: N800 Million

7. Gbenga Adeyinka

Gbenga Adeyinka

Gbenga Adeyinka is a respected Nigerian comedian, radio and T.V. presenter, writer, and M.C. He is well known for his shows called “Laff Mattaz.”

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He has various establishments and other sources of income like, endorsements, shows he hosts, and multiple properties.

A summary of Gbenga Adeyinka

  • Real Name: Gbenga Adeyinka
  • Stage Name: Gbenga
  • Age: 51 (7 May 1968)
  • Net worth: N600 Million

8. Okechukwu Anthony Onyegbule (Okey Bakassi)

Okey Bakassi

Okey Bakassi is a very talented individual who is an outstanding comedian and a great actor. One of his achievements was the Best Actor award in a leading role at the best of Nollywood Awards in 2014 for the movie Onye Eze.

He also owns various enterprises and is a Brand Ambassador for companies.

A summary of Okey Bakassi

  • Real Name: Okechukwu Anthony Onyegbule
  • Stage Name: Okey Bakassi
  • Age: 50 (23 October 1969)
  • Net worth: N400 Million

9. Seyi Law

Seyi Law

Lawrence, who is popularly known as Seyi Law, is a famous standup comedian, actor, and a cool M.C. He is an event planner and has hosted a significant number of shows.

He is seen as one of the funniest Nigerian Comedians in the industry. He has his show titled “I must laugh,” coupled with various endorsement deals and other investments, Seyi is one of the wealthiest Comedian.

A summary of Seyi

  • Real Name: Oluwaseyitan Lawrence Aletile
  • Stage Name: Seyi Law
  • Age: 36 (22 June 1983)
  • Net worth: N350 Million

10. Jephthah Bowoto (Akpororo)

Jephthah Bowoto

Jephthah is popularly known by his stage name Akpororo; he is an outstanding comedian, actor and a great vocalist. His comedy is appreciated by many in the country and abroad.

He has performed at many churches nationwide, and this is something that only he has been able to accomplish. He maintains the tenth spot of the list of the wealthiest Nigerian Comedian.

A summary of Akpororo

  • Real Name: Jephthah Bowoto
  • Stage Name: Akpororo
  • Age: 30 (3 October 1989)
  • Net worth: N350 Million

We hope that this list has been helpful. Kindly leave a comment below.

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