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Six Best Smartphones Worldwide 2018 – Grab Your Pick!

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Phones are necessity nowadays but above all, today’s generation craves more for a smart phone with the best specs and features, best camera, best screen or even the best design.

Planning to buy yourself a new phone? We have rounded up a list of best smartphones for the year 2018. Go through the details and select the phone of your choice.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

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samsung galaxy s9 and s9 plus

Samsung S9 Plus is a big phone designed for people who prefer big screens. It has a premium build with excellent low light cameras. It has a 6.2 inches display and is measured to be one of the best.

The colors are amazing with a great dynamic range. It offers the very best viewing experience one can have in a mobile phone. The camera is known to be the best among the market with dual-aperture capability and offers good snaps even in low lights.

It has more RAM which makes it a bit faster than the rest of the Android phones.  The weakest point about Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is the not offering as much battery life as expected. Even though it has a 3,500 mAh Battery, it doesn’t last as well as other good phones.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Apple iPhone 8 Plus is a solid iPhone and a clear evolution of the previous models. Unlike iPhone X, it offers the traditional home button and a way better experience than iPhone 8. It has a glass back which gives premium feels. Along with that, it also has a powerful dual camera. It has the same powerful processor.

Even though it does not have the Face ID and OLED edge to edge screen, it still offers some premium feels with the rest of the features. Weak points include no mobile HDR and an average battery life.

Google Pixel 2XL

The Pixel 2 XL has a big camera, a wider frame and a bigger screen. It is a 6 inches display that is pretty good for gaming and videos playback. It has slimmer bezels around its dual front facing speakers. The camera that it has is stunningly good offering fantastic results. This phone shines even brighter when it comes to low light results. It’s a pleasure for both, casual and serious snappers. It has a good battery life too.


It can easily last for a full day if normally used. It can also work on standby and save power for a few days. In short, it is a perfect Android phone with the best camera, high resolution screen and features that are totally worth the price.



LG phones are trending in the market because of the quality it is putting in its Android handsets. LG G7 ThinQ is packed with high resolution screen, a flagship level internal hardware, 4 GB RAM and a set of other high-level features for all the performance users out there. It has a super bright camera which has an automatic activation in dark areas. Its low-light photography is also excellent. It also delivers Portrait mode shot with very subtle and variable bokeh.

OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6

One Plus 6 is a great example of less money but great package. Along with an appealing design, One Plus 6 has a great screen with a decent OLED contrast ratio which is bright and colorful. The camera is solid. It is a dual 16 MP sensor on the back and also with a 16 MP option for the front as well. This means, you clearly get some amazing shots from it. This phone does not have an ‘AI smarts’ to play with, but you’re definitely going to get some good bokeh modes and impressive low-light work.

One Plus 6 has a fuss free Android interface and has a decent battery life too. This phone is recommended because of its power and moreover, its storage capacity. Its glass design gives premium feels. The cons of this phone are single, down firing speaker, no expandable storage and only a Full HD resolution.

Huawei Honor 10

Huawei Honor V10

Honor 10 is a pretty decent phone with a lot of specs and extremely reasonable pricing. It has a 5.84 inches screen that is not as good as the One Plus or S9 but is itself perfect for the price. It has a 3,400 mAh battery and offers a really good battery life. It has a 16MP + 24 MP camera. the design that Huawei Honor 10 offers is not only modern but eye catching and young.

The hardware is impressive and also offers some stunning set of features like AI functions. This functionality is nicely integrated and the camera system allows you to capture some seriously creative shots. One weak point about this phone is that it is not waterproof which clearly means you have to be careful before you drop your phone.


By now, you must be in a clear direction as to which phone you should purchase. Whether you’re looking for features, price, good camera or good design, after this post, you know which exactly which path to choose.


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Alice Watson is a creative writer; she works in an IT house. Alice loves researching new trends and share them in her writing pieces. A writer by day and a party animal by night. Alice holds a dual degree in Creative Writing and Marketing.

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