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The Magic of Getting a Haircut to Fix Bad Hair Days

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So here’s the thing about my natural hair, there are some times when it just decided to remind of how much I do not have everything under control.

I bet every lady feels that way sometimes because one day your hair is doing everything you good it would, and the next day it’s acting like it has a mind of its own. On the days when my hair becomes fizzy and greasy, it could lead to some serious anxiety and panic attacks.

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A question I have often asked myself Is, what if my hair is a separate being that has taken up the duty of pointing out some flawed areas of my life?

For a better understanding of the point I’m trying to make, I have come across ladies who believe they only have a bad hair day when something isn’t going right.

A fizzy hair might mean that you are experiencing a loss of control over your relationship or some other part of your life, while greasiness could mean that your mood or your living space is a mess and you need to do some serious emotional cleansing and environmental sanitation. But all that is just my thoughts on bad hair days.

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Why do I have multiple bad hair days?

Have you ever wondered? If you are the reason for your multiple bad hair days? I bet a lot of people wonder the same. Studies have shown that a single or multiple bad hair days are not only capable of ruining your mood, but they can affect other aspects of your life.

According to a study on inequality carried out by researchers in Stanford, it was discovered that memories of a bad hair day affected participants views on inequality. Now that’s only the effect of memories, what do you think the actual bad hair day would have done to them?

Just like when you are dressed in a bad outfit, a bad hair day cash affect your mood negatively for the entire period you have to deal with it because it influences the way you see yourself.

Did you know hair care is an investment in your happiness aunt self-confidence?

The look of your hair has a medium of measuring confidence, mood, and esteem isn’t a recent concept. If you take some time to study the symbolism of hair, you will discover that it had been connected to health for many years. In fact, hair loss is a major cause for concern I’m birth men and women.

One historical event that shows how painful hair loss can make a person took place back in 1944 when French women who collaborated with the Germans had their heads shaved as punishment for their crime. Today, most people assume that women who shave their heads are battling with cancer and female celebrities who get their head shaved are sensationalised.

The day Emma Watson’s pixie cut was out, Entertainment weekly made sure to have an exclusive interview with her.

All of these proves a point that appearances belong to a loop that helps to build self-worth and confidence. What this means is that a good arranged hair could be a way you remind yourself that you have things put together and working fine for you.

For me, gaining complete control over the behaviour of my hair was a difficult task, but once I learned his to dealt it, I didn’t have to bother about bad hair days anymore. Being inconsistent and cheap is usually the cause of being unable to control hair behavior.

Your relationship with a good hair stylist is as important as your love life

In my college days and even a few years after graduation, I was notorious for patronising trainees who needed models to try their growing skill set on, I would jump at free hair-do offers, and I also know all the salons where I could make my hair for as low as $3.

And in those years, every time I walked out of the saloon, I was either too scared to take a second look at the mirror, or I was looking for the next cheap place to fix the terror I was carrying as the hair on my head.

Once I began to use a good saloon, I wished I had known someone who was honest enough to tell me the importance of a good relationship with a hair stylist. Once you get a good saloon, the first few visits might be awkward, but they are necessary as that is where the fixing of your damaged hair begins.

Your new saloon should be able to make up new hairstyles that would suit your face, suggest products that would work for your kind of hair, and also give you tips or the best ways to maintain your damaged hair and have it grow healthy again.

Having a stylist, you cannot trust to handle your hair and give you desired results would have you going to the saloon with a picture to explain what you actually want your hair to look like at the end of the day, but you still might leave the saloon feeling like someone else.

Making the sacrifice to get a good haircut that costs above $20, could change your hair life forever just like it did mine.

But not until you bring yourself to trust a stylist enough to leave the picture or YouTube video at home, you just might keep feeling your hair is a mess and people are just trying to make you feel good by lying to it that this hairstyle is beautiful.

Conditioning yourself to stop wanting to look like that Instagram model wearing a bob and wanting nothing more than to look good and look you are a bold step to improving your self-esteem.

Have you ever wondered if hair therapy is the answer you are searching for?

More credit should be given to hair care as therapy. Unlike retail therapy or talk therapy, hair care therapy can last some women for months.

Getting a beautiful haircut is a lovely way to let go out anxiety and enjoy a few hours of pampering. I love to have someone run their fingers through my hair and give me a deep head massage while washing it.

Try having a good stylist snip off inches from your hair, get a change of hair colour, and a gentle wash. When that is done, have a sweet smelling hair spay soak into your hair and remember to come back to this article and write your outcome in the comment section.

Cutting your hair and letting it grow out again is a wonderful way to let go of negativity and severely damaged hair. Everyone deserves a fresh start and your hair isn’t excluded.

Enjoy the happiness that comes with feeling like a brand new person and be ready to sacrifice some dollars to get the best hair products and use a good saloon.

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