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The Best Films of 2019 That Are Available for Download

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Hey guys, so 2019 was a truly amazing year for the movie industry world wide, and there’s proof of that in the amazing films that were rolled out in the course of the year’s 12 months.

Many of 2019 movies are evergreen and folks are always trying to see them one more time, or even watch the one’s they didn’t get to watch before. This article is nicely out together for people are want to find out the best movies from 2019.

Read further and have fun.

The favourite

It was only but a matter of time before Hollywood’s conquest by Yorgos Lanthimos, the enfant terrible of Greek cinema.

More austere and calm than his previous works The Sacrifice of a Sacred Deer (2017) and Lobster (2015), but possessing his very unique sense of macabre humour, Yorgos thrills seem entertains his audience with his satirical and historical film about the respected queen of England.

Perfect and professional acting done by Olivia Colman as she shines in all her glory, and a stellar performance by the Stone / Weisz duo as they show us what villainy truly is.

The green book

This movie is a must watch for movie lovers, especially those who have a knack for binging on true-life stories. This movie as you can tell from what I already pointed out, is based on real events and is co-written by the son of the protagonist.

According to the Oscar’s, this movie by Peter Farley is the best film of 2019.

The critics and audience couldn’t agree less as it meets all the expectations anyone would have from a movie of its kind. This is a road film about friendship starring Viggo Mortensen who plays the character Tony Vallelonga.

Tony in this movie is an Italian-American nightclub bouncer who has a terrible temper and got hired in 1962 by Don Shirley (played by Mahershala Ali). Tony’s job was to protect and drive Soon Shirley on a concert tour through the southern part of America that was highly segregated.


This movie is a sequel to “split” and “unbreakable” by M. Night Shyamalan. “Glass” continues in the footsteps of David Dunn (played by Bruce Willis) in his search for the figure of “The beast” which is superhuman.

Elijah Prince (Samuel L Jackson) knew the secret of both, and that made him a key figure in this film. The director did a great job to neatly combine both prequels to make such an amazing story delivery in “Glass”.

Get ready to enjoy the incredible acting by Bruce Willis who is the regular superhero we know and love, and the brilliant performance by James McAvoy who plays the schizophrenic antihero.

Samuel L Jackson shows us how perverse brain works as he tries to hatch a plan to bring new superheroes to life from inside a mental institution.

The Mule

The mule is a movie by Clint Eastwood, in which he also stars and directed. This film is based on a real-life story of an octogenarian who became a drug mule and transported alarming amounts of cocaine for a Mexican drug cartel.

What you will get is seen gripping and rich grown-up drama.

Some of the cast in this film include Dianne Wiest, Bradley Cooper, Andy Garcia, and Laurence Fishburne. You’ll also get to enjoy some of Clint Eastwood’s preferred themes throughout his fantastic career which include forgiveness, regrets, and immortality.


If you’ve been in search of a movie to keep you on your toes and have you jumping in fear, this is the Perfect movie for you in the year 2019. You saw Jordan Peele’s “Let me out” in 2017, and you were impressed, this time she’s back with a terrifying film that will keep your heart beating fast.

Adelaide Wilson is a simple woman who decides to come back to her childhood home on the coast with her family for an idyllic summer getaway. As dusk emerges, the Wilson Family notices a silhouette of for figures at the entrance of their home holding hands.

In “US” you get to see how this American family is confronted by an enemy that is not only scary but unusual.

Pain and Glory

Dolor y Gloria (Pain and glory) is an upcoming movie from the famous Spanish director Pedro Almodovar featuring Spanish stars Penelope Cruise and Antonio Banderas.

This film is a story of a film director, Salvador Mallo, who has bridges of the Twilight of his movie directing career but hasn’t written a script in several years.

In this movie, you will see the physical and emotional decadence experienced by Salvador Mallo, as well as some of his memories from the past.

The film takes you in a journey with Mallo through his childhood years, the first sexual desire he ever had, Mallo’s first adult love -already in Madrid in the 1980s, and the hurt of letting that love die, When writing movie scripts was the only way to drive the pain away.

Here we learn about the life creativity brings, and the challenges of detaching it from one’s life, when writing scripts was the only way to let go of the pain.

As Salvador travels back into the past in thoughts, he realises how going back to script writing just might be the only way to recover in the present and enjoy the future.

Captain Marvel

The Marvel cinematic universe has shown us plenty of beautiful superheroes with amazing abilities. However, Captain Marvel is the first movie from Marvel with a female superhero and a female co-director and writer.

These are good reasons why you should see this film, especially because when you give a woman a man’s job, she’ll put him out of business.

Carol Danvers, in this film, becomes one of strongest superheroes in the world as she takes on the responsibility of defending the earth when it is caught in the centre of a galactic war between two alien worlds.

Avengers Eng game

Easily the most anticipated movie of 2019. The film tells the story of how the grave course of events set in motion by the villain Thanos wiped out half the universe and also fractured the Avengers ranks.

The circumstances compel the remaining Avengers to make one final move in Marvel Studios’ grand finishing to twenty-two movies, “Avengers: Endgame.”

Western stars

Western Stars” is probably a title you have heard before. That is because it is the cinematic film version of Bruce Springsteen’s latest globally successful album called western Stars.

Springsteen’s and his longtime collaborator Thom Zimny worked together to direct this film, marking the movie Springsteen’s directorial debut.

The video “Western Stars” offers viewers from all over the world their only chance to see Springsteen perform all the 13 songs featured on the album, backed up by a full orchestra and a band, under the cathedral ceiling of his historic almost a century-old barn.

Ray and Liz

In 1990, Richard’s father, Ray, became a prisoner in his own bedroom because of alcohol. Liz, Ray’s estranged wife, and neighbor Sid go into a battle for control of Ray, who stays hopeful that someday Liz will return to him if he successfully manipulates her via his self-destruction.

The peanut butter falcon

This film is a modern Mark Twain style adventure tale. THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON tells the story of Zak (Zack Gottsegen), who is a handsome young man with Down syndrome, who absconds from a residential nursing home to chose his dream of going to the professional wrestling school of his role model and idol, The Salt Water Redneck (Thomas Haden Church).

Things take a turn for Zack as life and events pair him up with Tyler (Shia LaBeouf), a seemingly good for nothing outlaw on the run, who becomes Zak’s ally and unlikely coach.

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Tom Hanks plays the role of Mister Rogers in the film BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. This film is a timely story of kindness winning over cynicism, based on the real story of an actual friendship between journalist Tom Junod and Fred Rogers.

After a writer for the jaded magazine (Emmy winner Matthew Rhys) gets

given a profile of Fred Rogers, he has to overcome his skepticism, learning about kindness, decency, and empathy from America’s most beloved neighbor.

Marriage story

In this film, a stage director and his wife, who is an actor, find themselves struggling through a grueling, divorce that pushes them individually to their extremes but personally and creatively.

Little women

Writer-director Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird) has come up with a Little Women that gathers on both the writings of Louisa May Alcott and the classic novel, and unfolds as the alter ego of the author, Jo March, does a back and forth reflection on her fictional life.

In Gerwig’s view, the evergreen story of the March sisters – four beautiful young women each bent on living life on her terms — is both timely and timeless. Portraying Meg, Jo, Amy, and Beth March, the movie stars Emma Watson, Eliza Scanlen, Saoirse Ronan, Florence Pugh, Timothie Chalamet as their neighbor Laurie, Meryl Streep as Aunt March, and Laura Dern as Marmee.

Hotel by the river

The film tells the tale of an exciting poet who is aging fast, Younghwan (Ki Joobong). The poet summons his two estranged sons (Yu Jun-sang and Kwon Haehyo) to a solitary hotel just by the Han River because he sensed his death is near.

While waiting for the boys to arrive, he comes in contact with two women (Kim Minhee and Song Seonmi) out, taking a walk in the new-fallen snow and is mesmerized by their angelic beauty. But the women have also visited the hotel to seek some healing of their own.

As Younghwan journeys between the women and his silly bickering sons, he also finds himself moving between his two minds: one that seems more natural and walks on the street and the second that communes with the eternal.

Shooting entirely in gauzy black-and-white with the aid of a strikingly unbothered hand-held camera, it is incredible how Korean master Hong Sangsoo can interweave the various dramas of his characters in a silent, straightforward way.

However, small coincidences and some privileged moments paired to birth a powerful meditation on death and family, one of the most touching films in you’ll ever see now and maybe later.

The kingmaker

The movie is centered on the active role of Imelda Marcos; The Kingmaker is a movie that examines, with in-depth access, the Marcos family’s unlikely return to power in the Philippines.

The film explores the strange legacy of the Marcos regime while it chronicles Imelda’s present-day battle to help her son, Bongbong, obtain the vice-presidency.

To take changes things as it sees Imelda confidently rewriting her family’s history of greed and corruption, and replacing all of that with a narrative of a matriarch’s unwavering love for her nation.

In an age when the spread of fake news is all, it takes to manipulates elections, the comeback story of Imelda here serves as a dark fairy tale.


Dark secrets, rivalries, and sexual tension rise when three best friends are unable to explain how they find themselves stuck on a yacht in the center of the ocean, desperate for survival.

Little woods

Little Woods, North Dakota, the place for the smart. Ollie is battling independently to survive the last couple of days of her probation after getting caught for illegally running prescription drugs over the Canadian border.

However, when Ollie’s mother dies, she is put back into the life of her estranged sibling Deb (James), who is dealing with her own crisis with a deadbeat ex and an unplanned pregnancy.

The two discover that they have a single week to settle the mortgage on their late mother’s house or face foreclosure. As the bills and pressure mount, poor Ollie has to make a choice: whether to go back to a way of life she assumed she had left behind for one last score or to forget it all.

The Aeronaut

In 1862, Amelia Wren, the pilot of the daredevil balloon, teams up with pioneering metrologist James Glaisher to take human knowledge of the weather to a higher level and fly higher than anyone has ever done in history.

While they break records and advance in scientific Discovery, their journey to the very edge of Life helps the unlikely pair to discover their place in the world that they have left below them.

However, they face emotional and physical challenges in the thin air, which leaves them in a fight for survival.

The death of Dick Long

This movie tells the tale of Dick’s death. Dick dies in the night after band practice, and Zeke and Earl, his band mates, do not want anyone discovering how to get awkward.

However, that may not be easy as news travel fast in the small town of Alabama. Also, the two guys suck at covering their tracks, and the authorities are yet to identify the body.

Zeke’s wife and his daughter are already suspicious, and the only way to find out what comes next is to see the movie.


Halston lives the Perfect American Dream from Iowa to studio 54 to Wall Street. The prodigiously talented young man runs over fashion in the 1970s and becomes a household name. However, everything begins to change in the Wall Street era.

Seeing that his Empire is under threat, Halston decides to take the biggest gamble of his entire career and life.


Kate is a socially inept adult is tasked with babysitting her niece Maddie who’s also a weird one for her brother. Things go south when Maddie decides to run off and join the Juggalos, leaving Kate with no choice but to deal with her issues of social paranoia in a quest to bring back her lovely.

The man who killed Hilter and Then the Bigfoot

The man who killed Hitler and then the bigfoot is a movie that follows the epic adventure of an American legend that no one seems to have heard of.

Since the second world war, Calvin Barr has lived with a secret that he was the man behind the death of Adolf Hitler. Now, many years later, the US government has called Calvin again for a fresh, top Secret Mission.

The world doesn’t know that bigfoot has been leaving deep in the Canadian wilderness and carries a deadly Plague that now threatens to spread to the American population.

Calvin, relying on the same skills and techniques that he used during the war, must go out into the woods to save the world one more time.

Hotel Mumbai

Hotel Mumbai is the real-life story of heroism and humanity. The movie reviews an account of the siege that occurred in 2008 of the famous Taj Hotel by some terrorist in Mumbai India.

Among the many dedicated hotel staff are a renowned chef and a waiter who decided to put their lives on the line in order to protect their guests. As the world watches, a desperate couple is forced to make Unthinkable sacrifices to protect their newborn baby.

Judy and Punch

Somewhere in the anarchic town of the seaside, quite far from the sea, Judy and punch who are puppeteers are doing all they can to resurrect their marionette show. Due to the superior puppeteering from Judy, the show becomes a hit.

But Punch’s driving ambition, as well as his penchant for whisky, is nothing but a tragedy that Judy has to Avenged.

Asako I & II

This movie takes viewers on a journey to the life of a young woman caught in a love triangle. The triangle unfolds between the said woman and two identical men with different personalities.

Finding it challenging to clarify her feelings for both men, she becomes trapped in an indecisive and Confused State of Mind in this Japanese romantic movie.

Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep is one of the best movies in 2019. This movie is the continuation of Danny Torrance’s story four decades after the terrifying event of Stephen King’s The Shining.

The film reveals how Dan tries to find some peace despite the scars of the trauma he dealt with as a child. However, his peace is shattered when he meets Abra, a courageous teenager with extrasensory gifts known as the shine.

The duo goes on a journey to use their similar powers as they find themselves in a life-or-death battle with Rose the hat and their followers who feed off the shine of innocent people as they search for immortality.

Frozen 2

So, the world has seen frozen 1, and we definitely can say over and over that it was extraordinarily magical and an exciting watch.

However, it’s time for frozen 2, and we are about to discover why Elsa was born with magical powers. Well, the answer to that question is calling her in this sequel, and it threatens her Kingdom.

Together with Olaf, Sven, Anna, and Kristoff, Elsa sets out on an adventure into the Dangerous wild in search of answers. While in the prequel, Frozen, Elsa was afraid that her powers were too much for the world she lived in, in part 2, she can only hope that her skills will be enough.

These are 23 of the best movies from 2019. we hope that you find them worth your time. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Get Your popcorn, grab a seat, enjoy your films, and leave us a comment.

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