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Revitalizing an Old Blog or Starting a New One?

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Blogging is something that a lot of people do for fun. There are people who decide to monetize their blogs at some point or another. It’s important for people to think about whether or not it is better to start over with a blog or to try to monetize a blog that has been around for a long time. It’s not always easy to know which is going to be the right course of action in a lot of cases.


People with older blogs already have some advantages. People are sometimes more likely to pay attention to a blog that has some history behind it. Older blogs will usually have picked up something of a following. However, this is not always the case.

It is possible for people to work at a blog for years and never get anywhere with it. If this is the case, it is better for people to just abandon the blog and work on something new if they really do want to be able to make some money with the process of blogging.

If the old blog is about a less popular topic or a topic that is popular but hard to monetize, getting a new one is also a good idea. People don’t necessarily need to get rid of the old one altogether, of course. If they are paying for web hosting, it might be a good idea.

However, even for the people with a free blog on WordPress, it’s not always a good idea to devote a lot of time to a blog that isn’t making any money. People can only spend so many hours a day on SEO and social media marketing, let alone the process of actually writing blog posts.

Having a hobby blog is fine, but people should consider the amount of time that they’re actually devoting to it and whether or not they would be better off with creating a new one and spending more time on that.

When to Progress


It’s difficult to truly get a sense of when it is a good idea to move forward with a particular blog idea. In many cases, the people who try to monetize blogs are better off just getting started and trying as hard as they can to get them off the ground.

Getting involved with the Google AdSense program is a good way to get started with making money, even though most people won’t make a lot of money at first. A lot of other people will have a hard time when it comes to making a lot of money on Google AdSense in the long run, but it works well as a supplement.

Some people who are specifically going to go the affiliate marketing route will tend to focus on the marketing part as opposed to the blogging part. For instance, affiliate marketers will often hire professional content writers to create the blog posts for them, often with specific anchor texts that they will use when they plan to insert the affiliate links.


While this is a measure that requires a degree of investment, the affiliate marketers who want to focus on the social media side of things will be better off with a division of labor. People can save money on web hosting and on many of the unnecessary expenses associated with blogging. For some people, the division of labor that often occurs with affiliate marketing will not be an extravagance.

Of course, some people who prefer the blogging side of things might want to hire social media marketers for that side.


There are lots of different ways to approach making money online while blogging. People who have a lot of experience with blogging already will have an advantage if they are interested in trying to expand an older blog of theirs.

However, in some cases, they might be better off starting over again with a new blog, making use of their experience with blogging in the process. Some affiliate marketers should focus on the social media side of things, leaving the writing to professional copy writers who will help with that aspect. People who can afford a division of labor should embrace it.


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