Sonos One Review – the Ideal All-rounder

sonos one

If you are fed up with the compatibility issues of various smart speakers, then give Sonos One just a glance. This smart speaker is designed to go with all the smart home systems. You can use it with Alexa and Google as well.

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The sound reception is pretty awesome. You can use it in your kitchen and in a party too. It will catch your instructions readily.

However, it does have limitations with these systems. Not all their features work well with it. But above all, Sonos One is a good speaker. The audio output is definitely good and with clarity.

Features of the Sonos One – What Would You Like?

sonos one

If you are looking for a good music device, just a speaker isn’t what you should be looking for. Instead, your search should lead to a smart speaker that can get the job done. How does the Sonos One fare on this front and how good are its Bluetooth speakers?

Let’s take a look.

  1. Supports a wide range of applications: Other than supporting Alexa, Sonos One supports all sorts of music applications. You can play Spotify, Pandora and so on just by your vocal instructions. The wide range of support system makes it perfect for use even while you change places. You can carry this smart speaker to your friend’s place and play on a different system there.
  2. Multi-room system: The smart speakers frequently face a common problem. They cannot be played in sync over many speakers or different over different speakers. This means that you need to control each speaker individually. You cannot play the same track in a large number of speakers nor and you use different speakers under one Alexa to play different tracks. Sonos One allows you to do so. This is definitely its best aspect. Its market contemporaries are yet to come up this feature.
  3. Design: Sonos one is designed to match up the aesthetic sense of the customers. It does look like a regular speaker. But it comes with a touch-sensitive surface on its top. This part houses the control panel. You can play/pause the track, stop it and manage volume levels. This may seem attractive, but the fact is that once you get used to giving vocal instructions, you don’t touch the control panel. Users agree that they prefer to ask Sonos One to change the track rather than using the button for doing it.
  4. Good audio output: One thing that Sonos takes the lead in is the audio output. With a wide array of six microphones, it comes with incredible voice reception. You can call it from a distance, and still it will respond. Come home from a party dead-drunk and ask it to play your track, it will pick up your instructions. Now, that is what you call an AI-powered home!
  5. Easy set-up: Sonos one is very easy to set-up. It does require additional steps as it needs to be synced with both Alexa or Google and its own system too, but once set-up, it works perfectly well. Even the process takes just a few more minutes and not lethargic or tricky. Also, you need to do that only once. You don’t need to pair both the systems each time you use. The availability of a dedicated Sonos One makes the functioning smooth.


  1. It is compatible with both Alexa and google smart home applications.
  2. The sound output is better than the other market contemporaries
  3. It is small in size and hence easy to carry
  4. You can play music even while muting Alexa.
  5. Sonos app is available all the mobile operating systems


  1. Alexa and Spotify are reported to not work perfectly
  2. Google compatibility is actually still in the pipeline
  3. If Alexa or Google make their smart speakers more personalized, this may not be of use.

The final verdict

Sonos One is yet another option for smart speakers. The best part is that it can be used both as a normal speaker and as a smart speaker. Its wide compatibility makes it a good catch. If you manage to get a good deal, it does make for the right choice – and ranks higher on our list even than some of Amazon’s Echo choices. Buy now on Amazon

In fact, unlike the Apple Home Pod, you don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues here as well, making this a truly wonderful choice that is sure to last you long.

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