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Sylvester Stallone Net Worth and Biography

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There would have been no need for any introduction on this man, but for the sake of new generation movie lovers who have always wondered why Sylvester Stallone is highly regarded, we will give you one.

Sylvester Stallone is a multitalented star actor who made much of his fame through his many intense and explosive action movies.

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Though he is at the point of retirement today due to his age, he will always be remembered as one of the best actors to ever grace our screen, especially his tough character in John Rambo.

In this article, we will discuss Sylvester Stallone early life, Career, net worth and any other important thing to know about this legendary actor.

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Sylvester Stallone Profile

  • Full Name: Michael Sylvester Stallone
  • Age: 73 years
  • Nationality: American
  • State of Origin: New York
  • State of residence: California
  • Marital status: Married
  • Occupation: Actor, Director, Script writer

Early Life

Sylvester Stallone was born to his parents on the 6th of July, 1946 in New York to Frank Stallone and Jackie Stallone, his father and mother respectively. At the time of his birth, Frank Stallone was a beautician and hairdresser while his mother was an astrologer and dancer.

He has Italian and French origins through his grandparents. He has a brother who was a fellow actor and musician.

At the point of his birth, Stallone’s mother experienced hard labor during childbirth and she had to be helped with the use of forceps by the obstetricians. It was during this process that the forceps was accidentally misused, resulting in the rupture of a nerve thereby causing paralysis in parts of his face.

This is the major reason he has the snarling looks and slurred speech. Stallone’s family was catholic and they moved from New York to Washington DC for his father who wanted to open a beauty shop there.

Four years after settling in DC, his mother opened a women gym know as Barbella at the time.

Sylvester Stallone Education

Stallone got educated at the Notre Dame academy and Lincoln High school in Philadelphia. He later left the school for Charlotte Hall Military academy and then straight to the Miami Dade College. He got his tertiary education at the University of Miami.

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Sylvester Stallone Career

Stallone’s career beginnings had nothing to write home about because he was unable to land any major role in the early stages.

This forced him to take many mini jobs like zoo cleaner, usher and even went as far as participating in a soft core pornography, something he said he did because he was at the end of the rope at the time.

He either had to take the job or go rob someone. Some years later, he landed his first major role in The Lord’s of Flatbush, a movie where he co-starred as Stanley Roselio.

Though the work was very successful, he went back to having other small roles as an extra or a side character until he starred is a self written and created movie, where he had a lead role as Rocky Balboa which was one of the series of many other to come later.

Though he was offered up to $350,000 by producers for the script of the movie he wrote, they had other plans to use different actors. He however didn’t budge until he was given the lead role.

Throughout the movie, Rocky was portrayed as and underdog fighter who fought and won a lot of brutal opponents who didn’t spare him a punch.

The movie ended with him winning the championship twice. Sequels to the movie were made later in two other entries titled Creed I and Creed II which focused on Adonis Donnie Creed, the son of Apollo Creed.

The movie was hugely successful and won a golden globe awards and three other nominations at the Oscar awards. Another blockbuster movie from Sylvester Stallone was the five-serie Rambo movies which ran from 1982 till 2019. The movie portrayed a PTSD plagued Vietnam soldier with the name John Rambo.

He also had a great role in The Expendables series which ran between 2010 till 2014 as Barney Ross. Most of the movies Stallone appeared in were self created and directed, ever since his first one.

Sylvester Stallone Relationship

Sylvester Stallone net worth

Stallone has a quite interesting marriage life having been married three times already. In 1974, he got married to his long term sweetheart and girlfriend Sasha Czack with whom he had two children with named Sage Moonblood Seargeoh.

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They filed for divorce after 11 years of marriage.  He also got married to fellow actress and model Brigitte Nielsen in 1985 but they divorced in 1987 after discovering she had a child which he was not father to.

Later in 1997, he got married to his current wife Jennifer Flavia and has three daughters with him till date.

Sylvester Stallone Achievement

His first self created movie got more recognitions over the years and it was inducted into the National FIM registry in America and its prop were set up inside the Smithsonian museum.

A statue of Rocky was also erected in Philadelphia and it was permanently placed near the museum. Some steps of the Philadelphia museum of arts were also dedicated to him and were named Rocky steps.

In 2010, Stallone was voted into the International boxing hall of fame in the non-participant category. He also won 2 academy awards for Rocky for Best original screenplay and best actor category.

He’s also the third person in Hollywood receive 2 grand nominations for 1 film, only behind Charlie Chaplin and Orson Welles. What a successful career he has had. He also has a star on the Hollywood hall of fame.

Sylvester Stallone Net worth

A hugely successful career definitely translates to huge fortune and that is the case for Sylvester Stallone. Through his career, he once became the highest paid actor in the world for each role he played and movies he appeared in.

Sylvester Stallone has a net worth of a staggering $400 million. He has been a multimillionaire for most of his career.

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