What Are Robotic Vacuum Cleaners?

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaning can be very stressful, and as humans, we would always look for easier options when it comes to handling tasks that leave us stressed and tired.

The robotic vacuum cleaner is one that comes out with the idea of helping us reduce the efforts will put into cleaning.

A lot of us have had to use normal vacuum cleaners before, and we know that it has to be operated manually a robotic vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, comes with both an auto mode and a manual mode.

This vacuum cleaner is called robotic because with its auto mode it can clean places without you having to handle it manually.

History of the robotic vacuum cleaner

The first robotic vacuum cleaner was created as far back as 1996. Then in the year 2001, Dyson which is a British technology company introduced the robotic vacuum cleaner to the market.

This vacuum cleaner at first was not so popular because of how expensive it was however in 2002 an American technology company known as iRobot launched its very first robotic vacuum cleaner.

Since 2002 robotic vacuum cleaners have become more popular and more available in the marketplace as well as affordable so many homes around the world now find it easy to have one.


Robotic vacuum cleaners are usually shaped round, but there are some models that come in different shapes. Majority of companies try to design there’s in a disc shape so that they can go under your couch and under the bed to clean.

They also come with a navigation system that tells the cleaner which way to go. If the navigation system of your robotic vacuum cleaner doesn’t function properly, it will cause the efficiency level to reduce, and your room will not be as tight as it should be.

The robotic vacuum cleaners that are now available maintains an advanced technology for navigation. Take for example the Dyson 360 vacuum cleaner which is currently the most expensive one available in the market comes with a 360-degree camera that is positioned on top of the body and controls the movement to help this vacuum cleaner sport all the dirt and clean them up.

Roomba vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, is a robotic vacuum cleaner that uses iRobot away technology for its navigation. Different companies are beginning to include advanced robotic technology as they develop new vacuum cleaners to make them more efficient and user-friendly.

The user has to set up in the navigation system to help the robot clean the room properly. Something else that we should not forget is that these robotic vacuum cleaners come with a docking station.

Once you set your electronic vacuum cleaners navigation system, it begins to clean, and once it is done with the task, it goes straight to the docking station. If your robotic vacuum cleaner runs out of battery, it will then proceed to the docking station to get charged.

Every robotic vacuum cleaner that has been created comes with a light signal that helps it to sense the material around it such as doors furniture or a wall.

The cleaning process

For a robotic vacuum cleaner, the cleaning process is operated by the dirt sensor which is programmed inside the body of the device. Each device possesses to death census one created specifically for tiny dirt and the other for larger particles.

These sensors can detect that by its diameter and then proceed to pull it up in the dirt been using a spinning brush.

Furthermore, robotic vacuum cleaners operated by the battery. They consume only a tiny amount of electricity.

Motors are there to help maintain the cleaning process which generates suction and also control the spinning brush of the cleaner that helps to pick up the dirt into the suction.

As you can already tell the entire mechanism is the exact same as that of your regular vacuum cleaner. The modern vacuum cleaners are capable of estimating the layout of his visit and can return to the start point where it began the cleaning process.

This happens because there is a memory inside the device which records all the data and serves the information to the microprocessor. The device can’t go through the slope when needed.

Normally, almost all floors and made flat and this helps the device to work on different surfaces and types of floors such as wood, tiles, laminate, and even short hair carpet. The best part is they are completely silent.


Price is a very crucial factor, and it depends on the kind of technologies which are implemented in your device.

There are three categories of prices when it comes to purchasing a robotic vacuum cleaner. Those at the lowest. Price range begins from $10 to $20. Vacuum cleaners that are available for this price range are capable of getting rid of a minimum amount of dust.

The robotic vacuum cleaners available at the mid-price range are usually sold between $30 to $100 these vacuum cleaners can get rid of a good amount of debris.

Then finally we have those in the standard size and these cost between $200 and as high as $600.

The reason why robotic vacuum cleaners in this category are expensive is that they can get a lot of work done for you. These vacuum cleaners come with advanced technology for navigation and enhancing the cleaning process there is also so much they can do for you when in automatic mode.

The limitations of a robotic vacuum cleaner

Such robotic vacuum cleaners are useful for getting rid of dirt in your room and also on other stuff but as with a lot of things with benefits, there are a few limitations.

If you are someone who has short hair carpet floors, then you can use this vacuum cleaner, but if your carpets come with long hairs, then there is no way your robotic vacuum cleaner can do the job for you.

When in automatic mode it takes more time to complete a cleaning process than when in manual mode for your device to finish the process.

This device is also not capable of getting through significant obstacles, so if you know you have such obstacles in your living area, then you would have to assist the device.

Your robotic vacuum cleaner is only efficient when your floor is clear of other materials and wires something else that it cannot do for you is to get rid of the dirt it has collected so you as the user would have to take the extra step of emptying the dirt bin after several uses.

Please ensure that you search the internet for reviews on any specific brand of robotic vaccine cleaner and see if they fit your particular needs before you buy.

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