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Second Hand Forklift for Sale – What You Should Check Before Buying

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When you see a second hand forklift for sale in Victoria, there are many considerations that you need to check.

First and foremost is the price and disseminating each step of how to purchase a vehicle within the budget. Second is the value, and it can be derived from a variety of variables including the usage, lifespan and functionality of the vehicle.

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There are many different manufactures such as Toyota, Komatsu, Hyster, Mitsubishi and many more that offer innovative technology to help any organisation meet their material handling needs. This is not only for the people who are purchasing a new one but also for them who are purchasing the used one.

When purchasing a used forklift, it is essential to research and determine the right model that fits into your manual material handling work capacities because choosing the right forklift for your business is essential. Here are some things which you need to check before buying a second-hand forklift.

History of forklift

At the time of buying a used or second-hand device, you must check its history or operational background of the device.

Same goes with forklift trucks also. You should try to find out the answers to questions such as:

  • How much was the forklift in demand?
  • At what temperature it was surrounded?
  • Does it have a maintenance contract?
  • Where was it used in past?

Apart from these, check whether it is being used on a dock or outside. In such cases, you can find the truck less efficient as it would be degraded in these circumstances.

Type of Forklift

Second Hand Forklift

When you are searching for a used forklift, it is essential to understand the different kinds of forklifts and identifying which forklift suits your needs. For example, narrow aisle forklifts are generally cheaper than larger forklifts.


It often requires less maintenance and fewer fluids to operate as their functionality is for simple and limited purposes. They are ideal for tight mezzanines and tiers where traditional forklifts are clumsy and virtually unworkable.

However, traditional forklifts are more ideal for heavyweight bulk and cargo. In summary, the use of forklifts is situational. For this, it is wise to assure that the job fits the device and the personnel operating these devices are readily capable of handling the addition to the fleet.


People often ignore checking the capacity of the vehicle. You should keep it in your mind that a deal is not good if it does not suit your requirements. You must ensure that you check whether the lifting machine possesses the capacity to satisfy your needs or not.


If you’re looking for a used forklift for sale in Victoria, it is cheaper than the new ones. Now the question is what you should do. Should you buy a local one and get its quote online or ask the same by arranging a meeting? You can ask a reliable local equipment supplier for their opinion.

There is also another way where you can check the online classified or a particularly reputed companies’ advertisements. They can provide you with a clear view of the market price.

Gas or Electric?

Modern innovation in the forklifts is electric forklifts. Thus, it is more difficult to find a used forklift that incorporates this green technology. Generally, they are rarer to find but are offered at competitive prices to that of its legacy competitors, the gas forklift.

As technology keeps on improving, the electric forklift is more common compared to gas. It is vital to make the determination of which type of material handling machine to commit to.

Try to acquire a warranty

Warranty can be a beneficial tool, especially when acquiring a used forklift. It may raise the price more than desired, but in the long-term, a warranty can yield bountiful savings.

If this feature is available, it is an addition that must be had at all costs, especially when you consider buying a used forklift.

Warranty can insure parts of the forklift for up to the remainder of the life of the machine. As a result, any repairs or errors that occur will be handled and completed free of charge, by saving any owners thousands of dollars.

Training Regimes


As told previously, it is essential to determine the capability of personnel to successfully handle and operate any used forklift. It is essential to determine the functionality of the device in the facilities and premises.

Is the used forklift similar to the current fleet, or would the addition require additional training of all personnel? This investigation will reduce costs and improve efficiency if administered properly.


If the prospective Toyota forklift for sale passes these factors, your search for a good second-hand truck may be over. However, the inspection should not stop there.

Ensure that your mechanic covers the 14 points of the in-depth inspection checklist of the vehicle which includes engine compartment, counterweight, exhaust guard, cab and general operation, frame, cowling and canopy, cylinders, and many more.

Inspection of these areas can help you ensure your company gets a truly good deal on a used forklift.

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