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Rubies Mobile Banking App: Features and Download Links

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Rubies Bank is a 100% digital commission-free bank. Rubies Bank allows customers to open accounts and banks without visiting a physical bank.

Your account number is personalized so that you can use your mobile phone or any other number of your choice, a bank statement is sent by email, and of course, all transaction notifications are sent by SMS. Financial services are one of the most significant constructions in which radical changes are taking place.

The sharp contrast between traditional financial institutions and the financial assistance of the new (digital) era is enormous: economic efficiency, cost savings, higher precision, greater competitiveness, greater agility, and, above all, more security.

The ingenious experience and transparency offered by the challengers bring a significant change in customer loyalty. Nowhere is this belief more entrenched than in retail banking, an industry that has been a hotbed of consumer dissatisfaction and mistrust.

However, more than 80% of Nigerian current account holders still use one of the “top six street banks.” For FINTECH to have a substantial impact on this market, it must attract more radical customer and capital movements.

And that means you need a digital bank that can get out of the first user niche and reach the general public. Rubies is a fully digital mobile banking platform, offering zero-rate banking services for the millennium, young professionals, SMEs, quasi-financial institutions, and FINTECH.

Rubies bring new concepts of banking technology, marketing, and cloud management, artificial intelligence, and analysis.

Features of Rubies Mobile Banking App

Rubies Mobile Banking App makes sure that every feature has something to offer to make the experience very personalized. Here are some of its features:

  • The account number can be personalized (some use their phone number)
  • Free debit cards, for example, with the desired name. Nickname. It is also free
  • Ask for money: those who continue to justify not having your account or even those who owe you money. This feature allows the customer to request payment and can be instantly assigned a person’s account number or even a phone number. You ask people for money, they approve it and credit it. It’s so simple!
  • Proximity transfer: send money by location (new Bluetooth to transfer money)

How Rubies Mobile Banking App Helps Customers Make Money?

To empower people, Rubies Mobile Banking App brings unique features to the market that allow anyone to become an individualistic banker. What does it mean to be an individualistic banker?

An individualistic banker is a local commercial banker that is not affiliated with a multiple bank holding company. In general, individualistic bankers are very familiar with the markets in their region. They often work to preserve local money and lend money to small businesses and startups.

If you’re ready to start your mini-bank, Rubies will serve as your platform. Just set up your “bank customers” with a single connection, and you can make money every time a customer makes a transaction.

Rubies have taken a disruptive and unorthodox approach to market using defensive techniques such as independent bankers, independent brand ambassadors, and data-driven direct marketing.
Rubies is a banking application of steroids.

It offers banking functionality like any other banking solution but offers much more than most banking applications.

Here are some things that make it so much better:

  • Social calls: communicate with other users in rubies and receive alerts when your friends join Rubies, the proximity function allows you to see the people around you. The look is elegant, neat, and attractive.
  • Money market: this is a place where you can earn money by investing or giving money to those who need it on loan. Rubies Moblie Banking App credit rating is becoming more and more popular as a standard.
  • Open Banking: an architecture based on the Rubies API will provide you with the level you want. The public banking architecture allows seamless integration with FINTECH, SMEs, and other quasi-financial institutions, while Rubies Mobile Banking App fulfills a level 2 clearing role.
  • Banking as a service: Rubies Technology is available to all other financial institutions involved in the banking, economic, technological, and FINTECH sectors, thus offering banking as a service.

Download Links for Rubies Bank Mobile Banking App

Your debit card is free and delivered by courier, and the name on your ATM is also personalized. Imagine your ATM card with a nickname.

What sets Rubies Mobile Banking App apart from other Banks?

  • Bank charges: for interbank transactions, Rubies Mobile Banking app charges an N10 (instead of the N52 that traditional banks charge), which is the cost of an operation paid by the switches, while Rubies earns nothing.
  • No maintenance costs: Rubies Mobile Banking App offers zero maintenance costs, unlike a traditional bank that always withdraws money on behalf of maintenance costs.
  • Rubies Mobile Banking App has a credit rating that helps you realistically assess your financial situation, which is becoming more popular with customers.
  • Rubies Mobile Banking App brings unique features to the market, allowing everyone to become an individualistic banker, also known as iBanker. This means that if you are ready to launch your mini bench, Rubies Mobile Banking App will serve as your platform.

Exceptional exclusive characteristics of Rubies Mobile Banking App

  • Free debit cards
  • Select an account number
  • Earn money by the bank (independent banker)
  • Cheaper transfer rates @ N10 instead of N52
  • No maintenance costs.
  • No hidden fees
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Fadehan Emmanuel
Fadehan Emmanuel
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