10 Best Set Top Boxes

Set Top Boxes

Are you still dealing with the cable cords and wires? If yes, then you must upgrade the way you are watching TV. You can watch full HD content on your TV by connecting it with latest Set Top Box.

Watching those regular TV shows and movies on your TV is not a great idea. If you have a latest Set Top Box then watching your favorites TV shows and movies will be easier. Just subscribe to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video to enjoy trending content with your lovable.

These devices let you record your favorite TV shows or movies and provide large storage for recording.

If you are a busy guy and don’t have enough time to watch your favourite shows you can watch the contents you have missed earlier. You can scroll back and watch your shows for up to 7 days. It’s fantastic, isn’t it?

If you are new to these kinds of gadgets it will be difficult for you to choose a reliable machine for yourself. Nowadays we get tons of options for a particular product if we dig it online.

I have done all the hard work for you and here complied a worthy list of Top 10 Set Top Boxes for 2021 from the best stores of UK.

1. BT Youview+

Missing our favorite TV shows because of our busy schedule or other reasons is really frustrating. This device is built to deliver easy interface, convenience and great service. BT Youview+ allows you to watch your favorite TV show whenever you want.

With BT Youview+ you can access the top TV players including BBC iPlayer, 40D, ITV Player and UK TV. All you can catch without any subscriptions and or satellite dish.

Below I have listed the key features of BT Youview+ Set Top Box.

  • This device allow you to scroll back and enjoy your favorite TV shows you have missed from the last one week.
  • You have to attend an important call and your show is on, don’t worry you can pause and rewind your favorite live show.
  • Record your favorite contents to watch later with BT Youview+. It provides 300 hours of large recording space.
  • Accessing HD channels will be easier with BT Youview+.
  • Install BT Youview+ smartphone app and control this Set Top Box using your smartphone.
  • BT Youview+ comes without any fan and produces no noise.

Watch Netflix on your HD TV using BT Youview+ or record your favorite shows to enjoy later. This set Top Box comes with almost every feature to provide great entertainment.

2. HUMAX-HDR-1100S


HUMAX-HDR-1100S provides its users great accessing power with lots of TV channels. This huge range of live TV channels will be enough to please your family and you can also watch those shows you have missed.

This set top box delivers excellent accessing power over 200+ TV and radio channels. Thus you have exceptionally more choices to discover. You will get 11 TV channels in HD quality, so you can enjoy TV shows in great detail. You will get lots of choices and everyone will find something pleasant.

HUMAX-HDR-1100S allows you to scroll back and watch the programs you have missed. You can scroll back over 25+ TV channels and catch your favourite shows. For watching those missed shows you don’t have to install any TV apps, you can watch those TV shows directly from your TV guide.

HUMAX-HDR-1100S makes watching TV more pleasant and will take your experience to the new level. Catch your favorite programs you love straight form this set top box.

3. Bush Set Top Box

Bush Set Top Box

Bush Set Top Box comes with extraordinary 1000GB of hard drive and provides 662 hours of recording time. So you will never miss your favorite shows with this set top box. Catch all your favorite content in really high quality whenever you get time after all the day work.

Watching TV shows in HD quality is a great idea, but what if you don’t have a perfect set top box for your HD TV? Bring Bush Set Top Box to enjoy full HD content on your HD TV.

I have compiled a small list of the features of this set top box below:

  • Digitally interactive
  • Favorite channels list
  • Auto setup
  • Electronic program guide
  • Free view plus
  • 1000GB hard drive
  • 662 hrs. of recording
  • Record two channels without much effort at the same time
  • Pause live TV

This is an energy efficient machine and consumes less electricity. Bush Set Top Box is light weight portable machine and you dint have to put extra effort while installing it.

Watch live TV shows or record them to watch later in awesome HD quality.

4. LG BP255

LG BP255

LG’s BP255 Blu-ray player is made to provide HD quality content. Discover the real potential of your HD TV set with LG’s BP255 Blu-ray player. Watch and enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies in full HD quality with high quality audio.

This machine is developed to provide quality output whether you are streaming via DVD or Blu-ray. All the content you can watch in more than HD quality thanks to this Blu-ray set top box which is developed with advance up-scaling technology. Streaming online content directly on your TV using LG’s BP255 Blu-ray player will be fun.

This machine is developed to deliver excellent video and audio output. LG’s BP255 Blu-ray player is loaded with integrated Dolby Digital speakers to deliver brilliant sound.

You can watch your favorite content on your smart TV with HuluPlus, Pandora, Netflix, Rhapsody, YouTube, and Vudu. All you can get in more than full HD quality with extra comfort.

5. ElectriQ 4K Ultra

ElectriQ 4K Ultra

Enter the world of unlimited entertainment with electriQ 4K Ultra TV box. This machine is powered with quad core processor which makes accessing enough responsive and fast. You will be capable to watch 4K ultra HD content and access to some popular online videos streaming websites.

Watch your favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Video, Kodi and more. ElectriQ 4K TV box provides more what you love in a faster and detailed manner. This set top box also comes with a micro SD card slot. You can watch high quality content directly from your smartphone or GoPro camera.

ElectriQ 4K Smart box provides detailed access to Google Play Store. You will able to install various applications and explore your smart TV. This machine has also a USB playback option; so that you can watch your Smartphone’s content on a comparatively bigger screen.

6. NOW TV-Box


The NOW TV-Box is an easy to set up device and loaded with almost all the necessary features required in a quality set top box. You can watch over 1,000+ movies with its Sky Cinema Pass. Every day you will get a new premiere and will be able to catch more movies from your comfort zone.

The NOW TV-Box comes with 4 months cinema pass, thus you will get the great accessing power over thousands of movies every day. This machine comes with simple and effective accessing features.

Enjoy latest movies from the best online video streaming websites including BBC iPlayer, 4oD, Vimeo, YouTube, ITV Hub and more. Access this set top box to catch trending movies and content with the remote control and bring all the entertainment at your fingertips.

This device is a HDMI supported device and also Wi-Fi enabled. So you can connect it with other compatible device and stream content over a wired or wireless connection.

7. Philips HDTP8540

Philips HDTP8540

Philips HDTP8540 is loaded with twin HD tuners that allow you to record two different shows at the same time. This advance set top box keeps you update with those content which you have missed earlier.

This machine comes with an excellent 1,000GB hard drive capacity. The large storage capacity allows you to record tons of your favourite content and watch it in your free time. It will be easy to capture your favourite TV shows and movies when it’s not possible to catch them at that time.

The Philips HDTP8540 comes with several comfort features including Multilingual OSD, Parental Control, EPG, VoD (Video on Demand), DLNA, TV-Apps. This machine also have internet access, thus streaming favorite contents online will be very easy.

8. Panasonic DMR-HWT130EB

Panasonic DMR-HWT130EB

Panasonic DMR-HWT130EB set top box also comes with dual HD tuners and 500GB storage space which means you can record two HD channels at the same time. With the 500 GB recording storage capacity you can record up-to 256 hrs of full HD content.

This machine is really awesome because of its 3D content converting feature. This feature enables you to enjoy 2D content in 3D mode if you own a 3D smart TV. This device converts 2D content into 3D and provides more dimensions to your recorded content.

Panasonic DMR-HWT130EB set top box makes your smart TV smarter and allow you to access social media including Facebook and Twitter on a comparatively bigger screen. BBC iPlayer and many other similar online video streaming sites gives you wings to catch your favorite online content.

9. EgoIggo S95X

EgoIggo S95X set top box is really awesome with its features. This device is powered with 2.0GHz quad-core processor to deliver lag free accessing while playing any content. EgoIggo S95X set top box comes with 8GB RAM and 1GB ROM.

This Android box is the newest generation Android box of its kind and supports fast and stable accessing. EgoIggo S95X TV box lets you enjoy multiple applications including games, online content and some social networking platforms.

EgoIggo S95X TV box comes with mighty decoding. It helps you in watching 4K and HD content. This device is developed brilliantly to provide smooth experience and provides the best picture quality. This machine also comes with Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity.

10. MAG 256

MAG 256

MAG 256 is more powerful and fast than its previous version MAG 254. It comes with a multi functional remote control which can be used to control your set top box as well as other compatible electronics and appliances.

This set top box is compatible with any TV system. You can build a secure wired connection to your TV using its HDMI port or by using RCA cables.

This set top box is developed with all the necessary features required in a quality set top box which makes it enough capable to provide high quality video output.

Final Note:

If you own a smart TV but still don’t have a quality set top box, then it will be very difficult to get new era entertainment. The best part of these set top boxes is they enable you to record Live TV shows and movies you have missed earlier.

Bring a quality set top box and take your entertainment experience to a new level. These device allow you to access social media websites, streams online content from best online streaming websites, allows you to play content from other compatible devices and many more.

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