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Should You Feed Your Pet Bird Dried Mealworms?

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Just like us, humans love our food unique and tasty; our feathered friends love their food perfectly as well. If you are a pet owner by now, you probably would have realized that there are certain things your bed loves to eat and certain things that it can not stand.

Also, buy now you would know the importance of nutrition when it comes to keeping your feathered friend healthy.

There are quite many different options when it comes to food for birds, but today we are going to talk about dried mealworms.

As you read further, you will be finding out what exactly is special about feeding your bird this kind of food and whatever potential benefits they can derive from eating it.

What are mealworms?

A lot of people often mistake mealworms for the standard ones. And even though for a lot of reasons both sound like the same thing they are pretty distinct.

As a matter of fact, mealworms are basically the larval form of the mealworm beetle. So what is the difference between mealworms and standard worms?

Well, the standard worms and not-so-clean mealworms are a lot cleaner and easier to handle, and the most important of all is that these worms are an amazing source of nutrition for your bird.

Alive or dried

When purchasing mealworms there are two options that you have to choose from. It is either you buy the mealworms alive, or you buy them dried.

As you are already thinking there are pros and cons to both options, so what we are going to do is weigh the options in and help you decide which to go for.

If you decide to buy your mealworms alive the first thing you will notice is that your birds will be so eager to eat them as they find them more appealing than if you had bought them dried.

However, if you’re buying these worms a life you would be required to do some maintenance in order for you to keep them as they should be.

Live mealworms are usually messier and are more expensive than dried ones. Dried mealworms, on the other hand, are a cheaper option and will not create any mess and that makes them easier to work with.

I would suggest that you go with the option of dried mealworms because it is obvious that the pros outweigh the cons.

It is also the best idea that should buy your dried mealworms in bulk because they are usually cheaper than when you have to buy them in smaller quantities.

How to store your mealworms safely and more effectively?

Once you purchase your mealworms in bulk, for instance, you bought the live ones you would have to study in a plastic container. Make sure that the plastic container has a cover at the top that you can perforate to enable the circulation of air.

It is OK for you to throw a few pieces of apple into the container for some moisture, and if you have oatmeal, you can throw some in as well.

The quality of nutrition your bird will get from feeding on mealworms will be determined by how much of it you feel to them and how you also feed them with it.

For your birds to be healthy then the mealworms you feed them with should also be healthy. For you to slow down the growth of the words, you can store the plastic container inside your refrigerator.

An additional fun fact that you might find interesting is that 100 grams of mealworms carry with them about 20 grams of protein and that is more than enough for your feathered friend.

Now that you have gone to the store and purchased your dried mealworms the next thing you would have to do will be to feed your birds with this nutritious meal. A lot of bird owners would rather just throw the worms on the ground and allow them to get scattered around in their backyard.

However, it is best that you put the worms into a feeder and hang them away from the window closer to vegetation.

If you still decide to go ahead and purchase the life once you have to be careful because some of them may want to run away.

Get a feeder that is designed in such a manner that the worms cannot crawl out and escape.

Let us know how your experience has been feeding your bird with mealworms. And if you have any other additions, suggestions, or opinions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section provided below.

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Emmanuella Oluwafemi
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