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What is Samsung Knox?

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If you haven’t heard about Samsung Knox, then this is the right place for you to get all the information you need to know about it.

Samsung Knox is the new security layer that is built into Samsung Android and Tizen devices to include an additional layer of security for user’s information.


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The world has grown to a point where a lot of people now make use of their smartphones for work; this is called BYOD bring-your-own-device policies.

It is becoming more common for the BYOD policies to be enacted in many forms and companies. It is also getting more popular as the prices of phones continue to rise, and customer models also become safer and more secure.

We have been met with enterprise-level programs for smartphones from both Google and Apple, but perhaps one that would be the easiest to use for both IT managers, and you are the Samsung Knox.

Explaining Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox is a single security layer that can be found in top-tier Samsung devices that can isolate and separate personal and business user data.

Another simple way to think about it is as a way of transforming One phone into two smartphones, because of the manner in which it manages applications and the data that those applications create together with any data that goes into them as a result of what you do.

You can migrate between the two layers of the phone by clicking on the Knox icon and typing and a password.

The password is a unique one that should create two separate this feature from other parts of your phone. This means that even if someone else were able to bypass your phone lock, they would be unable to get to the data safety lock in your Knox.

By default, once a user enters the Knox protected side of their phone, they have access only to a few apps, which are email, gallery, camera phone, my file, contacts, S planner, downloads, and Samsung internet browser.


Users can also add other applications to the Knox protected layer, and they will be copied to a section where they and the data they contained will be kept separately from the same app on the standard layer in a user’s device.

For Samsung Knox to function, two things are required. A user must possess the right phone as not all Samsung phones, tablets, or watches support Knox, so there is a need to check out the supported devices before anything else.

Next, a user must get the right software, and you can get a Samsung secure folder in the Play Store if you use a mobile phone that is compatible to search for it. Note that it will not show up if you are not using a device that can install it.

Also worthy of note is the third principal component that is also useful for Enterprise management – this is called Knox premium or an equivalent.

This feature is not something that users can make use of at home, and it is a way for any IT Department to efficiently manage the Knox layer on smartphones that are part of the service group.

This feature is a cloud-based management solution that is built to function with Knox and also a turn-key secure platform. So if you are an IT professional in search of a multi-device management solution, all you have to do is talk to a representative from any of the major US mobile carriers for quotes.

Knox is a feature that is certified for use in government installations in countries like Finland, Spain, France, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, and the United States.

It is also ISCCC and FIPS 140-2 compliant in some configurations. In case you’re wondering what this means it simply means that organizations such as the United States Department for Defence believe that Knox is safe enough for use by its employees. Which also means that it is safe enough for you.

With the Android Oreo, Samsung Knox was merged into the Google enterprise solution Android specifically for work. This is to offer real-time protection of the Linux Kernel, part of the trusted boot procedure, and malware checking.

Do you need to use Knox?

You really have no reason to use Samsung Knox unless you have some serious work information that you need to keep safe.


You definitely do not want to stress yourself by using Samsung Knox to protect your normal text message, Instagram, and other applications from prying eyes.

There are easier applications that can be used to secure normal apps and data instead of going through the stress of using Samsung Knox for your day-to-day activity. You can learn more about it here.

We hope that you found this helpful. Leave a comment below.

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