StarTimes Subscription Prices, Packages, and Channels List in 2022


StarTimes Nigeria is one of the popular cable TV providers in Nigeria. This service is a subsidiary of a Chinese based company called Startimes Media, which boasts to be the first to offers Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Network Services in the country. Checkout our StarTimes customer service contact article.

StarTimes was established in China in 1988 and it is currently in operation in a total of 8 African Countries namely; Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Guinea, and the Central African Republic.

The Startimes Nigeria TV Network is an almost one-decade-old collaboration between the first Tv station in Nigeria, the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), and the Chinese company that owns StarTimes. The StarTimes service was introduced into the Nigerian entertainment market in 2010.

Startimes also claims of being the first digital TV introduce to the African Market a DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast on Terrestrial) technology that is easy to use as it does not require any satellite dish installation to deploy its services.

Unlike the tons of other paid TV services in Nigeria and Africa, StarTimes comes with a simple-to-install antenna and decoders which require no dish Installation. Also, with Startimes low tariffs, the platform has brought digital affordable TV within the means of the average Nigerians.

As of 2010, paid cable TV platforms were faced with rapidly rising cost and competition in the midst of deteriorating economic trends. The players in this industry had to take on the task of constantly re-strategising to ensure continued profitability and survival.

However, even in the midst of tough competition, StarTimes still claims to be the king of the cable TV market in its DTT category, insisting that it has become the fastest-growing digital pay-TV platform in the African continent.

Through its new and innovative Direct-to-home (DTH) package known as Dish TV, StarTimes suggests that it is gaining massive ground among subscribers and also finding its way into almost every heart and the homes of thousands of Nigerians with the innovative and rich contents they provide. Not to forget that they are also affordable.

StarTimes has also begun to gain nationwide coverage as areas including Delta, Lagos, Kaduna, Abuja, Aba, Kano, Benin, Enugu, Ilorin, Jos, Benue, Anambra, Port Harcourt, Sokoto, Uyo, Adamawa, and Oyo can now access StarTime services.

This cable company intends to spread even wider as it has dealers in all the cities where it operates hopes to cover more cities in a short period of time.

StarTimes Decoders

A StarTimes decoder complete package usually comes with one StarTimes remote control, a 10m long outdoor antenna that can easily be hung, and a free 30days free Nova StarTimes package for your enjoyment.

If the StarTimes signal in your vicinity is not so strong, you will have to get for yourself an outdoor antenna (this is sold separately) to get better StarTimes reception.

The outdoor antenna is quite affordable can be purchased separately for as low as 1,900 Naira, and the StarTimes branded satellite receiver costs only 4, 000 Naira.

It is also true that the prices of decoders and its accessories fluctuate and change with time, you can always get accurate information on current prices online from the StarTimes website. Below are the current decoder prices;

  • The StarTimes SD decoder is currently sold for 4,500 Naira
  • The StarTimes HD decoder is currently sold for 7, 500 Naira while
  • The StarTimes Combo decoder is currently sold for 6,900 Naira

StarTimes Bouquets And Subscriptions

StarTimes currently offers customers a total of four different subscription plans namely: the StarTimes Nova offering 33, StarTimes Basic offering 40 channels, StarTimes Classic offering 60 channels, and StarTimes Unique bouquets offering 80 channels respectively with monthly subscription prices that vary.

The Nova Bouquet

The StarTimes NOVA bouquet costs only N900 subscription fee a month, and that makes it the most affordable bouquet on the platform. This bouquet offers more than 26 channels.

The channels featured in this package includes:

  1. AIT
  2. CCTV News
  3. Channels TV
  4. Child Smile
  5. Cool TV
  6. DOVE TV
  7. E-STARS
  8. Galaxy TV
  9. IQRAA
  10. LTV
  11. MITV
  13. NTA Sports 24
  14. ORISUN
  16. Silverbird TV
  17. Star Dadin Kowa
  19. Star Zone
  21. TVC
  22. TVC News
  23. Wazobia TV

The Basic Bouquet

This StarTimes bouquet is also an affordable package that costs only N1,300 subscription fee a month. The bouquet offers more than 40 Channels including all the channels on the Nova bouquet plus some wonderful extra channels.

The complete channel list for this bouquet includes:

  2. AMC
  4. AMC-Nigeria
  6. BBC World News
  8. Da Vinci Learning
  9. DTN
  10. eTV
  12. MCS Extreme
  13. Nickelodeon
  14. Nigezie
  18. STAR ONE
  19. TBN
  20. Wap TV

The Classic Bouquet

The StarTimes Classic bouquet offers more than 60 TV Channels at N1, 300 subscription fee a month features all the Basic bouquet channels, including some extra channels.

The available channels on this package include:

  1. AIT
  3. AMC Series
  4. BET
  5. CCTV 4
  6. CCTV 9 Documentary
  7. CCTV News
  8. Channels TV
  9. Child Smile
  10. Cool TV
  11. Discovery Science
  12. DOVE TV
  13. E! Entertainment
  14. E-STARS
  15. Eurosport News
  16. Fine Living
  17. Fox News
  18. Fox Sports
  19. Galaxy TV
  20. GET TV
  21. IQRAA
  22. Iroko Play
  23. JIM JAM
  24. LTV
  25. MITV
  26. MTV Base
  27. Nature and History
  28. NBA TV
  30. Nta Sports 24
  31. ORISUN
  32. POP
  33. QYou
  35. Silverbird TV
  36. Star Africa 2
  37. Star Bollywood TV
  38. Star Dadin Kowa
  40. Star Sport 2
  41. Star Zone
  43. Tiwa?n?Tiwa
  44. TLC
  45. Trace Sport Stars
  46. TVC
  47. TVC News
  48. Wazobia TV

The StarTimes Unique Bouquet

This is the most expensive StarTimes subscription package and it offers over about 80 Channels at only N3, 800/month.

It comes with all the Classic bouquet channels, including the extra channels that are listed below.

  2. Baby TV
  3. BET
  4. Bloomberg Television
  5. Crime Explorer
  6. Fashion TV
  7. FOX
  8. Fox Sports 2
  9. FX
  10. iroko World
  11. MSNBC
  12. Nat Geo Gold
  13. QYou
  14. Star Gold
  15. Star Movies 1
  16. Star Plus
  17. Star Series E1
  18. True Movies 1

What more can you possibly ask for? With more than 100 interesting TV channels to offer, StarTimes which has rapidly grown in strength and continued to expand its footprint across the African continent says its aim is to become an international media giant with undeniable global influence.

You can easily purchase a StarTimes decoder and enjoy the best of entertainment with your family. Check out our StarTimes customer service contact article.

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  1. Which of the packages have “Star Life” and “Zee World”? And how much is the monthly subscription?

  2. I subscribe my startime on 29 of last month but as at today 12 of April am not able watch those station again. How can I communicate with their customer service.

  3. I discovered that dove channel has disappeared from my the lists three months ago and now Orisun and Amc movie channels are not showing again eventhough I subscribed. What’s wrong or is there anything I can do?

    1. Please what is expiring date for nova subscription because I did subscription of nova for a month and its saying expired after just a week

  4. I subscribed N3,800. to enable me watch LA liga in all the viewing sports channels but the result is negative. Am discouraged!!!

  5. Does star shows
    Uefa champion league
    Europa league
    Seria a
    French league 1
    Please lemme knw so how much the package wit these sport cost so I can buy.

  6. Good morning, my decoder number is 01831384876,on smart plan and use both disch and aerial .I had brbe watching Europa cup on my plan the month of August,2020 was unable to watch again.
    Kindly assist me to resolve this issues and let me know the plan to switch to watch both Europa,ligs and fa cup

  7. Good morning everyone! I wonder why Dove tv is not included in the Nova bouquet. Can we say , it’s market strategy or what?

  8. Good day, My ST rise and Discovery channels has disappeared from my list after I renew my plan (I.e classic) I don?t know what happened, because I used d same bouquet plan, please I need help.

  9. For more than 3 years now i have been subscribing to N2000 1 month smart bouquet successfully, but the last August subscription ended just in two weeks. Can someone please explain reasons for this.

  10. How can someone leave a comment when you guys don’t even respond to any question its better not to waste time here leaving you guys are not serious is it every body that’s in Facebook

  11. Good evening I did #900 subscription on Wednesday evening 5:55pm this afternoon I received messages that my subscription has expired please I need more explanation on that thanks

  12. Startimes cheated me twice on monthly subscription, I subscribed for one month, it lasted only 4 days, second I subscribed for one month it last 2weeks, this is robbery, now I’m scared to subscribe

  13. I paid ?6,000 over 10 days ago but my subscription is yet to be activated. I complained via your Facebook page and I supplier my smart card number with evidence of my payment and the onscreen message being displayed to no avail. I complained via your Twitter handle supplying same information also to no avail. I paid my subscription because I am an Arsenal supporter and will love to watch Arsenal on Europa League. So far I missed two of Arsenal’s Europa League matches and the damages i suffered is unquantifiable. As a legal practitioner, i am contemplating taking legal action to press home my displeasure with your services. I am using external antenna and my signal strength is above 50% always. I wonder it with this shabby treatment or customers you back home anywhere close to competing with the DSTV which I have been using satisfactorily for over 15 years. I bought my startime more than five years ago out of patriotism. But my disappointment knows no bounds honestly!

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