Six Ways to Maintain Your Hard Disk

hard disk

Listen guys or better still read carefully; we all know this super fast growth in technology, modern gadgets such as mobile phones, computers as well as tablets have become an essential part of our lives.

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Among the twenty-first-century technology wonders, computers are probably the single most significant gadget. Almost every home and office in the world today has a computer which is used for work and of course for fun.

The most important part of our computer is the hard disk drive. It is technically where all the important things are located; it is the primary storage device of the computer which stores all information that is present in computers. The data varies from application data, user information, file applications to videos, music, and photos.

It is the more reason we should take proper care of the computer’s hard disk or say bye bye to our valuable data. Furthermore, it is necessary to keep a separate backup of our invaluable data on the computer. Nonetheless, it is not possible to save every data on a separate backup; the best thing is to maintain our hard disk drives.

Hard disks can last up to four or five years, although, due to thermodynamics second law, all systems are bound to degrade with time, i.e., wearing and tearing is inevitable.

You don’t have to feel bad about it; here are some practical steps to help you increase the lifespan of your hard disk drive;

1. Defragment your hard disk regularly

If you want to enhance your hard disk drive capabilities, it is mandatory to defragment you’re your disk as often as possible. The more you use your hard disk drive, the more your disk gets fragmented which slows down your hard disk and also makes it to worker harder.

When you defrag your hard disk, it reduces damage to your hard disk and allows it to work efficiently.

We often get carried away with work, and we forget to defragment our computers, you can simply fix it up by automatically defragment the hard disk according to your preference. It will increase the lifespan of your hard disk drive.

2. Keep your computer from dust

You what they normally write on the leaflet of every medication? Keep out of reach from children. Likewise, protect your computers from dust and also overheating.

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Dust is dangerous to our device; one of the reasons for our hard disk malfunctions. Dust accumulation leads to overheating of the hard disk which can cause serious damage if not cleaned. To solve this, ensure you clean the interiors of your computer components regularly to prevent dust from accumulating or your computer from overheating.

You can also prevent your computer from overheating by getting several efficient cooling techniques in the market. You also try out to check out the best cooling products for your computers.

3. Use surge protectors to protect your computers

Surge protectors help protect your computer from power surges which can damage many critical computers most especially your hard disk. The device acts as a shield and diverts the excess voltage through the ground channel present in your computer.

It is the reason for its name- surge protectors. They are a basic and powerful way of protecting the data currently on your computer.

4. Upgrade your hard disk

Your old hard disk will degrade as you continue to use; you cannot avoid the law of thermodynamics, but you can prolong it. Therefore it is important that you upgrade your hard disk after a certain period.

You can also get a new hard disk while your old one is still present in the computer; that way the chances of losing your data will be slim.

5. Expect the inevitable and back up your data

It may not be a way of maintaining your hard disk, but know that no matter are careful you are with your computer, your hard disk may get worse without warning, or it may get stolen.

So, to avoid losing your files permanently, it is necessary to back up your hard disk drive using an external hard drive; it may not save A-Z of your data, but it is better than losing everything.

If you don’t want to back up your data from your hard drive to an external hard disk, you can simply use backup software to store your private data.

6. Go for a routine maintenance

Your computer works for you every day; it is necessary to go for routine maintenance to enhance the lifespan of your computer not only your computer.  You need to consult the help of a professional before dismantling your computer to avoid causing more problems.

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A professional computer engineer can help you remove dust your system correctly.

It can also inform you in time if your hard disk drive needs a replacement as soon as possible. Following the above steps will allow your hard disk to extend its usual lifespan.

Joy Ebarefeye
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