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As one of the many people who help other people create and execute marketing strategies online, one of the primary things I make my clients understand is the importance of buying Instagram followers.

The only challenge with buying followers; however, is that many of the vendors in the market today have given the whole industry a terrible reputation because of their Shady practices. Nevertheless, there are some good ones that you can rely on and have the ability to give your brand a push in the right direction. One of those few is buzzoid.

Just in case you are unaware, buzzoid is one of the Pioneer companies when it comes to sales of Instagram followers and likes. Buzzoid started almost at the same time Instagram as a platform was created.

That goes to show you how in-tune buzzoid is with marketing because they could recognise the need to provide such a service before many other entrepreneurs saw Instagram as a marketplace.

In this article, I will be offering a comprehensive Buzzoid Review

The best description for buzzoid is a company of social media professionals who know their onions, and can help you get noticed they work hard to grow the impact authority or reputation of any Instagram account regardless of the size.

When Buzzoid offers you a one-time or continuous service packages as well as customised options, you have the privilege of buying Instagram likes, views, and followers which will make your Instagram account automatically look popular and in turn get the attention of organic followers.

Buzzoid has been able to deliver more than 25 million likes and completed over 1 million orders. In fact, the volume of business these guys have is undeniable.

Buzzoid Services & Packages

If you’re looking to get buzzoid Instagram likes and followers, then you will be required to decide what kind of growth you want. People who are looking to just have a boost in numbers should do well with buzzoid basic packages.

You have the option of choosing the number of views, likes, or followers that you require and Buzzoid will take it from there.

  • You have the right to purchase followers in sets of 100, 500, 2,500 and 5,000
  • You can also purchase IG likes in sets of 100, 500, 2,500, 5,000 and 10,000
  • You can also purchase views in the same amount as Instagram likes but there are also options of 25,000 and 50,000 options.

One major thing that sets Buzzoid apart asides the fact that they deliver is their pricing. You can purchase a hundred followers from buzzoid for as little as $3 only.

So if your company is looking to maximise cost in their Instagram strategy Buzzoid should be part of that strategy. No matter what the size of your marketing budget is, buzzoid has a perfect plan for you.

For individuals or companies that are looking for more than numbers, such as those who need engagements on their page, buzzoid has two new services that can help you achieve your need.

Targeted Followers

Targeted followers is a subscription-based service that promises to offer you followers who genuinely are interested in what you are doing on your page. This will promote more profound engagement with your content and make your Instagram account look even better.

Standard $39/month; Turbo $99/month.

If you choose to go for the Turbo option, you will not only get Instagram followers who are genuinely interested in whatever it is you do on your page you would also be assigned a dedicated growth specialist whose duty is to help you achieve maximum growth.


The automatic viral service is a monthly based subscription one that automatically detects any new post uploaded on your account and would send you real likes from real Instagram users in a matter of minutes. With this, you do not need to buy likes per post, and that to me is a better option.

Available options are: 100 likes per post at $17/month; 250 likes per post at $24/month; and 500 likes per post at $48/month.

Each of the above packages come with a one-month money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the services as well as unlimited posts per month.

What’s the Process?

If there is anything we are grateful for, it is the fact that buzzoid is not a scam, so they do not have to beg you to patronise them. Once you get to the Buzzoid homepage, you will see the options to buy views, followers, or Instagram likes. Click on the one you desire and get started

Once you have selected the package you want, all you have to do is enter your Instagram account name as well as your email address. Once buzzoid gets these two pieces of information, all you have to do is make payments through your credit card, and you would get what you have ordered for.

What are the Pros and Cons?

These are the pros I have gathered that are associated with using buzzoid

Buzzoid delivers faster than any other Instagram likes sales platform and this is a fact that cannot be argued as of now. When buzzoid tells you “guaranteed fast delivery” they mean every word of it to the latter.

You are sure to receive your buzzoid Instagram followers, likes, or views within the first 5 minutes of uploading any content. Your Instagram likes and followers are delivered in batches so nobody would suspect that you are getting abnormal growth.

If you want to go viral in a matter of seconds, buzzoid can help you achieve that. You just might find yourself becoming the next big Instagram influencer or even start up your homemade candle business and get as many customers as possible because buzzoid also gives you some organic growth.

You don’t have to worry about Buzzard taken your money and not delivering because they offer you a secure payment and one of the best refund policies you can find online.

Buzzoid has an excellent reputation, and they have been serving customers for a long time. So you don’t have to be worried about getting scammed because this is a brand that has been built based on integrity.

As for the cons of using Buzzoid, there is none that I have discovered yet. However if it is possible for you to grow your Instagram followers on your own, then there is no reason why you may need to patronise this platform.

Have you tried buzzoid? Let us know what you think about their services by leaving a comment below.

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