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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Social Networks That Are More Secure: How to Avoid Being Hacked?

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We are in the 21st century, where we have been given everything, and everything is right under our fingertips. Technology has come a long way that we don’t even need to leave our house before we can shop, or meet our friends before we can socialise with them or travel miles to see the Eiffel Tower.

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It’s so convenient to text your parents instead of calling them, and it’s so lovely to have your coffee made by a Bluetooth coffee maker while you are still lying in your bed.

Statistics say that over two billion people have been using social media apps and websites at the end of 2018, the number keeps increasing every month.

Is there anyone who double checks their social media security and make an effort to protect some personal information they have floating the web space?

Do you protect yourself from being hacked? Not a lot of people seem to give a dime about giving out their data anymore. It is effortless to get hacked, which can result in more tragic route than just making fun of your friends through your Facebook page.

What kind of information is in danger?

Whether you are just logging into your Twitter page or using an essay writing service in Australia, you are at the end still giving up some information to the system for sure. Some types of information you can share may include:

  • Device settings
  • E-mail
  • Address
  • Birthday
  • Photos
  • Bank card information
  • Location
  • Name and so on

Is the Social Network’s Platform Secure?


This is one of the biggest and the most popular social media platforms; Facebook is a moderately secure one. It’s mostly used by the elderly, making it a big family-friendly platform. And you can also access the website anonymously through the use of Tor browser and VPN, or encrypt your emails.

There was a problem with the system a while ago which accepted some third-parties hacking social media and sharing personal information online, which made people doubt the entire level of their security. You can find a substitute for this platform, or you go ahead to use a VPN to be safer in case you want to chat with your family or use custom essay writing service securely.


This platform is popular among all ages, and it’s used to share thoughts in short messages. You can also publish your photos, videos, and chat up some other users. Twitter takes the protection of its users seriously, enabling several methods to make sure their data are protected.

There are CSP that is set to prevent attacks through JavaScript, encrypted into the web page, a domain-based message authentication that also protects its users from essay writing advertisement and spam emails, emails encryption, and elimination of spam bots in the system.



Tumblr is a platform for blogs with different themes, where you can post anything you want. A popular social media platform with a list of blogs, which is mainly used by teenagers and students in Australia, it tends to been hacked every year.

The hackers usually get into the user’s inbox and spam them with offensive bullying messages. The website is not entirely secure, and you can only use it with a different method which will be provided as we go further in the article.

Protect Yourself from Hacks and Spam


Humans are usually too lazy to do this, but you should always make up and use a different password for your various activities. For example, don’t use the same password for all your social media accounts that do essay writing for students and also use a different password separately on your banking app.

If you do, the hacker will obtain the most useful information for your social media accounts. So it is better to change your password occasionally, not just when you get an email with a warning. Try to make your passwords original by making it complicated but also be able to remember it, don’t just type in your name and birth date, use a range of numbers and letter, for example, “Tt62Upou” and make sure they are different every time.


Be careful and stay away from opening suspicions emails, moreover, don’t answer them! If you think that you are not easy to get, think again because this method is mainly used to fish out information from large organisations. They only hide their identity behind the face of a friend’s name, and you are instantly ready to give your data out and let them into your system. Get the best secure emails for yourself and then keep it private.


Have an exclusive list of things you should never share with anyone you don’t trust, and try not to make it bigger every time. Remember that you don’t want unknown people to find out about your location and where your home address is, it’s in your best interest that you keep that a secret.

Keep your mind straight and be vigilant to accidentally sharing your tickets, necessary papers. Do not treat the “about” page on social media as your friend; it’s not the best way to meet new people. Don’t hare your real life information like the school you used to attend or the last name of your mother. Don’t!


Always check your friend list. Is it your friend you have in it and do you know them all? Is it needed to add them so they can view your personal information? Consider the question and make up your mind. We are all adults, and there is no need to have a competition for the most extended friend list on Facebook anymore. It’s obsolete.

Do share your thoughts concerning this article by using the comments section below.

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