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The Top-Rated Bitcoin Investing Companies

Did you ever imagine that some global names would one day invest in Bitcoins? Who would have thought that some big companies would invest their fortune into Bitcoins? At that point in time, when Bitcoin came into existence, no one even showed so much as a bit of interest in the coins. Publicly trading corporations would have laughed it off even a few years back.


Very recently, it has become a very viable asset. And its volatility had contributed to it not being a good idea. You can get more information at: https://ekrona-app.com/

But the pandemic situation that has gripped the global community with a tight grip, people have been able to get rid of the idea that Bitcoin is not something to be traded with.

This myth has been broken with top companies investing their reserves into Bitcoins and amassing a fortune with them.


The Topmost Companies Investing In Bitcoins


It is a business analytics platform that has taken Bitcoins very seriously. Their main fortune is in Bitcoins. They mainly deal in cloud-based services and mobile software, but they have not stopped hoarding Bitcoins.


By December 2021, their Bitcoin wealth stood at 124,391 BTC, which is equal to $5.4 billion. It is even said that at one point in time, its co-founder and CEO, Michael Saylor, was buying Bitcoins at the rate of $1,000 every second. 

Not being one to shy away from the media, the CEO has publicly stated that he, on a personal level, holds 17,732 BTC, which is worth $832 million. He is thus positioned as one of the top 100 Bitcoin owners. 


You must have heard of Tesla, the electric vehicle that is in a craze all over the world. They had also joined the list of Bitcoin-owning companies.

The company is said to have invested an approximate value of US$1.50 billion in cryptocurrency. This is a huge amount. But in the first quarter of 2021, the company sold off 10% of its Bitcoin reserves.

But its CEO, Elon Musk, said that he had taken the step to prove that it is an asset that can easily be liquidated as an alternative means of holding cash and showing it on the balance sheet. 

Today Tesla has 42,902 BTC, which is worth US$1.37 billion. But when Bitcoin fell hugely in 2021, it suffered an impairment loss beyond repair. Currently, Tesla’s dealing with Bitcoins is on hold. 

Galaxy Digital Holdings

The crypto-oriented merchant bank is the largest institutional holder directly involved with the crypto industry and has 16,400 BTC, worth a little above US$522 million.

Voyager Digital LTD

The company is a crypto brokerage firm with about 12,260 BTC, valued at US$390 million. The company desires to become an all-in-one solution provider in the digital currency world.

By May, their value had increased 16 times more than it was. It shot up by US$60.4 million. This reflects the growth in the interest in Bitcoins globally. That people are accepting cryptocurrency is reflected in the growth of their profits. 

Digital Currency Group

The company has expressed its desire to speed up the global financial system by initiating various Bitcoin and blockchain companies.

They have already invested money in 168 blockchain and cryptocurrency-related companies. They own Genesis and Grayscale Investments, which will have $25.3 billion in April 2022. 

Square Inc.

Square Inc had approximately 4,709 Bitcoins priced at US$50 million in October 2020. By February 2021, they had acquired another 3,318 Bitcoins that were valued at US$170 million.

They have no more plans of further purchasing Bitcoins, but they have plans to create a hardware wallet for users that will not be in the custody of the company.

Marathon Digital Holdings

The company is a Bitcoin mining company that has around 5,518 Bitcoins. From January to May of 2021, they mined 580.5 freshly mined Bitcoins.

They are counted as one of the biggest after Hut 8 Mining, a Canadian mining company that is by far the largest self-mined Bitcoin company. 

But you know all the dangers that are associated with Bitcoins. So if you are just a small speck in the sky of the digital currency world, then it is better to try investing in Bitcoins. Using this Software, you can also invest in digital Yuan.



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