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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Russian Anti-gay MP Disrupts LGBT Film Festival

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There has been a report that the architect of the Russian gay propaganda’ law showed up at the LGBT+ film festival and physically blocked the entrance with the aim to shut down the event.


A lawmaker in President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party identified as Vitali Milonov, showed up at the Space Palma venue in St Petersburg where the Side by Side LGBT International Film Festival was held on Wednesday evening of October 24th.

The Mp is internationally famous for his anti-LGBT views which are often extreme. He introduced Russia’s law banning “propaganda of non-traditional sexual orientations” towards children and young adults.

The festival in no way goes against the MP’s law as it is open to only people 18 and above.
Never the less, the law maker and some of his dedicated followers proceeded to physically block the entrance to the venue with the intention to disrupt the event.

In a statement posted in Russian by the organiser’s on their website, they claimed that the MP placed a call through to the local police claiming that hostages were help inside the building just so they could raid it. The allegations against the law maker was denied by one of his representatives who said in Russian that Milonov only went to the venue with the intention of investigating any possible violation of his gay propaganda law and he needed the support of the police.

A report by the Moscow times says that video footage taken of the incident records the MP screaming: : “Dear citizens, you know yourselves that you are perverts; you need to disperse. We are Russian people who are on our home soil, and you’re not. Your motherland is Sodom and Gomorrah.”

The film festival was set to show the oscar winning transgender movie titled A fantastic woman, however the screening could not take place because the police showed up and the cinema viewers had no choice but to flee the scene.

The organisers of the film festival described the member of parliament as a “PR clown”. They added that a complain will be filed against the MP with the state’s Duma ethics committee for a violation of the commitee’s code of conduct. They pointed out that Milonov had tries a similar stunt back in 2016 but it failed.

The organisers promised to also file a complain with the police against Milonov and they will “demand compensation for the damage caused.”

According to them, the film festival which was originally planned to run till the 1st of November will continue despite the occurrence. They wrote:  “Despite the rocky start, the movie festival will still take place.”


On Thursday night a fresh screening of the movie ” A fantastic woman” was organised, and subsequently other movies including Simon, gay romance love, and the miseducation of Cameron post will be aired on their screens.

The European court of human rights have condemned the gay propaganda laws and warned of a chilling effect that will stifle all dissent on issues related to LGBT.

Mr Milonov has compared same sex relationships to bestiality and has led repeated calls to the Russian government to pull out of Eurovision song contest over pro LGBT content.

The MP remained the contest “Eurovision sodom show”  following the 2014 win of Conchita Wurst. Milonov said “Even just broadcasting the competition in Russia could insult millions of Russians.The participation of the obvious transvestite and hermaphrodite Conchita Wurst on the same stage as Russian singers on live television is blatant propaganda of homosexuality and spiritual decay.”

The member of parliament also hit out to the German Chancellor Angela Markel in 2017 after Germany passed equal marriage. The MP said: “I will appeal to the bishops of Germany to excommunicate Angela Merkel and the members of the Bundestag who voted for this decision…. let them worship with the Church of Satan. [Merkel] has entered into an agreement with Satan… she kissed Satan for the sake of forming a coalition government.”


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