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How to Spy on Your Lover’s WhatsApp and Other Tricks?

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So you suspect your lover is kinda having an affair and messaging others on WhatsApp. Spying on your lovers WhatsApp can be tricky as the end to end encryption is in place and there is almost no way to carry it out successfully. But relax, there are two proven ways to do this though you have to be fast about it.

3 Ways to Spy on You Lover’s WhatsApp Messages

For this trick to work, you have to be willing to take the risk and accept the consequences of your actions. Warning, you are doing this on your own.

1. Using Whatsapp Web

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Wait, before you brush this off kindly read to the end. We know WhatsApp app has been there for a long time and we know when connected, it alerts the phone’s owner that his phone is connected via notification bar, but there is a way to bypass it.
First of all, if you don’t know how to connect to WhatsApp web here is how.

Open your laptop browser and go over to WhatsApp Web. You can also visit WhatsApp.com to download the PC version of the app. Once it is open and displaying the QR code collect your lover’s phone, open his or her WhatsApp (if WhatsApp is locked, go to step 2), tap the three-dot menu at the top right, tap WhatsApp Web, then scan the QR code on the PC.

Close the Whatsapp and go to the Phone’s settings, tap Apps, scroll down to WhatsApp, Tap it, Tap Notifications, Turn on Block All. This will remove the WhatsApp web active icon from the notification and give you enough time to go through your lover’s chats on your PC.

This is an easy way to spy on conversations, but be careful, it is easy to become a victim from this same plan yourself. Also, this can only connect when the phone has internet connectivity.

2. Using Your Phone

This step requires you to transfer some files from your lover’s phone and use them. You need to to go to lover’s phone and;

1. Open file manager

2. Scroll down to WhatsApp folder, open it, and open Database folder.


3. Send msgstore.db.crypt12 and the latest file above it to your phone.

4. Now, uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp but don’t open it.
5. On your phone, go to the file manager, and copy the two files you sent from your lover’s phone to your WhatsApp Database folder.
6. Make sure you rename them to show exactly the way your phone own appears (e.g if your phone is msgstore-2019-01-22.1.db.crypt12 the one you sent is msgstore-2019-01-21.1.db.crypt12 then you should rename it to look like your own).
7. Now open WhatsApp and put your number to validate.
8. When it asks to retrieve backup, make sure it retrieves back up locally (you can do this by turning off your internet).
9. This will force WhatsApp to retrieve messages (which are you lover’s messages) and put them in your phone).

3. Using Paid Apps


There are apps like mSpy and WhatsApp Spy (google them) that can be purchased. Mspy is an advanced tool but still very easy to use. You can spy on messages across all instant messaging platforms including WhatsApp. These apps can be installed on your lovers phone and they work silently. You can monitor location, messages and calls from anywhere. Remember these apps can compromise security.

Other Tips

Here are some other tips for you.

How to Send Audio to WhatsApp Status?

Head over to Google Play Store and download Audio Status Maker. With Audio Status Maker you can pick any audio from your library or even record yourself if you wish, trim the audio to pick just that part that you want to share and convert it to an audio status choosing one among several vibrant backgrounds available in the app. You can share this status on WhatsApp or any other social media platform and it will work. Another nice app for that is the Audio Status Maker, Story Maker – StoryartApp 

Download Audio Status Maker, Story Maker – StoryartApp  | Download Audio Status Maker.

Send Empty Message to Friends


WhatsApp has removed the ability to send empty messages to friends but there are apps out there that allows you to send up to 10000 blank characters to friends and make them wonder what you sent. One of such apps is Empty.

Empty – No Word For WA app will help to send Blank or Empty Messages on WhatsApp. This app is the light weight for your device. Download Empty

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