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6 Prominent Surfing Destinations in the Caribbean

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The Caribbean is like every surfer’s dream destination. It has always been a unique travel destination for surfers from the Northeastern US states and other parts of the world.

As surfers search for the perfect waves for all levels of the sport, the Caribbean sea happens to be one of the most visited places by surfers all around the world, as It offers nearly every surf setting, you can imagine.

Encompassing over 7000 islands, the Caribbean has gained fame as a major surf destination as it’s accessible to every tourist who doesn’t mind exploring.

With so many islands, it sure would be useful to have some knowledge when trying to find the perfect surfing spot in the region.

Top 6 Caribbean Surfing Destinations

In no particular order, here are 6 of the most prominent surfing locations in the Caribbean you can visit;


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From the charming Banja vibe to the local color, and the easy-going climate, Barbados just turn out to be a whole mood for surfers who enjoy a local surf scene. Asides this, it offers a perfect surfing experience as there are some top-quality breaks on the west coast.

Barbados is known for hosting some of the biggest surfing competitions in the world, like the Caribbean Cup. At one point in time, there used to be a locally assembled surfboard called Flying Fish used by surfers for local tournaments.

Furthermore, on the northwestern juncture of Barbados lies Duppies, a surf beach notably characterized for its musical flair, easy-going atmosphere, colors, and small crowds.

While On the east coast lies the Soup Bowl (near the town of Bathsheba), which is famous for being a site used in hosting international longboard tournaments.

Again, on the south coast, where the Atlantic and Pacific meet, you’ll find the Silver Sands Beach and Brian Talma, Barbados’ famous “Action Man.” There are also lovely places you can learn to surf (or kitesurf, or windsurf) in this location like Talma’ DeAction Beach Shop, and Boosey’s Surf School on the aptly known as Surfer’s Bay.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has hundreds of beaches, and reef points, for surfing, a densely populated tourist area making it an excellent destination for family travel, its swells have been attracting visitors for over sixty years to some of the biggest waves in the Caribbean.

You can find some of such big waves in locations like Tres Palmas, Table Rock, and Gas Chambers. And to the east coast towns such as Aguadilla and Rincon, these are the most popular destinations for surfers. Rincon has some of the biggest waves in the Caribbean and is also home to the prestigious  Rincon Surf School.

The waters in the Atlantic coast of the island, not far offshore with some of the deepest ocean in the world has been used as the arena for several World Tournaments.

In Puerto Rico, there are over 15,000 surfers, supported by a network which provides daily informative reports on conditions around the coast. They also have an association known as the Puerto Rico Surfing Federation (PRSF).

The Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic
Image Credit: The New York Times

The Dominican Republic has a vast coastline, actually the longest coastline in the Caribbean, which makes it the favorite spot for veteran surfers. Rimmed from both sides by the Atlantic, it is the best spot for catching incoming waves all year-round.

During summer and spring, the southern part of the island is a perfect destination to hang out. However, winter and fall are best spent in the north, especially in Cabarete and Puerto Plata areas.

Another fantastic thing about the Dominican Republic is its diverse nature. Although it is an excellent location for standard longboard surfing, you can also find sites that offer other surf-related recreation, like La Boya on the Caribbean coast, which is a great start for beginner to advanced short-boarding.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Year-round warm water, warm air, and offshore breezes make Costa Rica a site with good weather conditions. The country is safe, beautiful, friendly, and endowed with great surfing spots on both coasts.

Costa Rica had become a renowned and well-developed surfing destination ever since featuring in Endless Summer 2. You can access direct flights from the USA, which also contributes to its popularity.

Costa Rica has been known for having some of the best waves in the Caribbean, which occurs mostly in the rainy season, especially Puerto Viejo, located in the emerging tourist destination of Limon in the south of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast.



Although not the main reason people visit Jamaica, the typically calm waters along its shoreline serve as a good site for beginners to try surfing out on their own.

Not only are there an abundance of Jamaican surf camps dotted along the coast, but Jamaica also has a few places to catch some incredibly sick thrills.

In 2004, the famous Zoo break in Bulls Bay was wiped out by a hurricane, but there are a number of alternatives in the Kingston area, such as the Lighthouse near the airport and Makka in the town of Yallah.

If you enjoy a more tourist-friendly atmosphere; Boston Bay, home of the famous Boston Bay surfing jerk and Bull Bay at Eight Miles on the southeast of the island not too far from Kingstone cooking (one of the oldest surfing spots on the island ) are just the places worth a visit.


The Bahamas

The gorgeous island of Eleuthera has some of the best surfing spots in the Bahamas along its long coast. Point breaks, reef breaks, and beach breaks. Guarantee, this island has enough variety to keep most surfers in the region.

The north and east sides of the island are exposed to the Atlantic ocean; therefore, they have the best surfing spots. A stunning 3,000ft drop in the ocean floor just offshore helps to generate great swells.

There also lesser-recognized and even secret locations in other islands with incredible surf scenes, like Tortola, St Thomas, Cuba, St. Lucia, and Martinique.

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