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The First Ever Gay Wedding in the Royal Family?

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A gay royal wedding? U bet you didn’t see that one coming.


A member of queen Elizabeth’s family has decided to make history by having the first ever gay royal wedding. Lord Ivar Mountbatten who is the queen’s cousin has posted images from his wedding ceremony with airline cabin manager James Coyle. Lord Ivar expresses gratitude to his three daughters for supporting his through the process.

The low-key wedding held on Saturday and though Lord Ivar is the first member of the Queen’s extended family to ever have a same-sex wedding, he is not considered an official royal family member.

The 55-year-old lord who was initially married to a female opened up about his attraction to men in 2016 after struggling for over a decade.

The wedding service was conducted by Trish Harrogate, the Devon County Council’s registration service manager and music for the ceremony was provided by Elysian music UK, a gospel choir group.

On Monday the 25th of September, Lord Ivar uploaded a photo from the wedding on Instagram with the caption
“Well we did it finally! It was an amazing day despite the miserable British weather,”

“Fabulous service conducted by Trish Harrogate, chief Registrar for Devon, who set the perfect but lighthearted tone for what is a serious occasion.”

“The accompanying gospel choir were amazing. Thank you so much to Bristol’s Teachers Rock Choir for your superb singing.”

The lord continued: “Most importantly a massive thanks to my 3 gorgeous girls for being so understanding and supportive, without their support this could never have happened! And finally the biggest thank you to James for being just perfect.”


Mountbatten who came out as gay in September 2016 also revealed that he was in a relationship with Coyle at the time.

In what is considered as a very emotional move, the newly we’d was given away by Penelope Thompson who is the mother of his three kids Ella, Luli, and Alix.

Ivar also posted a picture of his pet dog with a rainbow themed neck collar and a pair of pride sun glasses, writing: “Rosie is exhausted from participating in the marriage ceremony, not to mention hoovering up all the scraps falling from the party tables!”

Contrary to what we would expect of Royalty, Lord Ivar had a small wedding with only 60 guests in attendance In the private chapel of his family home in Bridwell Park.

The pair exchanged their vows wearing matching velvet jackets which appears to be expensive.

It didn’t come as a whole that though prince Edward and Princess Margaret attended Lord Ivar’s first marriage to the mother of his kids, no member of the royal family showed up for his second wedding. This might be a silent yet loud disapproval of his decision to marry someone of sane gender by the Royal family.

However, the Mail reported that the Queen’s youngest son, prince Edward sent his congratulations before the ceremony and stated that he and his wife Sophie, the countess of Wessex, would not be in attendance due to a diary clash.

Lord Ivar shared with the Mail that: “Their diaries are arranged months in advance and they were not free, but they adore James.”

The newly married pair plan to have their honey moon in Greece or Croatia but they are yet to set things in motion for the private getaway.

About the decision of him and his new spouse to get married, Ivar said “Now that marriage between a man and a man is legal it seems the right thing to do. I have had the whole marriage thing—and been very happy— but James hasn’t, so I see it as a validation of my love for him.”


In conclusion he said: “Simply talking about it in public is a huge step for me. Up to this point, I have had a heterosexual lifestyle, so living with a man is really new. One step at a time.”


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