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The Best Dorm Room Safes to Deter Intruders Away from Your Dorm

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It’s that time again… that time to go back to college! And whether you or your student is returning from spring break, summer or the winter holidays, let’s not lose track of those important valuables that help get through the school year.

This not only includes expensive textbooks. This includes laptops, smartphones, tablets, expensive jewelry and important documents. I’m talking about the best dorm safe (or apartment) to keep your stuff yours and not theirs!

Dorm Safe Top Picks to Get You Started

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You want the best, well here there are! The following safes for dorm rooms are good all-around choices that won’t take up too much space in your room but will get the job done.

Best College Dorm Safe from Dean Safe – Credit card lock, fits and CHARGES most laptops.

This dorm safe was designed and engineered with the student and his/hers valuables in mind. Every detail was included to be the best all-around choice for the student. Here are some of it’s main features:

  • It’s designed to fit laptops up to 18” and allows you to charge to a laptop while inside using a port for your charger.
  • This safe is meant to be stored vertically, like a computer tower, so it can be easily stored in closets or under desks.
  • Three padded shelves ensure smaller items such as phones and other electronics are kept securely.
  • This safe can be opened either via PIN code or with the swipe of a credit card or driver’s license. This I feel the ultimate feature for convenience and usability.
  • Plates with bolts allow you to bolt down the safe the floor. Alternatively, it comes with a steel cable that allows you to secure the safe to a permanent fixture. Most dorm rooms would never allow bolting onto the floor.
  • This safe comes in a dark or light color at your preference

The ‘Best College Dorm Safe’, might just actually be the best for you. With a near perfect rating it’s easy to say that it will fit most consumers’ requirements. This safe can be acquired with free shipping.

Stack-On PS-508 Extra Wide Strong Box with Electronic Lock

Another great all-around small safe, the PS-508 by Stack-On is excellent choice for someone who needs to install a safe in a small area, but does not want to compromise security.

This safe comes from an established and respectable player in home security and safe business.

This safe makes an excellent dorm room safe because it:

  • Features an extra wide opening that allows for the storage of larger items such as laptops. The interior dimensions are 7.25″ x 20.31″ x 14.41″ (H x W x D)
  • Is opened via a super convenient pin code system making access to valuables a breeze.
  • Likewise, it is able to be bolted down to floor or be attached to a fixture such as a bed using a cable lock.
  • Includes a foam padding for the careful storage of sensitive and expensive items such as cameras, phones, hard drives, jewelry etc…
  • Large steel-locking bolts and hinges that are concealed make this small safe more tamper proof than other models.

BARSKA Biometric Safe

One of the most highly rated small safes, the Barska Biometric Safe is the perfect balance of usability, safety and size for keeping valuables in your dorm.

The main feature of this unit is its biometric (fingerprint) lock which makes opening and accessing items a breeze. Here are it’s attracting features:

  • At 16.5″ x 1.75″ x 14.5″ it is small enough to fit in closets, under desks and under beds, but large enough to fit small electronics such as tablets, phones, cameras, music players, jewelry, and important documents etc.
  • Like mentioned earlier, opening the safe is a snap with the touch of one finger This lock is programmable to recognize up to 30 different fingerprint patterns. For example, you could have each finger on one hand scanned and recognized.
  • The safe includes a couple of back-up keys in case the safe needs to be opened during in emergency or in the rare case that the biometrics/electronics fail.
  • BARSKA is well known name in safe business that can be trusted for protecting your valuables.
  • Included are hardware required for mounting.

These 3 make our pick for the best dorm safe. The following reading will help you decide what to look for and what to especially consider when looking for the perfect safe for your dorm room. There are many factors and considerations to note.

Tips For Choosing the Perfect Dorm Room Safe

Before you make any purchase, including a safe, you must consider all the options available on the market and the options that are suitable and important to you.

The following tips will help you get started on choosing the perfect dorm safe so you can be sure your valuables will be kept safely and without worry.

1. Why You Need to Consider A Dorm Safe

The first question you need to ask yourself is, “Do I even need a safe?” In most circumstances, the answer is yes, especially if you’re a student living in dorms and/or with roommates. 

A safe is not only a top dorm essential, but a top security essential in general. Dorm rooms are very likely to host a large number of visitors, friendly and strange.

Although you feel you might be able to trust those closest to you, you cannot trust everyone that enters the room. It’s always better to be ‘safe’ than sorry.

It’s also very likely that you may leave your dorm for extended periods of time on vacation or on break making the rest and breaking, entering and stealing more likely. You want to feel secure that your valuables are not at risk while you are away.

2. Size Consideration #1- What Will be Kept Inside the Safe?

Take inventory of your valuables, this includes electronics, personal items, sensitive documents, etc.

Chances are there are many items in your possession you haven’t considered and don’t know they are at risk. Now you must decide what items you want to store in the safe. Once you’ve decided, the next step is to choose a safe that will fit all of your items and then some.

You are likely to acquire more valuables during your time in college, so you want to give yourself a little wiggle room.Now that you know what will be kept inside your safe, you can decide how large or small it should be.


3. Size Consideration # 2 – Where Will My Safe Be Kept

There are a few main locations inside a dorm room where you would want to keep a safe. Those locations are: under a bed, inside a closet, or under a desk.

Other hidden options could include inside a bedroom/bathroom drawer. Your safe will obviously have to fit in the area you chose so decide on spot beforehand, take measurements if necessary.

It’s also a smart idea to fasten your safe the room using a cable or bolted down. As mentioned before, using a steel cable is probably your best bet; I don’t know too many colleges happy with holes drilled into their floors. Common locations of tie-down are bed posts and desks.

4. Accessibility – How Often Will I Be In and Out of My Safe?

Everyone has different needs about what will be kept in their safe and for how long. Do you only want to store long-term items such as expensive jewelry or documents.

Or will you store items that will be used regularly such as laptops, tablets etc. If the latter, you need a safe that isn’t a pain to open and is easily accessible. By this I mean, not easy to be broken into, but easy to unlock by you.

Safes with Pin Code locks and Fingerprint scanners are among the best for accessibility. Keep in mind that if your safe is easy for you to open and close, the more likely you are to use it regularly.

5. Safety and Deterrence – How ‘Safe’ Should My Dorm Safe Be?

A safe’s overall safety, construction, it’s ability to be tamper-proof and resistance to the elements should be at the forefront of considerations when choosing any safe.

The truth is, very few, if any, commercially available safes are 100% secure. As a college student (or the parent of one), you need a safe that is reliable on opening and strong enough to resist common ‘brute force’ attacks such as dropping, hitting, and prying.

The highly rated safes recommended on this page are safes that will resist these attempts. Above all else, a safe acts as a psychological barrier against a would-be robber.

The average college student is a not a master robber nor the serious risk taker. Most thefts that occur in college are “slight of hand” thefts or “smash and grab”.  A good safe will beat both of these.


6. Safety and Deterrence – What About Fireproof/Waterproof Ratings?

Many of the sites on this site, and any on the internet make various mentions about a Safe’s ability to resist fire and water, and protect the items insides during such events.

You need to keep the dorm setting in context when considering these. Most dorm rooms are fitted with fire sprinklers and other safety measures to deal with fires. A fire rating is not extremely important.

Waterproof ratings on the other hand are tricky because, depending on where you live, you may be subject to rain flooding, water pipe bursts, and yes, even those fire sprinkles. If water damage is of concern to you, and it should if you store electronics and documents, consider a waterproof safe.

7. Options and Accessories

  • Steel cables are necessary for securing down a safe to a permanent fixture in the room, these should be heavy duty.
  • Safe dehumidifiers are important especially in areas of high humidity. Sensitive electronics such as storage drives as well as sensitive documents need to stay relatively dry. Many dehumidifiers alert the owner of increasing humidity.
  • Shelving and Compartments – Many safes, such as “The Best Dorm Room Safe” by Dean Safe, have shelves and compartments that make the storage of large items such as laptops and small items easy and more accessible. Different materials of padding throughout should also be considered.


There you have, a simple crash course on the best dorm room safe. We hope you have found this article helpful and insightful. Home security is a very important topic and there are some points we may have missed. A safe is only one component of a truly safe home, other methods of security are always highly recommended. Feel free to comment with your own suggestions.

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