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Robomart: Self-driving Grocery Stores

Many might love picking their own produce while they are doing shopping at the supermarket; however, that does not mean it cannot also be convenient and fast.

It is as a result of this that Robomart, a robotics startup saw the need to start the delivery of baked goods, groceries and prepared foods right to your doorstep.

Consequently, the company began recreating supermarket aisle on wheels stocked with different products and all the customer needs to do is to place an order for these products via the apps.

After the autonomous delivery machines arrive, the customer gets a notification then goes on pick the produce personally from the shelves of the Robomart.

Ali Ahmed, the founder of Robomart and a serial entrepreneur, conceived this idea of an autonomous delivery machine on wheels that delivers grocery while still working at Unilever approximately ten years ago.

According to him, a group of local stores could need to purchase these autonomous delivery machines to fight off competition from big-box retailers who are targeting consumers directly.

Robomart made its debut in preliminary form in the United States at CES trade show in Las Vegas, and the company states that this technology will be accessible to supermarkets which leases the technology and vehicles.

Furthermore, the company intends to license these autonomous delivery machines to supermarkets, the app, a wireless charger plus an automated fleet management system at a monthly fee on a 24-month lease.

Features of the Robomart

  1. These autonomous delivery machines use the NVIDIA autonomous drive platform which utilizes artificial intelligence, therefore, enabling the automatic unlocking of these vehicles.
  2. The Robomart travels at a top speed of 25 miles per hour.
  3. This autonomous delivery machine has gesture recognition for user controls as well as a surround perception which consequently alerts the drivers about advancing hazards.
  4. Additionally, the Robomart comes with a gaze tracker which acts as a driver distraction alert as well as a natural comprehension for voice control.
  5. Unlike other food delivery services, the Robomart can keep its produce fresh which is one of the most significant difficulties food delivery companies face. The temperature inside these vehicles is controlled from the company’s facility to guarantee the produce always remain fresh.

How the Robomart Works?

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Usually, all a customer needs to do is to download the Robomart app, then register by inserting their personal details, this includes their payment card number.

Subsequently, the customer can order a Robomart like ordering for an Uber, then do their shopping right outside their doorstep. The customers using the app open the door of this autonomous delivery machine and then hand-select the grocery they wish to purchase.

Furthermore, the Robomart has a proprietary “grab and go” software which automatically detects what the customer has picked and then charges that to the customer’s account.

These products are held in four shelves with each shelf having four to six cubes, and the shelves have sensors which recognize when something has been removed after which it initiates a payment and sends a receipt.

Currently, the shelves in these vehicles are static, but the company aims at developing rotating carousel shelves. Finally, after completing the customer finishes their shopping, they close the door to this autonomous delivery machine either manually or using the app.

Expected Launch of the Robomart

Stop & Shop intends to start selling its produce, meal kits, and convenience items to its customers their doorsteps. It is part of Stop & Shop’s intentions to begin using autonomous delivery machines, meal kits, and cashier-less stores into one huge experimental pilot.


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