Smart Glasses You Can Buy on Amazon

Recon Jet

You probably have a smart device; a handheld computer that can run mobile applications, connect to Wi-Fi and of course take pictures and shoot videos.

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So what’s the fuss about smart glasses? Just like smart devices, smart glasses have a display, built-in camera, audio output, microphones, GPS and they can access the internet through built-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The smart glasses have their operating system which allows them to download and upgrade your favorite applications. The list below are some of the smart glasses available on the market; you can order your smart glasses on Amazon.

Microsoft Holo Lens

Microsoft HoloLens

The Microsoft Holo Lens brings hologram into your real world. Using spatial sound, transparent lenses, and understanding your environment the holograms look and sound like they are actually part of the world around you, and that is the definition of mixed reality.

With Microsoft Holo lens, Holograms are view through the Holographic frame, centered on the middle of your view; it preserves your peripheral vision so you can move freely, connecting and collaborating with people around you.

Hologram and mixed reality don’t block out; it allows you to engage in digital content and your tools alongside with the object in your real world. Holograms can be world locked in the physical situation so they can travel with you or you simply walk around them; you can hear them in 3D with spatial sound.

Microsoft Holo Lens is the world’s first fully untethered self-contained holographic computer. with the mixed reality of holo lens, you can stay in the real world and interact with real people as you simultaneously explore 3D in 3D

Google Glass

Google Glass Enterprise Edition

The Google Glass is an optical head-mounted developed by X, formerly known Google X. it is designed in the form of eyeglasses, but do not be fooled; the Google glass is anything but mere eyeglasses.

This invention is a ubiquitous computer; the glass displays any information like your mobile device format. The user communicates with the internet through a natural voice command. Just like in a cool sci-fi movie, isn’t it?

On April 15, 2013, Google sold the prototype of this invention for a limited period, for $1500 to selected buyers called “Glass Explorers,” and it was sold exclusively in the United States.

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However, it was sold to the general public a year later, but this time the glass had a camera attached to it. The Google Glass was not fully accepted because of privacy and safety concerns.

Google stopped manufacturing the glass prototype and assured the public that the Google glass would reopen for sale in 2017. True to their word, in July 2017, the product named Google Glass Enterprise Edition was open for interested buyers to purchase.

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Recon Jet

Recon Jet

Recon Jet is another fantastic new-age glasses made for everyone on the go especially athletes. It is the perfect training buddy, and it is designed specifically to work with you when you are cycling and running; it can serve as your map too.

Cycling: the last thing you want to do while cycling is to check your handlebar; Recon Jet supplies the information you need straight without looking at your handlebars. It gives you numbers anytime and anywhere you need them.

Running: run smarter and faster with Recon Jet smart glasses; you don’t have to pause to check your wrist anymore. The smart glasses provide the numbers at a glance; no more breaking strides, form or losing focus. Jet displays text and call notifications, so you do not have to disconnect from friends and family or even business partners while on the go.

Recon Jet Map:  it is easier to find your way, it offers quick access to nearby friends; it allows you to team up with friends easily. One of the exciting things about the device is, it is compatible with your favorite apps.

Vuzik M1000

Vuzik M1000

The Vuzik M1000 is different from the typical smart glasses in the market; for a start, they are not handheld, you were them. The display rest in front of your eyes, you don’t have to look down; information is right where you need them. It can recognize gestures and objects, and the microphone is created in a way to recognize tons of voice commands. The Vuzik M1000 records HD videos and takes photos.

The benefit of this smart device it is hands-free, compatible with your favorite applications, it scans barcodes and finds the product online, take directions, and also stream videos from the camera. It can connect to your phone through Bluetooth for hands-free phone calls and notifications from your device without touching your phone.

Do you have other cool, smart glasses you would like to share with us?  You can write your list of smart glasses in the comment box below.

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