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The Best Motorcycles We are Dying to Ride in 2018

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It may be chilly around you there, but the atmosphere is really hot here, nevertheless getting the best bikes in the garage is never affected by season or anything but a daily lookout on the new release on bikes.

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2017 is gone with all the road-eating two-wheelers it came with, all the excitement seems to be dying down, then the uproar started coming from 2018 newest motorcycles, this is the most exciting period for every bike fanatic like you and me.

Time to pick it up from where Christmas left us and get the road on fire with these newly released. Last year saw so many bikes from Hyundai and its protagonists, most of these bikes though, are still taking up top positions in 2018 bike race but a handful of them has no place among our new hard tires.

I know almost all of the new brands and will be taking you around some of them here. See below the badass motorcycle in 2018.

2018 Zero S ZF7.2

2018 Zero S ZF7.2

We all had great experience riding the prototype of zero in 2008, and not so many things have changed about the battery-powered hard tires four-wheelers. This model is powered with 7.2KWh power back that can take you over a maximum distance of 89 miles, but if you are running with a speed of about 70mph, you will be covering a maximum of 4.45 miles before running out of battery power.

Zero S ZF7.2 is a leaf-weight of 300 pounds which is about 120 pounds lighter than the Zero S model but using an additional battery of about say; 16.6Kwh, you will be having a lot of weight to push around though this in no way will affect your speed. The EV takes about 4 hours to charge up to 90% with a standard charger but you can speed up the charging process using the maximum accessory charger.

The space used for additional battery space can easily be spotted as a storage space though, but it’s a good place to keep the battery for stamina and keeping the whole weight centralized.

2018 SUZUKI GSX250r

2018 SUZUKI GSX250r

Having a base price of 4865$, the 248cc parallel twin is a mixed design of the Katana Heritage and the hi-tech ultra-performance GSX-Rs that result in a more faster and lighter crushing-tires of all time. The resolution has a standout this time with its internal engine that was specifically designed to help beat its protagonists out of the market into the deep waters.


I t has a high revision ability of 25hp due to the sophisticated engines. With the comfortable 31.1-inch thick height, this promising two-wheeler of 2018 can be ridden by even the novice without the need of making an adjustment to the seat or to its battery.

During the testing period, the 750mpg with its full tank hit the road and was able to go back and forth between Vegas and LA at a go. When it comes to aesthetics, it is SUZUKI’s most handsome monster-looking boy that will always set tour biking experience on fire. The brakes are so sharp and will even work perfectly at the highest speed as the pedal gently receive your feet without much hassle.

I hope the coming SUZUKI will bring some more new features like portability and battery+fuel at a considerable price like this one.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber 2018

Triumph Bonneville Bobber 2018

Triumph did make a promise around the end of 2018 to come up with one of the craziest models that will push the market on the head with all of its amazing featured, well the time is here, and the promise had been fulfilled. If you are looking for one of the top badass motorcycles 2018 you won’t want to go on the next travel ride or competition without the Bonneville Bobber from Triumph.

The British-based company have used the minimalist and aesthetic concept to produce a 500 pounds weight with a floating hard tail seat that can be changed to suit the size of every bikers and make us drive the parallel twin with its 1200cc.

We were told what to watch out for last year and now we have those features all in the Triumph Bonneville Bombber, features like a larger front wheel set the bike bouncing like the famous Aprilia Shiver. Another feature that can’t be overlooked is the bigger fork, a more decent cruise control, and bigger but sharper breaks that will give it a place around the upfront soon.

What else can anybody want to be a hell rider? All of the fun has been packed in a single high-speed resolution.

Harley-Davidson Street Bob 2018

Harley-Davidson Street Bob 2018

I can hardly remember when last Davidson had any of its brand redesigned and given a new engineering idea. The street Bob 2018 is now trending among every other soft tail. The edge cut around the headlamp is visible both during the day and at night because of a more daring sharpness and brighter light.


It will go over 6.0 miles carrying larger pounds without having to slow down on its speed or balance. With better lean angle and a touch of last year’s Dyna, the Davidson Street Bob carries about its 1753 cc new version Milwaukee 8 V-T engine between the rails without pinning or weighing down a biker. This is one of the finest cuts of the year with a hi-tech engine system that is more powerful than Dyna, and the easier to apply brake. The paint make it look less flashy but bold and clever on road.

The tank will take up much fuel which takes time to get used up due to the tiny outlet for fuel. The seat is staying almost at the middle of the bike to allow for stunts and flips. Are you ready to try out all of the latest stunts and flips at every show? These $14,500 hard tires will roll its grid in the air and balance back when you hit the ground.

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