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Ryan Lochte Fights Alcoholism

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One of the issues with alcohol is that it can become addictive and that could be problematic.


Our very own Olympian Ryan Lochte is getting help for alcohol addiction after an incident in Newport Beach this week.

“The 34-year-old Olympic swimmer tried to kick in his hotel room door at around 3 a.m. on Thursday morning. The outlet reports that hotel security responded and police were called, however, no arrests were made”, TMZ stated.

Ryan’s addiction to alcohol has been going on for many years now, and it has threatened his very way of life as it now affects what who he represents.” Lochte’s through his representative tells E! News in a statement. “He has acknowledged that he needs professional assistance to overcome his problem and will be getting help immediately”, and that “Ryan knows that conquering this disease now is a must for him to avoid making future poor decisions, to be the best husband and father he can be, and if he wants to achieve his goal to return to dominance in the pool in his 5th Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.”

Ryan fears that his alcohol addiction might affect not only his career but also his place as a husband and a father. The need to get professional help is paramount.

Sources tell E! News that the latest incident in Newport Beach “really embarrassed him now that he’s a father.” He fears that his addiction might do more damage not only to his reputation but would affect his role as a father in the life of his child.

“Ryan loves being a dad more than anything,” the source adds. “He’s absolutely obsessed with his son and doesn’t want to have any more antics that would embarrass him down the line which is why he’s now taking steps to get sober.”

Maintaining sobriety means a lot to Ryan since it was just last month he and Kayla tied the knot once again with their son present. Lochte’s rep confirmed to E! News that he and Kayla Rae Reid had tied the knot once again. The couple first exchanged vows in Jan. 2018 at a courthouse in Gainesville, Fla. after getting engaged in Oct. 2016. For second time saying “I do,”

Their wedding ceremony took place at Palm Springs, California with friends and family present.

We wish him the very best as he fights to overcome alcohol abuse.


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