How to Start Sewing Your Own Clothes?

Sewing Your Own Clothes

When you travel to another cities and countries or maybe even just walk on the streets – can you see all those people wearing basically the same range of clothes? And this is not just a metaphor – you literally see people wearing the same t-shirts or pants from the same label every 100 meters. You may say the clothes is not that important, however, how did we ended up choosing our outfits from a few fashion brands? It’s crazy, but it’s true – with all that market with unlimited choice, we have found ourselves locked up in a lean variety of brands. So why not to try sew your own clothes? We’re not talking about becoming a fashion designer, but at least you will get your own unique piece in this crowd.

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If you want to understand in detail the question of how to start sewing your own clothes, then the main condition is a great desire. If there is a purpose, then you are able to move mountains from a place.

First, you need to get an idea on what you want to sew. We would not recommend to start with an extra elaborate piece if you are a person who’s never held a needle in your hands in a lifetime. In that case, you risk to end up with a bunch of experience, but not a pretty outfit. So better choose wisely – let it be a small hat, a t-shirt, a shirt, in general, something to start practice on.

Sewing Your Own Clothes

By the way, have you ever seen that even professional tailors sometimes can make the clothes that looks so cheap and untidy? Here are the tips to avoid that rubbish look in your clothes:

  • The fabric is extremely important. Choose a high-quality fabric that doesn’t wear out and suits your body type perfectly (in cases when you are sewing for someone else pay attention to their complexion).
  • Be careful and attentive with seams. Yes, these are the seams that reflect the true quality of your clothes. Don’t rush the process, make sure nothing is falling apart, that all lines that are needed to be hidden are hidden and everything look harmonic and coherent.
  • Make sure that the color palette that you are going to use in your craft is well-matching and goes well with the type of the outfit piece that you are making. Highly unlikely you are going to create the office pants from green chiffon.
  • The same story with the threads. Choose wisely, examine the market and decide which threads would be the best choice for you. For beginners it is better start with classic ones, since they are easier to manipulate and they don’t cost that much so you can waste much more material.

A lot of people consider that if they can buy an expensive multi-functional sewing machine and learn how to cut the patterns – they know how to sew. That is a huge mistake, since you don’t need a powerful machine when you are just a beginner. In fact, you will need a small machine with very basic functions. The most important thing you need is that machine could sew a wide range of fabrics and be hard to break and that’s it. You will also need to buy a set of tools, such as scissors (not the scissors for paper – scissors for clothes!), sewing professional needles, tailor pins (there are several types of them), and a thimble.

Another essential part when creating your clothes – making measurements. Actually this is one of the most difficult parts of this craft, so be really careful. While taking measurements, a person being measured should stay in a relaxed position, on their feet, seeing straight. While measuring the waistline, you must hold a ribbon vertically. All other measurements of the upper body are better to make from the back so you can ask someone to help you. It’s better to measure several times, especially at the beginner’s level, to make sure you made everything precisely.

On the other hand, you can use an already made pattern for the piece of clothes that you are going to make. For that you just have to know the size that you are going to sew. There are many sewing patterns on the internet, but look for them to be suitable for you and the type. Pay attention to which country this pattern occurs from since almost each of them has different numbers and sizes.

You also have to prepare the fabric for sewing. Iron it, wash it (if needed). Read about its specific qualities and features in order to avoid further mistakes.

After all the measurements are done, copy them on patterns. You can make patterns even on the paper, but it’s always better to use the oilcloth. After that, copy them on pieces of fabrics and cut them in a little bit extra size (to compensate all the seams and possible mistakes. After that, start putting everything together on a sewing machine.

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Obviously, there are a lot of courses nowadays where you can learn how to sew even professionally. But remember, that it may be expensive, and, if choosing those courses, look for those who involve a lot of practice in it; otherwise, the whole course will be useless. And do not forget to read the reviews on the World Wide Web, and through your friends and acquaintances.

So we talked about how to start sewing your own clothes. You have seen that it is quite easy and simple. The main rule is not to hurry, but to study everything slowly. In this case, after a while you will be able to conquer new heights in the world of art and, perhaps, your hobby will turn into a high-paid extra income.

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