The Creation of a Home Theater: Things To Note

Home Theater

Which movie lover has not dreamed of having his own home theater? Enjoy the atmosphere of a real movie theater and enjoy the comfort of your living room represents a more than interesting prospect for a lot of moviegoers.

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Like this project on a large scale, its planning is not to be taken lightly. Here are all the important aspects to consider in developing plans for your future home theater.

The Room Where the Home Theater Will be Installed

Although it is not impossible to develop a home theater in a room other than the basement, the latter is the best choice if you want to enjoy its special qualities.

Among these, let’s mention that the basement is a room often vast and darker than the rest of the house, making it a choice more than obvious. Also, the ceiling is more accessible than in other rooms, making it a much easier room to soundproof.

It is important to know that a home theater benefits more from a room with a rectangular configuration. This offers a distinct advantage over rooms with a square shape: that of avoiding floating echoes.

More precisely, these come from the rapid and regular repetition of a signal. As an indication, a length 30% greater than the width represents an indication of determining the optimal dimensions of the part.

Soundproof Your Home Theater Room

It’s not because you like to listen to movies at a high level that other people in the house will be happy to hear them.

To let any individual who does not share this moment continue his activities in all peace of mind, it is necessary to make sure to realize a home theater very well soundproofed.

Electrical Installations

When making your installation, take advantage of the opening of the walls to insert the cables and electrical ducts and plan for the presence of a sufficient number of electrical outlets, themselves equipped with surge protection and lightning.

Remember to place the RCA and HP cables away from each other to avoid interference with power cables. You can get professional home theater installers to handle all this fast and easy.

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The Lighting of Your Home Theater

It is impossible not to approach the question of lighting, which is particularly decisive in creating the desired mood. From the outset, it should be specified that the lighting does not pursue a single object within a home theater.

Not only do you have to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests, but you also need to highlight the room’s décor, which is also part of the experience of listening to a movie.

Also, you will want to make sure that neither you nor your guests will stumble upon going to the bathroom.