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Things to Do Near Birmingham Airport

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Welcome to Birmingham! If it happens to be here due to a few hour airport layover, and you’re looking for ways that lead out of the airport’s boarders, keep reading.

 If, on the other hand, you came here for a couple of days to spend some time away from your home city and regain the explorer’s mood, and you’re looking forward to it but still need some guidance to your trace, also keep reading.

 Birmingham, the city of diversity, really long history and significant music heritage, offers to its visitors a wide range of sites and attractions, without needing to approach the city centre.

By going for Birmingham car hire from Enjoy Travel, you will be able to take the best out of your travelling experience, without losing a second after your arrival! 

1. Sheldon Country Park (4 miles)

A peaceful retreat with several ponds and streams, a farm with animals which you can also feed and a nature centre with interactive exhibits and educative workshops.

You can either walk and cycle through the official trails, among its woodland and grassland areas or play one of your favourite sports at design sports’ facilities. Best out of all? The park is admission free!

2. Sarehole Mill (6 miles)

If you are a (big) fan of the famous author J.R.R. Tolkien, and his books “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”, there is no doubt that you already know this place, where the author lived his childhood and got the inspiration from.

Both the countryside and the 250 years mill that stands there are his main stimulus.

Nevertheless, the Sareholl Mill is not interesting only for Tolkien’s fans, who can learn more about his life and work through displays, but also for the rest of the visitors.

The beautiful parkland area with children playground as well, and the museum that is nowadays operating inside the mill and its tours and exhibitions, make it a great place.

3. Birmingham Botanical Gardens (7 miles)

First things first, who wouldn’t like to visit one of the oldest botanical gardens in the whole UK, that opened its gates two hundred years ago, in 1832? Exempt yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, and spend the day wandering in between the several garden sections, grouped over a theme or plant location; Herb Garden, Mediterranean Garden, Japanese Garden, the Bonsai collection, and glasshouses as well.

You can also find a Children’s Garden for your young treasures, and a tearoom to relax.

4. Cadbury World (8 miles)

Last, but not least, driving from Birmingham airport directed to the suburb of Bournville, you will reach the popular chocolate themed attraction of the Cadbury brand, a paradise for any chocolate lover, despite their age!

Lose track of time and let go all of your real-life concerns, learning about The Cadbury Story (from 1824 until today), be informed about the production process starting from the chocolate bean, and decorating your own chocolate in The Chocolate Making Zone, watch a sensory-interactive 3D film at The 4D Chocolate Adventure room, and of course, treat yourself with buying chocolates!

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