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The Bombay Burger Hunt

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Have you ever had a day in your life (or many many such days in your life) when all you want is a big bite of a juicy, gorgeous, scrumptious and delicious burger?

Have you ever had a day in your life (or many many such days in your life) when you’ve had to argue about McDonald’s not being good enough to satiate your deathly burger craving?

We know, because we have all had such days when a pre-made, frozen burger patty has left you with a bigger burger craving than before.

Well, fret no more, we are here to rescue you with a list of places where you can get some of the most delicious burgers, but unfortunately (or fortunately), we are talking only about Mumbai.

So if you’re in Mumbai and have a crazy burger crazing, just head to one of these places and treat your taste buds to a great burger.

1. Jam Jar Diner, Versova

Jam Jar Diner, Versova

Finding this quaint little place in the bustling streets of Versova can be a pain in the neck but we assure you that it is a pain worth bearing. Once you take a bite of their delicious food, especially their burgers, you’ll forget all about how long it took you to get there.

The decor of the place is very quirky and beautiful. But the burgers. Oh, the burgers! They offer a total of 6 burger options to choose from out of which 2 are vegetarian and 4 vegetarian. They serve a chicken burger, pulled pork burger and a beef burger.

Their beef burger called ‘JamJar Juicy Lucy’ is especially famous but their chicken honey mustard burger is also something that is different. All burgers are priced between Rs.295 and Rs.330, exclusive of taxes.

2. Indigo Deli (Multiple outlets)

Anyone who lives in Mumbai can tell you about Indigo Deli and their food. It is basically heaven on a plate.

They are known for American and Continental cuisine and their burgers are amongst the most popular ones around town. their vegetarians burgers are great but their meat burgers steal the show.

The most popular one is the BBQ Pulled Pork Burgers and it is one of the best burgers in town. But to taste something different, one must try their Blackened Salmon Burger. The idea of a fish burger is not yet very familiar but you will surely change your mind once you eat this burger.

You can add toppings, choose the type of cheese etc. But obviously, heaven on a plate comes at an astronomical price. Burgers are priced between Rs.445 to Rs.645, the fish burger being the costliest.

3. Between Breads, Bandra

That’s right, as the name suggests, there is an entire eatery which sells nothing but the delectable burgers, hot-dogs and sandwiches – basically all things that are ‘between breads’.

Situated in the heart of Bandra is this no-frills restaurant whose USP is their tum burgers. They have a straightforward menu and they offer 4 veggie burgers but please don’t expect to find paneer burgers in here.

Their 10 oz bacon cheeseburger is something that people in the city swear by. It is priced very decently and the veg burgers are below Rs.200 and non-veg ones between Rs.200-Rs.350. Overall, it is a great and a highly recommended place.

4. The Little Door, Andheri

The Little Door in Andheri has fast become one of the most popular hangouts in the city. Be it their decor, food, music, activities that they offer or just the fact there they have a little blue door that just pulls you towards it.

It has some great drinks and dishes to order. Their burger menu is not vast but the short and sweet menu hits all the right chords. A veggie burger, a chicken burger and a beef burger is what they offer but you can order them in XL size for that Xtra appetite.

The burgers are priced very decently (below Rs.300) and the size of the burger itself is huge. It comes along with fries and salad and you’ll surely be full after this one dish.

5. Hard Rock Cafe (Worli and Andheri)

Hard Rock Cafe, better known as HRC, has always been famous for it’s American cuisine and their ‘Legendary Burgers’.

They offer a good big range of veggie and meat burgers to choose from and each one of them has it’s own specialty. The most difficult part about their burgers is finishing the entire thing.

It is so huge that you’ll have a tough time eating the whole thing but we are sure that you won’t leave such a tasty treat uneaten. Their Legendary 10 oz burger is a beef burger that you’ll be hooked to after the very first bite. It is a bit on the costlier side but it is worth the splurge for sure.

With that, we conclude our Bombay Burger Hunt but we cannot finish the list without special mentions to the burger at Candies in Bandra and the newbie Dunkin Donuts in Khar. We hope these burgers will satiate that craving that you have suppressed for so long.

It’s time to go all out with a 10 oz now!

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