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Smart Chatbots Are Coming to HR: Is Your Business Ready?

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Technology has encircled our lives like never before. Take for instance, the renowned and widely used virtual assistant ‘Siri’, which has turned out to be an integral part of lives for billions of people across the globe.

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Siri is an AI-powered voice based personal assistant, which helps you check weather, dial a contact from your phonebook or locate a nearest restaurant. Long story cut short, Siri is an intelligent chatbot, which has become a household name now.

Interestingly, chatbots are not only a household thing, since businesses too are leveraging these intelligent virtual assistants to drive business departments and functions. Be it service or manufacturing sector, chatbots are everywhere driving critical business departments and HR is no exception here. Yes, chatbots have already ventured into the human resources domain.

In fact, there is a good chance that you might hear your salary information in your company from a chatbot.

How chatbots are bringing back happy hours for HR?

Yes, HR chatbots are proving to be a boon in reviving employee experience. Since HR chatbots automate most of the mundane HR operations such as attendance, leaves, etc., HR people are left with more time at hand to focus on other strategic matters.

For example, most of the queries that employees put forth to HR would now be taken care by a chatbot. These virtual assistants will take up mundane HR tasks such as sending out newsletters pertaining to company policy to all the new hires, gathering employee feedbacks, providing payroll/tax information, fetching the requested employee data, etc.

Employees on the other hand can enjoy instant and on-demand access to their personal details on the run whilst receiving prompt responses for all their HR related queries. Eureka! These chatbots using machine learning algorithms will become increasingly intelligent and interactive over time to offer more personalized employee engagement.

Employees would simply type in their messages to these chatbots the way they would do with other humans. These intelligent virtual assistants on the other hand would then interpret your messages using intelligent machine learning techniques before coming up with relevant replies.

Since millennials dominate today’s workforce in almost every industry vertical, chatbots that could offer instant replies to their queries is a huge turn on. Also, it is quite common for today’s workforce to receive and send messages during work hours, since we are living in a connected era.

This is exactly where HR chatbots could chip in to play a crucial role by helping employees with their day-to-day HR related queries. Since most of us stay connected via our smartphones, HR chatbots are a boon especially for the employees, who tend to work from remote locations and lack instant access to their HR departments.


Here, a chatbot can make communication between the two entity faster and seamless. Further, having a cloud based HR software here can make the job a lot easier for the HR, since HR solution would offer a centralized database for all the employee information making it easier for extracting the same at any given time.

Of all the responsibilities handled by an HR, employee onboarding is undoubtedly the most crucial. AI-powered HR chatbots can make this process much faster and self-oriented. Luckily, most of the HRMS software solutions these days come with inbuilt chatbot to assist with seamless employee onboarding and training.

For example, a chatbot would take care of commonly put forth queries by new hires thereby, streamlining the entire onboarding process. Most important of all, these smart assistants would do this all in real time.


Are these signs that the future of HR is chatbots? Definitely not, since chatbots are meant to save efforts and time for HR people and not taking over their jobs. Simply put, chatbots by automating routine chores of the HR thus, letting them focus on other strategic chores that require higher degree of human intervention and intelligence.

Take for instance: a chatbot can swiftly locate the necessary data/documents of an employee on demand or send notifications to the staff about upcoming holidays, events, etc. Though the advent of HR software has greatly helped human resources professionals across the world, introduction of chatbot is icing on the cake.

Author bio:

Anwar Shaikh writes about AI, chatbot, human resources and all things technology. A self-made writer, Anwar writes for Pocket HRMS, a leading provider of cloud based HR software with a built-in chatbot to help small and mid-sized businesses streamline and tame their HR operations.

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