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The Only Crucial Steps to Clean and Speed Up Your Mac

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People think that Mac is a holy grail of laptops. They assume that Macs do not slow down, do not crash, and do not run out of space.

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These people got the wrong assumptions. While Mac outperforms other laptops out there, it still requires the maintenance needed to perform on top of its game.

Some notable symptom of a problematic Mac is a slow load time despite the fact you have a fast internet connection. It might be that your Mac needs to reduce storage or possibly have some underlying issues to be resolved as soon as possible.

In order to solve any of your problems concerning your Mac, crucial steps must be taken to clean and speed up your Mac.

Get The Updates Going

There will always be updates for your macOS so that Apple will be able to provide possible ways to improve the performance of your Mac.

Installing these updates will ensure that your Mac will be getting the latest versions of the macOS and that issues of the previous versions are already addressed.

Checking for updates is easy. All you have to do is to open the Mac App Store and check on Updates. Once you see available updates, you can install it already.

Remove Unused Applications

Like PCs, Mac will also have a hard time working if there are too many things running in the background.

Free your Mac from the clutter by carefully assessing your apps and removing those you are no longer using. You will find the complete list of the apps in your Mac by going to the Apple menu bar and choosing Applications.

To uninstall apps, you can directly drag it to the trash bin or press right-click and select Move To Trash. A word of advice, though, the app may be deleted by it certainly leaves settings, cache files, and other temporary data.


Run Basic Disk Maintenance

Data loss and errors in your Mac can be avoided by running some regular health checks in your disk. Problems found can be easily fixed. But if it is not possible, it is best to backup your Mac first.

To perform a quick scan, go to the Apple menu bar, choose Utilities, check Disk Utility, and select the primary hard drive and click First Aid.

Reset SMC & PRAM Occasionally

A System Management Controller (SMC) is present in all Macs. It is a chip responsible for controlling its fans, ports, WI-FI, power button, power management, etc. If you are using your Mac regularly, there is a possibility that the SMC will be corrupt.

To reset the SMC, do the following:

  • Shut down the Mac
  • Hold down Shift + Control + Option on your keyboard (left side) and press the power button
  • Hold these keys altogether for about 10 seconds
  • Release the keys and turn on your Mac

On the other hand, the Parameter Random Access Memory (PRAM), as its name suggests, is a small memory chip with basic system settings such as the keyboard backlight, volume, date and time, and trackpad sensitivity.

As time goes and with the advent of many updates, the PRAM can also become quite buggy. To reset PRAM:

  • Shut down the Mac and press the power button
  • Quickly press Command, Option, P & R all at the same time. Continue pressing these keys until the Mac reboots. Then release.

Turn Off Widgets

Anything that runs in the background is impacting the performance of your Mac, regardless if these are noticeable or not.

These macOS widgets are commonly the notifications that pop up in the background, notifying you about stock updates, calendars, reminders, weather information, and iTunes’ playback functionality.

If you do not need these, it is best to turn them off. To shut off the widgets that you do not need, do the following:

  • Click on the notification icon on the top right of the screen
  • Select Edit
  • Click on the red minus to do away with the widgets that are not important for you

Track Down Resource-Eaters

There will come a time that you will experience that your Mac is running slow, turning hot, or the battery is running out quite too soon.


It is a sign that there might be something in your Mac’s graphic processor, network adapters, hard disks, and processor that are causing the problem. The check what is causing the problem, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the Apple menu bar
  • Click Utilities
  • Check on the Activity Monitor
  • Press on the % CPU to filter all the processes that are running
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