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Steve Jobs Biography and Net Worth

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Steven Paul Jobs, popularly known as Steve Jobs, was born on February 24, 1955, in San Francisco, California, and was put up for adoption.

He grew up and schooled in the San Francisco Bay Area. He tried furthering his education and enrolled into Reed College in 1972, but he dropped out the same year

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In 1976, He co-founded Apple with Wozniak with the dream of selling Wozniak’s Apple I, and because of their collective efforts, they both gained popularity and riches the next year when they released Apple II which had massive sales that year. Jobs was the founder of NeXT, a member of Walt Disney Company, and CEO of Pixar

He died on October 5, 2011, after a long battle with illness.


  • Full name: Steven Paul Jobs
  • Birthdate: February 24, 1955
  • Birthplace: San Francisco, California, U.S.
  • Deathdate: October 5, 2011 (aged 56)
  • Death place: Palo Alto, California, U.S.
  • Cause of death: Neuroendocrine cancer
  • Buried at: Alta Mesa Memorial Park
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur, Industrial designer, Investor, Media proprietor
  • Famous for: Pioneer of the personal computer revolution with Steve Wozniak
  • Co-creator of the Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and first Apple Stores
  • Net worth: US$ 10 billion
  • Titles: Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc., Primary investor and Chairman of Pixar Founder, Chairman, and CEO of NeXT and Board member of The Walt Disney Company
  • Spouse(s): Laurene Powell (married 1991)
  • Partner(s): Chrisann Brennan (1972–1977)
  • Children: Four children
  • Sister: Mona Simpson


When Steve Paul Jobs was born, his parents put him up for adoption, and he was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Clara Jobs.

He grew up with his foster parents, and at the age of five, they moved to Mountain View California, where he was raised and schooled.

Paul was a machinist, and Clara, an accountant. When Steve was five, the family moved to Mountain View, California, where Steve went to school and grew up.

At a young age, Steve found out that his favorite hobbies included was working with electronics in the garage where his Machinist dad worked. They would disassemble electronics such as radios and then reassemble them back again. Steve was a smart student, but often played pranks on his fellow students, and this always got him in trouble.

At age thirteen, Jobs made friends with Steve Wozniak and they both bonded because of their common interests – electronics.

He tried furthering his education and enrolled into Reed College in 1972, but he dropped out the same year

Jobs’ fortune

Apple Computer

Jobs began talking and going out with Steve Wozniak again, but this time, they were both into computers.

Wozniak had wanted his personal computer with the electronic knowledge and skills that he possessed; he invented his very own personal machine, and this impressed steve.

That was when the idea was conceived by Jobs, and he told Wozniak the business idea of having to start up their own computer manufacturing company, and Wozniak was convinced.

Together, they co-founded Apple Computers, in 1976 and the first computer they introduced was called Apple I

Their company was located in Jobs’ garage; they were only starting.

Seeing that Apple I was selling successful, they launched the next version – Apple I, which sold massively as some investors were impressed and convinced to invest in their company.

The company grew at the release of Apple Ii and was made known to the public in 1984.

However, contrary to what they had thought, the next two versions released were not successful, and this challenge motivated Jobs to input so much effort in manufacturing Macintosh, which was a massive success.

In 1985, the sales of Apple declined and almost crashed, this was due to the success Microsoft was making; IBM had Microsoft to design an operating system for their new release of PCs and PCs of IBM was of an open concept was a lot cheaper than the Apple products.

This made Jobs to quit from Apple after he blamed himself.

NeXT Company

Still drawn to making computers, Jobs founded a new company named NeXT Computer.

The companies products were beautiful; the first products were high-end PC, which excellent technical efficiency, but because it was too costly and only the rich could afford, the company started having losses, and Jobs was forced to turn it into a software company instead before it began to recording successes.

Pixar Movies

For the price of $10 million, Jobs bought a graphics company and changed the name to Pixar.

This company was initially designed to sell 3D graphics software, but they got a deal from Disney to make a full-length movie, in 1991 and the first film created was “Toy Story.” Toy Story made them a lot of money and fame, and this encouraged them to continue making films.

The movies made include; Monsters, Finding Nemo, Cars, Up, etc. With the success of this company, Job realized that he had made more money with Pixar than with Apple.

The rise of Apple company

Jobs returned to Apple company as the CEO in 1997, after Apple had acquired NeXT. At that time, Apple was struggling and dull; the company needed fresh ideas to push them to the top.

Jobs, as the CEO of the company, began to subdivide into new departments and products. They launched the iPod music player and iTunes music software into the software market, and they were significant.

Successful, and this brought Apple in a new light, and they were soon seen as edge cutting companies of user’s electronics. When in 2007, Apple launched the iPhone, which was so beautiful and unique, Jobs became famous because of the way they changed the look of mobile phones.

And the iPhone was not just a mobile phone, but a smartphone, and this was why many saw him be one of the greatest innovators during the 2000s.

Jobs’ net worth

At the age of 56, Steve Jobs, who has been battling cancer for about seven years, died, and before he died, he was worth $10 billion. However, his wife Laurene Powell is currently worth $23 billion out of her hard work as well as her share of Jobs’ wealth.

Personal life

Jobs was a secretive man that kept private life away from the public. However, there are recorded display of personal life, and they are;

His marriage to his wife, Laurene Powell. The both wedded in a small Buddhist ceremony in 1991 and lived together in Woodside, Calif.

And their children: Jobs and his wife has been married for more than two decades, and their union was blessed with three lovely children; Reed Paul, Erin Sienna, and Eve.


Steve Jobs was first diagnosed to have pancreatic cancer in 2003, and he battled with the medical condition for seven years and kicked the bucket on October 5, 2011.

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