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6 Romantic and Expressive Proposal Ideas You Can Try at Home

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If you had intentions of having an outdoor proposal, your sophisticated plans are probably hindered. But being isolated shouldn’t be the main reason you didn’t propose as planned. An indoor proposal should not be void of romance; it can even improve it.

A recent survey showed that the current pandemic had affected wedding and proposal plans by 53%. Men and women who had ideas of popping the big question abroad have had to change their plans—even those who were getting ready for a proposal in a public setting.

“It has been discovered that a lot of men and women are worried that the initial proposal ideas they had, which included traveling won’t be actualized. So, they’re attempting to come up with a fresh proposal plan as soon as possible”, says Megan Bicklein, proposal planner and designer of The Yes Girls team.

It is possible for men and women to observe social distancing and still propose to their significant other at the same time. Can’t eat at your preferred restaurant? There is no reason to get worried; you can recreate whatever meal you would have had at the restaurant in your kitchen.

Plans of going to the beach by weekend aborted? Transport it over to your home by converting your living room into an isle.

“What we have noticed, and applies to all sphere of life, is people having no interest about how flashy the proposal would be and in place just having to savor the moment with their partner,” adds Bicklein.

What if you just haven’t gotten the right ring yet? Well searching for the perfect engagement ring doesn’t have to be the cause of the delay, you can always order for it online, and it can be loads of fun. “We also have in place loads of couples shop together which doesn’t spoil or takeout the element of delight for the proposal.” says the vice president of revenue at Ritani, Ria Papasifakis.

So, in light of the current situation, we have put together a list of six romantic and expressive proposal ideas you can try at home.

Create a photo slide of memories

Nothing is as romantic as replaying the moments you have shared together. Put together old photographs and videos from the beginning of your relationship and watch the slide on your television.

Collecting nice and comfy blankets and pillows for cuddling on the couch and maybe some candle lights would do the trick. You can then propose once you see that your partner is engulfed in the romantic gesture. This would be a whole lot of fun than any movie date.

Propose while taking a private walk

There are still safe ways to go out of the house and observe social distancing. You can go for a walk around the neighborhood with your partner.

If you have a car, you can as well go for a drive with your partner, but ensure you conceal the destination from your partner in order to retain the element of surprise. Look for a private spot to watch the sunset and then ask the question.

Prepare your favorite restaurant dish

Since eating out at your regular restaurant isn’t going to work out, you can make your favorite meal on the restaurant menu at home. Do you want Italian cuisine? You can whip up spaghetti Bolognese and get a bottle of wine to go with it.

You could also prepare tasty tacos and homemade sushi, just go wild on whatever you want to cook. You can propose by placing the ring inside the food or your partner’s glass of wine. Just think it through, so the ring doesn’t end up at the bottom of their bellies.

Host a virtual engagement party

A lot of couples hold private proposals before throwing a larger party with friends and family. Since large gatherings are frowned upon at this time, couples can still get to celebrate their engagement with their loved ones online.

You can hold a virtual reception and ask your friends to get dressed for the occasion. Since no one is leaving the house, getting all dressed up with some nice clothes will be refreshing, especially for those working from home, and would make the occasion look normal.

Ask them to pour a glass of their favorite wine and join you in the celebration.

Take a trip to your favorite destination

Since there are strict restrictions on traveling at this time, you just have to do the next best thing! Redesign your preferred location in your home by making unique meals, playing songs and tunes related to the destination, and redecorating a room to fit the scenery.

Since you can’t propose in Paris, you might as well turn your home to the City of Love!

Get a local band or musician to serenade you online while you propose

This is the perfect time to patronize local businesses. Since you won’t be able to go out to listen to your favorite local band, you can as well hire the group to entertain you online while you propose to your partner.

They would be grateful for doing business with you, and your partner will also be delighted with the surprise.

Final note

while the pandemic has put a halt to most activities, going on with your proposal shouldn’t be one of them. These six proposal ideas can help you enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime moment – or second, whatever the case may be – with your loved one right from the comfort of your home.

We would love to know what you think about these proposal ideas, do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section below. You can also contribute to this article by sharing other proposal ideas and tips that you may have to help couples make the most out of their indoor proposal.

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