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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Best YouTube Tips for Android and iOS

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YouTube is huge. According to the latest statistics, the online video database shows more than 5 billion videos and hosts 2 billion users per month. Therefore, it is very hopeful that you have used your smartphone to watch videos on YouTube.

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You can even be an expert at watching YouTube videos; after all, open the app, find the video, tap it, and sit back. But also for the more experienced, you’ll likely find that YouTube’s functionality is quickly lost or ignored to see your favorite author’s latest upload.

Whether it’s attaching videos to a custom playlist, streaming TV shows, or limiting your use of YouTube, here are some of the best YouTube tips and tricks.

Activate Dark Mode

With a greater focus on reducing eye strain and battery consumption, Dark Mode has taken over some of the more commonly used apps today.

And while you probably spend most of your time in the YouTube app watching videos in full screen, it’s a little dark, navigation will be more useful, especially at night.

Whether you’re using iOS or Android, turning on Dark Mode is pretty straightforward. Open YouTube settings by tapping on the profile picture in the top right corner, then click on Settings- General- Appearance and turn on Dark theme.

Set a Vacation Reminder

For millions of hours of video, you have to ignore YouTube and easily get lost in a rabbit hole, so why not create a vacation reminder? Vacation reminders are ideal for those who want to moderate the time their kids watch videos and those who wish to reduce.

Fortunately, its setup is as easy as a few keystrokes. Just open YouTube settings, tap General> Remind me to pause and set the frequency you want. If done correctly, the card should be activated.

Use Picture-in-Picture Mode

“Picture-in-Picture” might sound like an odd display of modern art, but it’s just the name of a feature that allows YouTube to play in a small, resizable window.

This window is kept while you do other things on your phone, allowing you to continue watching while texting or browsing social media. It’s a great little innovation, and if you can use it, you should.


We say yes because not everyone understands the YouTube image, well, not yet. The feature is currently available for Android 8.0, but those on iOS devices will have to wait until iOS 14 is activated.

Making an image on an image is easy. Just play the video you want to watch, then go back to the home screen. The video should be reduced to a smaller window. If that fails and should, make sure picture-in-picture mode is enabled in settings.

Open the Settings app, then tap Apps & notifications> Advanced> Special access> Picture in picture> YouTube and confirm Allow image in a movie.

Cast to a Chromecast, Fire Stick, or another Streaming Device

Watching YouTube on your gadget or tablet is great, but some content deserves a bigger screen. If you have a Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, or smart TV, you can watch your YouTube content on a larger screen without much hassle.

To Stream from the phone’s YouTube app, open YouTube and tap the Stream to an icon at the top of the screen. It looks like a square with an unstable Wi-Fi symbol in the lower-left corner and should be next to the search and capture icons.

Once you have picked up your device from the box that opens, choose the video you want to observe, and it will appear on your TV.

Can’t see the first option? Or is your device not listed? You can follow some troubleshooting steps.

  • Make sure to download the companion app if you need it. The Google Home app (iOS) can help Chromecast users, while Amazon Fire Stick users should download the Amazon Fire TV app (iOS).
  • Be sure you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your streaming device.
  • Recapitulate the phone and the streaming gadget.
  • If all options fail, you can manually pair it with the TV code. This can be accessed by opening the YouTube app on your TV, going to Settings, scrolling down to associate a TV code, and entering the code into your YouTube app for your phone by tapping Show on TV in Settings. . .

Create and Use Playlists

Playlists are a substantial way to group videos. It could be a kids’ playlist, a tree reference video, or just the silliest memes you can find; you can create a playlist.

To create a playlist, open YouTube and click the Library button in the lower right corner. Then scroll down and select New Playlist. You will be questioned if you want to add videos from your previously viewed videos, but it is not required.

Give the playlist a name and choose to find it via YouTube search (public), visible only to linked (not listed) or private only to you (closed). Click Create, and you’re done.


You can now tap on your playlist to play, edit, or delete it. Adding videos to a playlist is easy. To add from YouTube search, press and hold the video, or click the three dots to the right of the video title and click Save to playlist.

Then choose your playlist and click Done. If you’re already viewing a video and want to save it, tap the Save as Video button and select your playlist.

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