Small Business Ideas for Men in Nigeria

Small Business Ideas for Men in Nigeria

Let’s face it; the country is not getting any better soon… at least for the masses, the ordinary people who do not have “connections” to get their dream jobs or start their dream businesses.

Unfortunately, life does not care if you have connections or not and in a country like Nigeria. So, we all have to move on.

One of the ways to make good of whatever we have is to get to know small business ideas for men in Nigeria.

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Whether you are a graduate or not, these small business ideas for men in Nigeria will help you do something to change your financial situation around for good.

“Small business ideas for men in Nigeria” is not just any article you can glance through; we need men to move above the stereotypes pulling this country and build strong businesses for themselves.

So, take your time and read through this article, open your mind to a world of great ideas, and roll with them.

Before you jumped into the list, it is necessary to know some of the keys to choosing the right business idea for you.

Most people do not lack ideas; if you can see through their minds, you will notice a fountain of fantastic ideas.

Unfortunately, these ideas never get to manifest; they dump the ideas without exploring the possibilities.

If you really want to be your own boss, you are not sure what type of business you want to venture into.

It would be best if you asked yourself the following questions;

  • What are you good at?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Which skill(s) would you love to learn?
  • What do you enjoy doing without minding the pay?

However, some questions may require friends and family to answer.

Nonetheless, when you get the true answers, you are halfway through. Also, picking and building the right business has a lot to do with creating a business plan and conducting a feasibility study, but do not dwell much on this phase.

Even though writing a good business plan and feasibility study are right, you should not spend all your time here.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners’ wannabes got stuck in this phase of the business journey. It is not enough to write your ideas; you also need to run with them.

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Table of Contents

Three guidelines you need to understand before starting your business

These guidelines will equip you and set you on the right path. If you want to know the small business ideas for men in Nigeria, feel free to skip to the part.

However, if you’re going to succeed in the business, continue reading; it is worth it.

Know the reasons you are starting the business

When you are purpose-driven, it will be challenging to chicken out when it gets tough. It is essential to know the purpose(s) why you are starting the business.

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Some people need a secondary source of income; this set of people can marketing other ‘companies’ products or services like timeshares, gifts, cosmetics.

Yes, men are into the cosmetics business. I dare to say; they are competing with the female folks in the industry. The point is, you are building a business another on man’s business.

So you do not need a business plan or a considerable sum of money to start the business.

Also, because of the flexibility of these businesses, you can handle both your primary and secondary sources of income efficiently.

If your goal is to build a legacy while changing the world and making a difference, you have to redirect your steps towards creating a nonprofit organization.

The downside of this establishment line is that it can be labor-intensive, but it is quite rewarding. Besides, the thought of contributing positively to the community is exhilarating.

So, volunteering is an excellent opportunity to learn how these nonprofit organizations work. No matter how smart you think you are or knowledgeable, it would be best to learn first how a particular business works before starting your own.

Every great Boss, employer, or leader must first be a great worker, employee, or follower.

Furthermore, if you want to build an empire and be an entrepreneur, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses before starting any business.

It will help you to have effective networking skills. Also, save you from making unnecessary mistakes most business owners typically make during the early stage of the business.

What you love to do may be a pointer to your business

It is risky to go into what you have zero passion about; ‘let’s face it, starting a business is not all rosy. You will need to deal with the thorns that come with your roses, and it takes passion to not give up on your business.

Every successful business you see out there takes time, energy, and, if whole, lots of sacrifices.

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If you start what does not interest you or go into the business because your friends and everyone else around you were doing it, then failure is inevitable.

Just because a business idea is trendy or looks rosy does not mean it is right for you.

So before you choose any business below, you need to know the answers to the following questions;

  • What do you do in your free time?
  • Do you have a hobby that you can turn into a business?
  • If you have your dream house, car, and steady inflow of cash, what job would you love to do just for fun?

Identify your strongest points

Everybody is good at something, and nobody is good at everything; the universe is so intertwined that we need each other to get things done. This is where talents come to play. Although it is easy to identify your line of business when your talent is evident, like an actor, musician, artist, or photographer. However, if you love what you are doing, you can open a private firm like accounting, law firm, etc.

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Nonetheless, it is tricky if your talent is not evident, like an artist or a musician. The earlier you identify these gifts, the better for you. Your friends and family can help you out if you are confused about your gift(s). People who are close to you can show you your marketable skills.

Furthermore, the answers to your questions may be staring at you, but because you feel it is “common,” you overlook it.

What are you excited to do? What are the things you love to learn? However, note that we sometimes have the “starter syndrome”- the starter syndrome or the ‘beginners’ dose is the zeal to start, but get tired midway, then leave it for another skill. You must be disciplined if you want to complete any course program. Get someone that will motivate you and monitor your progress. One of the ways I overcome starter syndrome is to continually remind myself of why I am doing it in the first place.

Small Businesses for Men in Nigeria

Congratulation! Yes, congratulations to you because you ‘didn’t just scroll down to read the list of small business ideas for men in Nigeria. The next phase of this article will answer your questions, so let’s beginning shall we?


One of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria is barbing; no matter how challenging the economy is, men must cut their hair. Also, even dreadlocks need maintenance, so you see you have a goldmine in this line of business. If you have a passion for it, why not? Go for it.

Also, when deciding the location of your business location, you place it at youth-populated areas, like the heart of the city or universities. Here is a fun part, if you love to have a barbershop but do not know who to cut hair, you can bring in barbers looking for work but do not want to own a shop. While they work, you can watch how it is done while being a boss.

Most barbers and managers agree to share the money for each haircut 50-50, so you do not have to pay them every month. However, you need capital to start up this business; you need more rent, barbing kits, dyes (yes, guys love to dye or tint their hair). Note that you need great managerial skills and setting boundaries for you to deal with your barbers successfully.

Noodles and Mishai joint

Many people still feel making delicious noodles and toasting bread and eggs are businesses exclusively to the northerners. This is so false; this business is for anyone who can make noodles and mishai perfectly. Most nine-to-five workers do not have to make dinner every day; thus, your shop serves as a saving grace for many people who do not have the time to prepare dinner or those whose cooking gas is finished at odd times.

In addition, you can add shawarma to the menu if you want to spice it up. However, you do not need to enroll yourself in a catering school to learn how to make shawarma, noodles, or mishai. There are many things to learn on YouTube; besides, we have a lot of cooks who never went to catering schools before they kicked off, and they did well, still doing well. If you love working on the grills, making delicious foods, this business is for you.

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Selling and buying e-money

If you are looking for a side-gig, something that will add more money to your primary source of income, then check out trading e-money. E-money includes buying and selling of Perfect money, Amazon gift cards, eBay cards, skrill, Payoneer, PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, the list goes on.

However, this business is a risky business and very hostile to newbies. If you are sure you can handle the risk and its volatility, then go for it. Remember to trade carefully because there are sharks in ‘smen’s form ready to prey on people’s hard-earned cash. Nonetheless, you can check to exchange your e-money peacefully. I have traded there before, and I can say for sure that they are transparent. Well, this is not a review, so let’s move on.

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Mini importation

If you have a knack for buying and reselling products from Amazon, eBay, Target, Alieexpress to Nigerians, mini importation is suitable. You can purchase e-money at cheaper rates, then sell and enjoy your profits. Mini importation is highly populated, but you can still make your money in this business. The secret is to look for what Nigerians will need in these international online stores, then ship it down here and sell it to your customers.

Fashion design

One of the essential things for humans is clothes; no matter how bad people complain about the economy, they will wear clothes. So owning a fashion house is a brilliant way to earn money. However, if you want to be successful, you cannot make it your side dish, but the main course. It needs your time, energy, and of course, money.

But I have to tell you. The business is saturated; you must see at least two or three fashion designers anywhere you look. It takes real talent, innovation, and discipline to be a star in your field. Also, it is necessary to take time to enroll yourself in a fashion school close to you to learn styles, cuts, and how to sew different fabrics. One of the best fashion houses in Nigeria is Maison De Blossom; they have the best tutors any upcoming designer can ever have.

Furthermore, just like the barbershop, you can also own a fashion house without knowing how to sew fabrics, especially when you have sophisticated designs in your head. All you have to do is look for professional tailors who cannot afford to own a business of their own. Get them to make your designs and then add your company’s label to each ready-to-wear clothes.

These are some Small Business Ideas for Men in Nigeria; you can check out small businesses women can do in Nigeria. Whether you are planning on owning a big company or small outlets spread across the country, one thing is certain; you have to start small, then blossom into your dream business.

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