What Is a Tankless Toilet?

Tankless Toilet

A tankless toilet is simply a type of toilet that does not have tanks. This is unlike the standard toilets that we see or have in our homes.

By looking at the different types of toilets, you might think that the only difference they have is the tank, but there is more.

The evolution of technology has proven times and times again that we are getting better with our inventions. Humans, over time, have improved in the way we use the loo.

The aim was to do that in a more sanitary way, and these days, we are adding luxury to it.

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What it is?

Tankless toilets are simply toilets that do not rely on tanks to flush. They are high tech modern appliances that use electric pumps instead of tanks.

The electric pumps help in the conservation of water, which helps to save more water than the standard toilets. 

Some models of tankless toilets allow users to adjust the volume of water used in flushing. This helps to manage the use of water, especially when there is less of it.

You also have the option of choosing regular flushing for solid waste and partial flush for liquid waste.

Tankless toilets vs traditional toilets

The traditional toilets have two main parts, which include the bowl and the tank. The bowl is where you sit to do your number 1 and 2, while the tank is the part that helps in flushing the bowl.

Even though the traditional toilets come in various designs and forms, they still use the same flushing mechanism.

The standard toilets use gravity to flush. The valve beneath the tank opens, allowing the water stored to gush out with force. This force helps to push down wastewater in the bowl through a siphon beneath it and into the sewers.

Because the tankless toilet has no tank, its flushing mechanism is different from the traditional toilet. The toilet uses electricity that gives a powerful flush after use.

Advantages of tankless toilets over traditional toilets

Tankless Toilet

Tankless toilets come in various modern designs, and there are many benefits tankless toilets have over the traditional ones. Tankless toilets are relatively smaller than conventional toilets, and it saves a lot of space by preventing cramping.

The pipes of a tankless toilet can be fixed in the ground or through a wall behind the toilet. This allows you to pick the right custom designs for your bathroom.

The advantage the tankless toilet has over the traditional toilet is that it uses an electric pump to flush. This means the electric pumps do not need refilling.

This is convenient, especially when people are waiting in line to use the toilet. It is also more environmentally friendly when compared to the traditional toilet.

In a conventional toilet, a tank might start leaking, resulting in an uncontrollable running of water or septic pollution. You would also be forced to spend money to have it fixed immediately. On the other hand, tankless toilets have no tank and no chances of springing a leak. 

Tankless toilets are much more silent than conventional toilets. They are designed to reduce noise when you flush. It also gives powerful flushes that make sure that all the wastes go down the drain, and nothing is left in the bowl.

This sanitary feature makes sure that the bowl is clean so as long as you flush. In some standard toilets, you have to flush twice for the waste you go down.

Tankless toilets come with a variety of features that suits your comfort features, and they include personal cleansing, heated seats, spray massage, warm air dryers, air purification systems, and hands-free automatic flushing

Disadvantages of Tankless Toilets

While tankless toilets have many advantages over the traditional toilets, the toilet also has its disadvantages. The fact that tankless toilets make use of electricity is a huge disadvantage because, in case of a power outage, you wouldn’t be able to flush your toilet.

This is unlike your traditional toilet that doesn’t use electrical power to flush. Installing a tankless toilet needs more expertise than installing traditional ones.

You cannot try installing yourself if you are not an expert, else you might end up destroying parts of your home. This is because the installation is complex and requires the attention of a professional plumber. This will cost you extra cash after the initial cost of purchase. 

Is a Tankless Toilet for You?

You might want to enjoy the benefits that come with having a tankless toilet, but at the same time, you might want to think it over.

This is because there are factors to consider before purchasing a tankless toilet.

These factors may include the following:

  • The Pipeline: Tankless toilets are connected to the toilet pipes in the house. The supply pipeline of the house should be in a way that the pressure from the flush will not damage your pipes.
  • Cost: Before you buy something, you have to check if you can risk it in your budget. The cost of purchasing a tankless toilet is very high. This is because this high tech appliance is made only by a few companies, and the cost of installation can be high since it requires expert installation.
  • Power Supply: You might have to consider the consistency of power supply in your area since tankless toilets are high tech appliances that make use of electricity. You may have to stick with using traditional toilets if you suffer from a frequent power outage. However, if you enjoy consistent power supply, then you can update your bathroom to the modernised classy tankless toilet.
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